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The i-branding is almost 20 years old now, and it has been mocked as meaningless old hat for a large proportion of that time. I remember being disappointed they were keeping the i around for iPhone, so no; this is a welcome move.  Can't say I'm a fan of the ALL CAPS though.
In the context of that campaign, the Touché advert was in the second batch of ads, just a month after the series debuted, and the Security ad was within the first year. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Get_a_Mac I don't really see that the idea of rubbing salt in the wound of Vista's "monumental fail" really ads to the claim that Apple are classy in their ads.
Yes they did.  They mentioned Windows, Microsoft, Vista, Office, Zune, and probably more that I can't remember.  
Big deal a clock on your wrist. Big deal a computer in your phone. Big deal anything and everything.
The watch demo was pretty awful. Way too much time spent on silly features, like zooming to the moon, sending goofy smileys, and navigating photo libraries, instead of showing features that you'd actually want on your wrist. Kevin Lynch wasn't a bad presenter, he spoke very clearly, but whoever wrote the script has a few things to learn.
I'm pretty sure a contract of sale involves two parties, so neither Apple nor U2 can say I own it unless I want to own it and agree to own it. It's free to own. Lots of things are, if you choose to own them.This isn't record breaking or interesting, it's just a stunt from U2 that uses some mechanics that haven't been used in this way before, but still aren't all that interesting. The only thing interesting, or rather entertaining, will be how many people don't even take...
Plenty of other artists have put free albums on "the internet" before, which has a larger user base than iTunes. Just because U2 have a prominent link on iTunes instead of a website doesn't make it particularly notable, just the usual showboating. They won't get 500 million downloads.
It looks alright. Not exactly leagues ahead of the competition, but alright. Not exactly mind blowing, but expecting that was asking for disappointment. I'll wait until I see one to judge it any more. So far, it looks ... just alright.
How many other albums have you had for free My entitlement complex says I can't stand U2, can't we have some free Dre?
Killed by who?
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