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Yes, he's obviously knowingly telling untruths. Because yours isn't an uncontroversial opinion at all. "Lies" lol
Everything that doesn't affect me is a minor issue
Obviously a problem. Apple placed themselves as an intermediary to a public utility, and didn't have an effective handover strategy which meant a number of people were unable to properly use the public utility. Then they took years to fix it. Open and shut case for negligence.
That's also true a lot of the time, but isn't what I meant or said. But you knew that, didn't you. Just trollin', as usual.
Neither Reuters nor AP were mentioned here though.  I'd understand if you were commenting on the Reuters or AP sites.
Oh, hang on a second...  Yep  Nope
Your intent is odious, but your words carry an accidental truth.  In the grander scheme of things, for its potential impact on many closeted and afraid people, it probably is more important that he revealed his sexual orientation to the world.
I don't understand these reactions.  Would you prefer that security issues not be reported at all, just because they're unlikely to ever be a problem?
Heh, I walked past this building earlier today; nice spot, next to the botanical garden, and only a hop, skip and jump down the road from where I went to sixth form college.  Seems like a sensible spot for an R&D centre, given all of the scene parks around, and ARM, Imagination and probably others of interest in close proximity.  I think IBM have a big-ish research centre in one of the parks too.
New Posts  All Forums: