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Good luck Nokia! Let's hope they can build themselves out of the Stephen Elop-shaped hole they've been left in. Not sure that Android is the best horse to tie the cart to, but what other viable choices are there? Tizen?
I'd like to know this too.
I'm pretty sure that no one at Apple, past or present, would want to see fans standing up for their choice of operating system with violence.
I wonder what prompted the folding plug design.  Folding plugs have been around for years but never really caught on as they're usually so fiddly.   Brings to mind the plug redesign that made news for winning a design award a few years back, shame Apple didn't buy into that, since to my knowledge it's never been released: http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/foldable-plug-wins-design-of-the-year-award-glorious-british-plug-gets-even-better/
Hasn't worked even once for me. Other Continuity features like SMS and phone calls on my Mac work fine, but for app handoff I've never seen an app available for handoff in either direction.
From Apple? Doubtful.You can get decent cables from other sources though. I bought cables from http://www.juicies.com a year ago and they're all still perfect.
Just because something is a different style doesn't mean some sort of equality through relativism applies.Why are you so unhappy about other people not liking the prequels?
Several million have the watch right now?A few million may have a preorder receipt, but the amount of people that have one right now likely numbers in the hundred or low thousands.Still your raging auto-retort.
What evidence do you have that the LASD is shaming them publically?  This isn't a press release or a legal proceeding, it's a report from a radio station that LASD have done exactly what you say, contacted Apple privately as a matter of business.
Then this is completely reasonable.
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