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Ok, when comments on appearance are saved for the commenter's own private thoughts.What Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley and others look like has nothing to do with their ability (or lack thereof) to perform the role. Unless you're commenting that they resemble the character they're supposed to be playing, but no one was doing that.
 I never said anything of the sort.  What is reasonable is whatever the judge considers to be reasonable.
Howso?  Being more easily accessible doesn't equate to a design flaw in most common understandings.
Would be quite refreshing to see a list of all the things Steve Jobs got wrong here.
If the developer hosts the resources themselves I believe it's ok. Not sure if there's any limits on that.
Panic should be on a whitelist of developers that if they ever get rejected it gets escalated as an obvious contentious issue with the rules.
Sure. The Academy gives out awards for being pretty.
It's like Miracle on 34th street come real!
Do you actually feel clever when pointing out obvious typos? Guess you have to boost the post count somehow.
Perfectly reasonable for the judge to hold off until the action can organise itself. The validity of the case can't be held accountable to a couple of inaccuracies. If the action can't organise itself in a reasonable time then it can be dismissed.
New Posts  All Forums: