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Smart Switch is about transferring data, not ensuring that your previous handset hadn't hijacked part of your SMS service.   This problem has nothing to do with Samsung.  Poor form to suggest that it does.
Those are fairly good reasons, that, when added together, could be a valid case for holding back.  Still seems rather limited though, with the first reason I wouldn't have thought the wired/wireless distinction would be a killer clause in the system development, or in Apple's dealings with the car manufacturers since Apple have so much expertise in this area (and wireless could be an option, rather than a requirement), and for the second reason BT is a handshake option,...
If that's true then it's totally counter-intuitive.  I can delete my iCloud account but all my old iCloud stuff will continue to show up?  Why?  Don't Apple understand the concept of deletion?
What she replaced the iPhone with is 100% beside the point.  Apple do not have a right to punish her SMS service for moving to a competitor. Probably the best way to get Apple to pay attention, if the issue has been there since iOS5.  Good on her.
SMS is a standardised protocol, it should not be the user's problem to requisition an iPhone to stop Apple from controlling their service.  If Apple are going to activate iMessage automatically when a customer adopts an iPhone, and take over their SMS (it is on by default, IIRC), then Apple should deactivate iMessage automatically when a customer adopts a phone other than an iPhone. I'm firmly of the belief that good customer service isn't just treating your existing...
Agree, but don't really understand why this wasn't in there (at least as an option) from day one; between Apple TV and Airport stations Apple certainly has the know-how.
How, if you don't have an iOS device any more?There's definitely a problem here, and it's tied up with Apple's integration of SMS and iMessage.  If Apple are acknowledging it, and yet haven't solved it since iOS5, then a lawsuit is fair enough; they should have fixed it.
I know how Settings works. But a single button to turn to turn off all radios and quit all background apps is something I'd like. A 10-step process to achieve the same thing is a compromise solution.
For a smartphone, maybe; but compared to a feature phone the standby time sucks. For times when I really need a phone, but don't need a smartphone, and am down to 10% (happens to me quite a lot), I'd appreciate this feature.
He was wrong. I'm sure you've been wrong before.
New Posts  All Forums: