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I'm not sure it's the antithesis. A commonwealth can have imperial aspirations just as much as any polity.Indeed, "for the common good" has been used as a justification for empire building many times over.
All?No. 35% total.
What x? Do you even know how Twitter works? Just scroll past them, which you have to do whether they're autoplaying or not.
Free commentary and free thought are not guaranteed to be free from a disparaging response. Especially when the commentator has form for repeatedly making nonsensical, attention-seeking points. According to Frosticle, Apple is too politically liberal nowadays and needs to go back to its hippy origins. Wait, what?
I'm pretty darn sure I'll be able to scroll past them, exactly as I do now. Just because they're autoplaying doesn't mean I'm forced to stop browsing the feed and watch them. Unless they autoplay to full screen of course, but I don't think that's what is being suggested.
US corporations "can" bring cash "home" already.
I actually quite like how Facebook does this (well, not for ads, but for other videos posted by my friends).   I'm much more likely to pay attention to a video that's already playing than one that I have to take an additional step to watch.  And I suppose that applies to ads as well, though I'll probably skip past them.  No issues with this.
^ If that's true then you'll have no problem with quoting a source.  Why do you never do that?
At least wait for a new paragraph before you contradict yourself!  Fashion is fickle, and yet medium to high end watch designs have stayed fairly static for decades.Most people are not going to buy a new [....], and yet with Apple they do.  If it's worth it.   You don't know a single thing about fashion, or about Watch 2, and yet you're blowing your mouth off in another absurd attempt at a rant.  Give it a rest already.
I like how they subtly suggest that you put the Pay decal first, and with a bigger sticker than all the alternatives    
New Posts  All Forums: