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It's certainly more cumbersome on iOS than the Mac, since AgileBits can't plug directly into Safari. They've come up with some clever workarounds though, first the bookmarklet, and more recently 1Browser. I use 1Browser almost as much as I use Safari, it's just a matter of getting used to it.
There is no rule that says perfectly normal cannot also be ridiculous.
What pointless skullduggery.  Using shell corporations for this silliness is ridiculous behaviour.
I'd rather an ad for 1Password, a useful and well-designed piece of software, than MacMall discounts that no one outside the US can use, and leave a cheap and nasty taint on the site.
Hmm, I can see the 4.5 update in the store, but for some reason its not being recognised as an update and I can't download it, I only get the "Open" option, which opens the version 4.3.2 of the app I have installed.   I'll try a restart....
[placeholder comment about US-only content and no polished way of managing channels]
 Evidently not so much, otherwise Apple wouldn't view it as cost effective and environmentally worth while and wouldn't have done it.
 Does not make any sense in a sensible world.  I don't use any cocaine, but I don't have an entitlement to go get caned.  I also don't have kids, and likewise have no entitlement.  I don't eat red meat, no one owes me any.  You don't earn brownie points from your abstention.
Deleted, nevermind - I was on the wrong page.
No one believes it is real. It's a joke story.
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