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You claimed first and I asked first.   I'm waiting.
Can't remember. Definitely not Harpo.
He was a white man from Oxford just like Jesus!
I'd bet they aren't. Prove your wanton speculation.
- cost of getting it there- risk implicit in getting it there- availability of alternatives without the cost/risk- the moral and responsible impetus to actually clean up our shit rather than just burn it- superman
I've had Hey Siri activate in a (to my ears) completely silent room before. Definitely needs some work.
No philosophy since Plato. No art since Michaelango. No posing since Narcissus. Ignore the attention-seeker.
Let's take responsibility for our actions by attempting to throw our waste into the uncharted void. What could possibly go wrong with this well thought through idea?
A certain definition of insanity comes to mind...
"So many"?My impression is that unlimited is rare, and that multi-gigabyte plans are still expensive enough that few would want to fritter their allowance away on app doe wolds and updates.
New Posts  All Forums: