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Kinda funny how when the iPad was launched the harbingers were saying that Apple were going to suffer as it cannibalised Mac sales, and now it's a bad thing that the exact opposite is happening.
Never said it wasn't, but I was responding to a post complaining about a 1% bump in the share price in the past few hours on the basis of revenues that grew 27% over the past year.   Using a yearly measure to complain about an hourly fluctuation is silly.
 The share price was around $80-85 this time last year, so is up way more than 27%.  
What are the special benefits of Lightning?   It's a little bit smaller, sure, and the solid metal tongue looks to be a bit more robust than the USB 3.1 connector*, but those don't strike me as particularly "special", just "nice".     * Apple cables are a different matter.
Hope this doesn't tread on any SlimPlug patents.   http://www.slimplug.com/
^ They must have created a lot of work for themselves in resetting forgotten passwords.
Does HERE do public transit?
 You mean like subscription streaming music and video services?  I'm not sure there's a direct book equivalent (unless you count Audible audiobooks), though I guess libraries have similarities? Subscription for unlimited access seems pretty popular.
^ That's a better link, thanks :)
^ That any password is breakable with enough time?   Sure it's true, just try every combination until it works.  How could that not be true?   Regarding the hardware kit I mentioned, here it is: http:// 9 to 5 mac /2015/03/18/iphone-passcode-hack/ Fixed in 8.1.1 and the hardware explicitly targeted the 4 digit code, but that's very recent, and an implementation choice.  Complex passwords are not invulnerable.
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