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It's a joke, you plum
  What hokum! What is the "essence" of Gatorguy's post then?
1% of people would pay $350 for a product when they have no appreciable knowledge of what it is, what it would look like or what it would do?   Nutters, I wouldn't buy or express interest in a phantom product at any price.
Wouldn't have happened under Steve Jobs
Not really sure what the point in malware on a TV would be.  What would they steal, your recording schedule?
First of all, the "contrived book market" I'm referencing is referenced by Keith Moerer from Apple in the link.  If Apple considers it to be the market, I'll go along with that. Secondly, you made up thi s"iPod of" nonsense, not me, and no, I don't think it clearly denotes what you say it denotes.  I'd say it could equally denote a brand ubiquitous in it's market, akin to Hoover or Xerox.  And in that definition, the Kindle is probably the closest thing to the iPod of...
 Wow, that's some major league delusion there.  The iPod Touch is a better ereader than a Kindle?  Are you listening to yourself? Just no. And regarding your second question, which you seem to be gearing towards an "Apple is winning" answer, that'll also be a no.  the answer is that's how they work, Amazon is a company that wants to sell content to everyone, and makes their own devices to increase the available market, and Apple is a company that wants to use content to...
This solves all the problems with Glass, which, as every geek has been squawking about, are all to do with how fashionable the plastic is.  Now no one need have any cause for complaint with Glass, because it's packaged with some trendy bug eyes.
That might be true, but even the analysts that are so reviled around here cite figures to back up their claims.
Well I disagree that I'm "behind", for all the reasons in my big post above.  I showed, pretty conclusively to my mind, that your premise for saying that was flawed.   You have a good day too.
New Posts  All Forums: