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Not sure what Apple has to gain by doing this.  Seems petty.
^ He didn't say it was.  Again with inserting this hang up of yours about the US not being a democracy.  Sure it isn't.  But it is democratic. And it's hardly relevant to the conversation anyway. 
Seems a lot more sensible to me, I never really understood where the subsidy model had come from.     Something funny going on with that table though - for one, it doesn't match the one on Apple's site at http://store.apple.com/us/carrier-financing-overlay/att?product=MGF02LL/A (initial phone cost on the 2 year contract), and two, (going by Apple's site) it can't be right that you can get an iPhone for just $40 activation fee, with no real commitment (a 2 year contract...
  Alright, have it your way.  Your post, about a topic you don't care about, was immediate and worth making in it's divinely standalone context, in stark contrast to mine, for which the point needs to be questioned.  Not caring is dead cool.     If you weren't so angry and grouchy about everything I'd swear this was all a comedy routine.     For truth!   
The "Apple-Ireland deal" that the EU is questioning has next to nothing to do with Apple's manufacturing in Ireland.  It is entirely to do with Apple Operations International, which is a funnel for EU and other world revenue into a near zero-tax arrangement.  Asking a corporation to pay more than zero tax and questioning the practices that would allow such a situation to arise hardly qualifies as "driving business away".
^ Agree.  The curation needs to have broad appeal across the mainstream games and the indie gems too, and be easy to access whatever kinds of games you're into.  Tying it in with a better recommendation engine would be a good idea, to give the shopper better access to the curated lists that they'll be most interested in.
The AR stuff seems a bit old-hat when stacked up against HoloLens, but at least Apple is the game.
It's sad how sad people are getting.
Something isn't true because you like the person who told it to you either. A refutation link has already been posted in the thread.  Pay attention.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"  - George Santayana.
New Posts  All Forums: