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It's been two weeks Dan.  No one is going to drop developing with Unity because they haven't updated their development kit with technology announced just two weeks ago.  Especially not with all the other benefits Unity offers. Apple worked with Unity to develop Metal, so name checking it as a contrast to Metal doesn't really sit right.  Unity have publicly stated their support for Metal, and will update their tools soon enough.  Given the development lifecycle of games...
??? They weren't gutless when they fined Microsoft or Intel, or put restrictions on Google. Why are they "gutless"?  What have they done (or not done) that showed a lack of guts?  Especially in the area of resisting the influence of US technology firms.
 I agree, demanding 100% improvement every single year doesn't sound like a sustainable strategy; Tick-Tock works pretty well for Intel.
If people are apathetic enough about their health enough to eat unhealthily, then I doubt appealing to their wallet or their insurance coverage will have much impact.
Doubtful than there are many apps that are A7-only, developers won't want to limit their market unnecessarily.  The A6 is no slouch, and should be able to handle the current breed of apps; the A7 will just be faster.  If you know of any specific examples of A7-only apps, that'd be interesting to know.  I suppose there might be a few apps that need the M7, but that's a different thing.
Oh, prepaid cards, right?  Forgot about those.  Not exactly the method that the system pushes most, or the obvious choice for a consumer though.     That's what you meant right?  You could've said.
Metal rock? Is that like hippity-hop?
To download any music you do.  And if you don't download music then it's not really comparable to Beats Music.   Unless... do you need a credit card attached to your iTunes account to download free tracks, previews, or access iTunes Radio in the US?
Actually, the topic was benefit/advantage.  Speed is a benefit/advantage.
How exactly has Barack Obama stirred up sectarian violence between Sunni and Shi'a muslims?
New Posts  All Forums: