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You do that with Amazon Prime? That's pretty stupid, why don't you cancel it? Plus, you don't get your money back if you stop using your Mac for a month either, so it's a pretty moot attempt at a point.
Just like the iWork apps are "free" to anyone who bought a >$500 Computer, right?
Get real, whether or not they've acted illegally (I suspect they haven't) the idea that Apple haven't gamed the system is absurd. Of course they have, and they've done it very well, and earned themselves a staggeringly low effective tax rate on internal profits.
The current international corporation tax standard says exactly this, so is already "contrary to free market principles" (as if that matters to anyone except right wing nuts). The only difference I'm suggesting is making reporting and repatriation mandatory on a group level. If the company is headquartered in the US, then that's where the corporation tax is paid, no matter where the profit was earned. Sorry if that offends your principles.It might be unrealistic given the...
Not intentionally I don't. I buy local and from small retailers most of the time, precisely because I think tax avoidance is sleazy.
No, actually I don't do my best to pay as little tax as possible. I pay income tax on my income, capital gains tax on money I make from selling shares, VAT on purchases, and council tax to my local authority. I pay these at the appropriate rate and don't try to wriggle my way out of any of them by putting up any false fronts, like setting my employment up as a company or any such scheme. I think that's dishonest.I don't pay more tax than I'm asked to, but I don't view the...
It is my understanding that any foreign corporation tax paid is written off the US repatriation tax bill as a credit. So there is no double taxation. A corporation should never pay more than the 35%.
I disagree, but I take the point that it could be ambiguous. But I think that reinforces my point that Apple are using language to try and "dodge" the issue, rather than facing it head on.
Err, what? When I ride the dodgem cars, I swerve to avoid something in my normal path, that's dodging. When I'm playing rugby I dodge a player trying to tackle me by changing my running path, that's dodging. I don't owe the other dodgem or rugby player anything. Apple are dodging taxes by structuring their company in a way that is viewing the tax authority as an opponent, and which doesn't represent true economic activity - their headquarters isn't really in Ireland, yet...
Cry me a river and give me strength, the EU is doing none of this! If they had intimate control of the tax policies of member states that would make it an entirely different institution, and it's got nothing to do with incompetence. They aren't making up laws, they aren't crying about anything and they aren't blaming anyone; they're holding an investigation.But hey, companies can do no wrong and governments can do no right, right? Sheesh!
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