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The company that I'm working for right now actually makes judges wigs, so I probably could, if I were so inclined.
What on earth makes you think I don't question my government?   Why do people here keep assuming they know things about me way beyond the scope of the conversation?
Not at all. Businesses are motivated by profit. 65% retained is still profit worth chasing.
You seen to have put a lot of goals and motivations into my mouth that I haven't talked about or even alluded to.  If that, and flinging around Statist as an insult and debate stifler, are going to be your tactics then we're not going to get anywhere.  For the record...I don't disagree. We might have a bit of a debate about what an essential government function is, but in terms of those words I've quoted, I agree.  However, I would also say that taxation should be fairly...
 If you want to discourage attiutude and engender respect, then responding with your own attitude and disrespect isn't the best way to go about it.  FYI, I was 20 in 2001, and I ditched the thumb sucking and Animaniacs when I was 19, so you are incorrect. So?  I honestly could not care less about free market principles when it comes to fair taxation.  Why would I? And I still have no idea what you're getting at anyway, what "principle" do you even have in mind? You claim I...
Yep, Siri couldn't open apps until iOS6.
Clearly I don't, I can imagine rainbows made out of candy.
Clearly I can, and I do all the time.   Plus, I don't think it was immature or irrational, it was just a more colourful version of "You can imagine it all you want, it isn't going to happen," which is the only sensible response to such imaginings.
A cent?  Really?  I think you might have trouble retaining CFOs with that kind of KPI.
No. Setting up a shell company in Ireland to funnel profits out of the normal tax system is not the same as taking a deduction. Both may be legal, but they are far from being the same. Making a sandwich and cheating on my wife are both legal, but they are not the same.
New Posts  All Forums: