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For a smartphone, maybe; but compared to a feature phone the standby time sucks. For times when I really need a phone, but don't need a smartphone, and am down to 10% (happens to me quite a lot), I'd appreciate this feature.
He was wrong. I'm sure you've been wrong before.
Can't we just spin these hit pieces off into an Anti-Samsung blog? They're about as interesting and insightful as a headline about the sky being blue. P.S. I'd quite like an Ultra Power Saving Mode on my iPhone. Damn good idea from Samsung.
Bullshit survey that doesn't take into account the cost of process re-engineering, staff re-training, and re-negotiation of support contracts yields bullshit results.
Also, Angela Ahrendts is American.
Don't see how this affects Apple in any substantive way.
Just what I always wanted, extra cases to go on top of my case.
Too big and sprawling.  Apple don't want that trouble.
I just noticed this, I wonder if Apple is reading this thread and trying to get the jump on the color conscious competition...   
The negative being a major incentive to not repatriate cash. Allowing selling debt to an offshore subsidiary without limitation or cost would be a pretty gaping hole in any revenue system, as there would be no need to formally repatriate cash in order to put it to work in your home country.
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