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I don't think you properly grasp what a chore is. A chore isn't something that you're too lazy to do, it's something you do routinely that's useful but generally isn't pleasant in itself. Putting a watch on a charging stand is definitely routine, will definitely be useful (without it my watch is dead), and could hardly be said to be a pleasure in itself. Of course it's a chore.It doesn't really compete for sales, but it does compete for attention. Currently when I want to...
^ Or the MacBook Prayer?
^ I think you rather downplay some of Apple's engineering expertise with this talk of "trivial" and "easy".
If all you're doing with your smart watch is checking the time a few times a day then one wonders why you're interested in the Watch at all? Having to put it on charge every single night would seem even more of a chore if all I was getting out of it (over my iPhone) was slightly more convenient timekeeping.
So states have different copyright laws? Ok. Does that mean Apple could (theoretically) continue to sell these songs in states that don't have these laws?
^ 1.21 gigawatts, surely?
I don't understand the complaint. If federal copyright law for pre-1972 songs has expired then where is the duty to pay royalties? Did I miss something?
Forced?  There was only about a year where Apple was shipping Macs with Thunderbolt and not USB3.0, and nothing about Thunderbolt meant users couldn't use USB2.0 ports with either USB 2.0 storage, or USB3.0 storage (at USB2.0 speeds, but with a bit of future proofing). This is a rumour about one machine.  Plenty of other Apple machines have more ports for those people that have other needs.
Or the source didn't mention the colour/material of the bezel (wasn't mention d in the 9t5 article) and the person who did the render interpreted that it would probably be the same as the current MBA.Not sure why you're trying to spin this to a certainty of Gurman being fed bad information.
I don't think the mock ups were provided by Gurman's source, they were created on the basis of the rumours.
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