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I can only assume that you don't know what a straw man argument is. It is when a debater substitutes another argument for the argument being made to their favour. I did no such thing. I do not claim that SpamSandwich was making any argument about domestic violence, I merely used domestic violence as an example of the word abuse being used where illegality is not assured. To prove that abuse and illegality are not interlinked. That is all. SS Was saying that abuse =...
Whether or Apple will ultimately triumph in the iBooks case is another matter entirely and has been discussed many times. The point is that the case brought a lot of attention on Apple as an anti-competitive actor (rightly or wrongly, no judgement required), so it is understandable that any content deals they are involved in will be reviewed thoroughly.
Government can actually be a very efficient vehicle, and invests a great deal. Infrastructure is an investment. The NHS is very efficient. The free market? The free market fails all the time. The free market is the environmental abuser, the health and safety abuser, the source of 9/10 problems that needs reigning in.
^ if it can fit inside Watch, how could it not fit inside any iPhone?
Straight white men can't even walk down the street without someone accosting them for their straightness, their whiteness, or their maleness.
^ I agree. Features like optical stabilisation are fine to have on just the higher model, but anything to do with UI is going to have a hard time unless it's deployed widely from the get go. Developers need to code for this.
^ the iBooks episode is probably the precise reason why regulators are considering Apple's actions very carefully. I doubt they'll find anything though, the music industry isn't in the situation that the book publishing industry was, and there is no "big bag" to be broken, like there was with Amazon. Doesn't hurt to be cautious though.
Make up your mind, is it an excuse to grab money, or the nanny state making choices for you?
All government = bad, for some people.
There's the crux.
New Posts  All Forums: