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That's all well and good, as long as decent components are available in bulk elsewhere. Problem is, despite being a scuzzy company when it come to designing and selling consumer products, Samsung is pretty much peerless at volume manufacturing at the high end of semiconductor engineering. They're really good at it.
The article isn't particularly clear about why this is, but since Apple won the case the suggestion is that Samsung were trying to leverage the SEP to get a higher royalty rate from Apple, which would violate the "non-discriminatory" part of FRAND.
Siri getting cross will have to wait for a later iPhone with a dedicated emotion chip. Let's hope it doesn't overload the positronic relay.
Agree that the bluetooth system allows for simpler, quicker configuration, like how the current Apple TV allows you to touch a recent iOS device to it, in order to pair the bluetooth and share the wi-fi information.   Interesting trade-off, compatibility with more devices, or a slightly simpler config.  You're probably right, Apple would go for the latter.     Also agree about the Apple TV, I wish they'd make it a touch thicker and stick Airport Express functionality...
Would've happened switching to any other mobile OS.  The fault was with the source, not the destination.  Nice try though.
Agree with this whole heartedly, and, since I've also just discovered this http://supportprofile.apple.com site, and a couple of sadly missed products registered to me on there, I'd also like for the portal to allow you to report a device as stolen.
Sure, and that would also mean restricting CarPlay to the most recent hardware, as AirDrop is (I think) iPhone 5 and newer?  As you said. But if they didn't use the BT handshake element and just had a direct wi-fi connection (I said wi-fi handshake, which is probably the wrong phrasing), with the car acting as a host, then problem solved, any iOS7 device should be able to cope with that.  Airplay doesn't require the Bluetooth, so there's no obvious reason why CarPlay would...
Smart Switch is about transferring data, not ensuring that your previous handset hadn't hijacked part of your SMS service.   This problem has nothing to do with Samsung.  Poor form to suggest that it does.
Those are fairly good reasons, that, when added together, could be a valid case for holding back.  Still seems rather limited though, with the first reason I wouldn't have thought the wired/wireless distinction would be a killer clause in the system development, or in Apple's dealings with the car manufacturers since Apple have so much expertise in this area (and wireless could be an option, rather than a requirement), and for the second reason BT is a handshake option,...
If that's true then it's totally counter-intuitive.  I can delete my iCloud account but all my old iCloud stuff will continue to show up?  Why?  Don't Apple understand the concept of deletion?
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