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^ Yes, a Macbook Air.  Why?
^ Thanks, nice to meet you too.
The concept of "The West" long predates the discovery of the Americas, and that's probably the source of many confusions, since it applies to Western Europe (though modernly not Africa, but Australia and maybe Japan???).  The "Western Hemisphere" is a relatively new concept, and has this arbitrary and geographically odd distinction of being everything west of Greenwich, London.  Meaning that the Apple Stores in Convent Garden and Regent Street (both in London) are Western...
Bored of the iPad.  It was ok, but not useful enough to justify a separate device.  Can't imagine a bigger size will make enough difference.
^ It has, significantly: http://www.cbs.nl/en-GB/menu/themas/dossiers/eu/publicaties/archief/2013/2013-3825-wm.htm
What do you mean "not ahead"?  The GDP for the EU is comparable to the USA.  Per capita it lags a little, but the EU has been accepting memberships for new, poorer countries from the former Soviet bloc, so those areas are still catching up. A quick glance at the list of the world's biggest companies by revenue (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_companies_by_revenue) shows that a healthy number (6 of the top 20, 7 if you include Switzerland) of them are EU...
Barely even worth having a thread about tax on this forum, just take a trip down to the pound and watch the rabid dogs try and eat their own shoulders.  Same effect.
I don't agree with you, I said that in my first post.  Apple increased it's dividend by 10%, which is perfectly fine, and certainly not an insult to shareholders, who are still seeing significant growth in the value of the stock.
Nonsense.  Dividends attract long term investors who desire a steady, predictable return on their investment.  Institutional investors who stick around for the long term far favour those stocks that pay a substantial dividend. Apple buying back their own stock does not benefit Apple, it only benefits those stockholders left, on the assumption that Apple is undervalued.
Are you kidding?  Shareholders who started with Apple when they were financially in trouble have been rewarded with stock growth of approaching 25000%.  Just sell some stock if you want to convert to cash.
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