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Holy hyperbole Batman! I don't much think that there'll be a 6C this year either, it doesn't quite fit with precedent; but stranger things have happened, and Apple's product naming conventions haven't been the most consistent in recent times. Frankly, who gives a flying fudge what the damn things are called?  Just gimme!
If you can handle it, you'll stop referring to yourself in the third person and hiding behind a forum handle (have you ever actually made any genuine corrections using it?).Insulting your audience is not the best way to win fans.
Walt Isaacson thinks that Apple is buying a headphone company with a sideline in music streaming for video and people are listening? He's milking the Steve Jobs connection as far as it'll go, but the man is clueless.
The a Apple apologism and refusal to accept that they're in error? Sure is.
Obviously not. Don't be ridiculous.As to your other point about Apple having no obligation to help out ex-customers:1. That's stupid. You don't win customers back by acting like a petty jerk towards them.2. This ex-customer clearly has at least one friend who is a current customer. And that current customer is also being affected negatively, as their messages are not being delivered.So, doubly short sighted and petty.
As already stated, this has absolutely nothing to do with Samsung or Android. The user could have switched to literally any other phone, from any other manufacturer, with any other OS, and encountered the same problem.Your insistence on linking this to Samsung and Android betrays your bias.
1. Doesn't work if you no longer have an iPhone2. Doesn't reliably work if you do have the iPhone, as evidenced by examples given3. You didn't address the guidance issue.
Find me the faultless method to turn an iMessage connection to your phone number off.Find me the clearly signposted Apple support document that tells a user that they need to do this, and how to do it.Then you can call the user stupid.Or, stop being a blowhard and realise that this is Apple's implementation and guidance problem.
That's all well and good, as long as decent components are available in bulk elsewhere. Problem is, despite being a scuzzy company when it come to designing and selling consumer products, Samsung is pretty much peerless at volume manufacturing at the high end of semiconductor engineering. They're really good at it.
New Posts  All Forums: