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+ iOS. Tri-platform, if you like.
Doubt Apple will want anything to do with developing and supporting an Android app. You get the distinct impression that they only made their Windows apps against much kicking and screaming.
Why do VILLAIN and this Yurup character want to bring down Apple? Does it have something to do with Nazi gold or crop circles?
Is VILLAIN a secret criminal supergroup, like SPECTRE or VENOM?
I'm pretty sure Apple would have been aware and comfortable with Intel pushing that angle. It (exclusivity and a lag before a marketing push) was possibly part of the deal they made to make the custom boards for the MacBook Air in the first place, or soon after.
 What would you prefer they rely on, a crystal ball? Any predictions for the future will rely on a fair bit of guesswork.  It's the quality of the information used to backup the guesswork, and the shrewdness of the analyst that makes the difference.
Didn't say it was worth it.  No need for LOLs or the passive aggressive snark, as that was never the argument. If that's what you thought, then that explains why you quoted me and the matter can be dropped as a simple misunderstanding.
Oh, I see your point now.  Yes, I suppose it's technically (polytechnically, in fact ) incorrect then.
Didn't say "opportunity", that's your words appended to mine.   WhatsApp charges $0.99 per year of use (I think).  That is the case whether their users have Facebook accounts or not.  Not sure how that makes me all over the map, it's a simple point.
The Guardian have a bash at Apple's business practices every now and then (no worse than the New York Times though), but they aren't particularly anti-Apple technology.  Charles Arthur, their technology editor, is fair and balanced and often comes out saying Apple are better.  Hell, John Gruber has linked to his articles on more than one occasion.   In terms of judges, ItsTheInternet has it covered.  Just because a judgement doesn't go Apple's way doesn't make an entire...
New Posts  All Forums: