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^ No one mentioned Pay. Spare us your unrelated negativity and bile.
The figures are publicly available and not hard to find.  Stop with the guessing.
^ I know, it was in the Q4 press release (but not the Q3). I'm sure it was in the detailed Q3 report but damned if I'm putting in even more effort to prove someone else's point. Doesn't make a difference to the result anyway, still less than 10 million even if you're generous and count five quarters. Q2 2010 release didn't mention the iPad so I assume it either didn't release until Q3, or was so late in Q2 that it didn't warrant mentioning:...
 "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"    - Santayana
You're right, but if you're making claims about figures you should source them. Q3 2010: 3.27 millionQ4 2010: 4.19 millionQ1 2011: 7.11 millionQ2 2011: 4.69 million 19.26 million total for the first full year.  Wrong, and again, source your figures (if you have any). Q4 2007: 1.389 million (includes Q3)Q1 2008: 2.315 milllionQ2 2008: 1.703 millionQ3 2008: 0.717 million That's 6.124 million, and covers five quarters in total (I think the iPhone was released towards the end...
Who is?
Not sure that's fair. The Z10 looked a little bit like the iPhone, but had notable differences and the software worked very differently.I'd say the similarities are on the scale of the iPhone to the LG Prada. A bit, but not much.
^ That kind of markup is standard in the luxury accessory market, even if it's a bit out of the ordinary for Apple (though their cable prices must be up there).
^ What sort of bugs? Has been ok for me so far...
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