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I don't use multiple aliases and I'm not a journalist. I fail to see how I'm a pot.
Thanks for the "correction" Dan.  It was just a jibe at your expense, I momentarily forgot how humourless and insecure you are. For the record I'm not contemptuous of you.  As I implied, the first few paragraphs of your articles are normally fairly original, and I'll add that they are often interesting (the occasional ranty editorial non-withstanding).  It's the following ten paragraphs of usually repetitive and aggressive biased history and selective statistics against...
The average DED article is almost entirely indistinguishable from any other after the first few paragraphs. They all descend into the same anti-Apple competitor word soup, so much so that there surely must be some copy-pasting going on. It's unthinkable that any one would have the patience to type out the exact same stuff week after week.
I don't see any mention of any companies, could you quote the bit you're talking about?   Why wouldn't there be a computer industry?  The state can own the computer industry just like it can own any other industry, irrespective of whether it's a good idea or not.
Big news day
Thanks, that's very kind of you.  I'll pretend the truth if it's all the same to you, which is what I said above.
1. iPhone owner sues Apple for misrepresenting how much storage will be available to the user. 2. Apple crazies scream about how Android is worse. 3. iPhone owners shrugs.  They didn't buy an Android phone, why would they care what Android phones do or do not do.   What Apple does, what the iPhone does, and the space that iOS takes up is the only thing relevant to the lawsuit.  Android is irrelevant.
Are you kidding?  The products are straight off of Apple's shelves.  Go check the price tickets.
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