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^ this, please
Probably a borderline-homophobic joke.
What is that judgement based on?
Wish this had been clarified a couple of days ago. On 14th December I accidentally paid for and downloaded a game guide instead of the actual game.
The timeframe is demonstrable fact, the intention is pure speculation.
The U.S. government hasn't prevented the release of The Interview either. There's no reason for the U.S. government being brought up as a source of censorship at all.
You really missed the entire point of the original story didn't you? For someone who accuses people of not reading so often you really should read more carefully.
Nope. http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2014/01/windows-phone-now-has-10-per-cent-market-share-in-the-uk/
Even if they are, answer me what they have to do with Sony, the hack, the film, or the aftermath? How is it anything he's ranting about in any way relevant to anything?
I'm not really sure why think omitting the word treason from your latest post means you didn't use it in your earlier one. You did. You equated what Sony has done with a crime approaching the level of treason. I'm telling you that's ridiculous, freedom of speech also means freedom to be silent especially when you have a loaded gun pointed at your head. And while your government's policy may be to not negotiate with terrorists, government policy does not apply to...
New Posts  All Forums: