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This is an awful, short term hack and will only contribute to the problem. The fact that it's bipartisanship just proves stupidity on both sides. Unitary taxation. It's the only way to go. Shut this whole crooked system down for good and force repatriation at the proper rate.
Impossible! Larger screen phones are unusable! /s
The choice is not "none". You can go live in the woods, or Somalia.How does paying those taxes seem now?
^ I'm not sure you've read his post right. He's not saying immigrants are fraudsters.
How is that "not because Apple didn't release it"?  All you've done is given a reason for why Apple didn't release it.  They still didn't release it.
How many hits are one-hit wonder companies allowed to have?
^ I could think of a few abortions that might have made America a better place, for sure.
Blue jeans and white undershirts.  American colours coming in under the Chinese radar.  America, **** yeah!
If you could point out an instance of illiteracy or lying you'd be worth taking seriously. Learn how to read? Still using that old chestnut? You haven't posted anything to read, you nut! Where are your links, your evidence? Nowhere, as ever. Full of hot air you are. Just air.
New Posts  All Forums: