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Really?Come on people, we're better than this.
How is that my "reasoning logic"? My reasoning is that stealing and copying are actions that require time and intent, not just a precedent.Flick scrolling existed before the iPhone you say? Maybe it did, but if you want to say that Apple stole or copied it with credibility then you need to do two things:1. State where it existed before the iPhone2. Show a direct link or evidence that Apple used knowledge of the pre-existence to inform the iPhone.Apple copied a pull down...
LG Prada did not have flick scrolling, and certainly not acceleration and rubber banding, it used scroll bars. http://gizmodo.com/233468/lg-prada-phone-ui-walkthrough Plus, it was announced just a couple of months before the iPhone, Apple didn't have time to copy it, even if they'd wanted to.
But that's my point. Apple don't have limitless resources and would hit the exact same bandwidth and traffic issues that other carriers do. They also won't invest billions of dollars for no discernible advantage or profit, so their deals would be cost comparable with what's already out there. Unless you can point out a specific advantage, technological or in some other way competitive that Apple would have over incumbent carriers in providing cell and data service then...
There are a lot of teenage girls in China though. EDIT: that sounds a lot creepier than I meant it to...
Though, for the record, he has now doubled down and claimed that in terms of sin "sexual immorality is number one on the list"
Ok, fair enough, I wrote hastily and didn't go back and reread the article before paraphrasing something I'd read somewhere else. My apologies.
Fine, Apple "cap" their services. Same difference - they aren't without limits.
Good reasoning on the firmware, I didn't think of that. In the UK the price levels don't change much, but if you wait even just a couple of months the contracts can offer more stuff (minutes, data, bundles) for the same price. Sucks if everything stays static where you are.
Tia a bit weird to buy it and not use it at all. Not psychotic exactly, but why didn't you just wait for the jailbreak before buying it? Would seem to be less hassle (given limited availability at launch) and you'd possibly get a better deal a few months in? Not sure buying it as a fancy table ornament is what Apple means by "Think different"
New Posts  All Forums: