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I thought them terrorists used Android?
Also, I don't know about you guys, but in my household we often have 2 or more iPhones charging pretty close by each other, so having them all respond to "Hey Siri" at the same time would be a nuisance.   If they responded to different key phrases then there would be no issues.   "Klaatu barada nikto!" "bee boop"   "Execute Order 66" "bee boop"   "Berwip crawna-wi pinibon" "bee boop"
 Best solution is to make the "Hey Siri" command customisable, so I can change it to "Hey butthead".  That would make me happy.  I guess they could also try to make it voice sensitive, but that sounds complicated.
What'd be the point?  You're necessitating that people use multiple cables, and I can't see any advantage over the current cables.
The pins don't look angled to me. And it's definitely not British, it doesn't even have the right number of pins 
Sheesh, I only just got to this thread and haven't read back through 3 pages of lengthy posts, forgive me.  I took that particular post at face value and couldn't immediately understand it, forgive me.  No need for the attitude just because I asked a question. So you haven't seen a phone that doesn't run Android that requires two hands then?  Going back a bit, how about the Sidekick?  Or, more recently, how about the big Windows Phones (6" for the Lumia 1520)?  The newest...
I thought that was your beef with all the "unusable" larger phones and phablets?
In preference to credit and debit cards though?  And is it a strong enough preference that retailers would make the investment in new transaction infrastructure?  Especially when the vanguard of forward-thinking technology retailers have probably already invested in contactless recently?   That's the sort of question that Apple are probably mulling over, and unless their (unknown, possibly non-existent) proprietary, non-NFC solution is so good that it can confidently...
Nope. Outbound only.I'm not sure there is any way to tell whether a received message was sent as a SMS or iMessage.
So what's the actual problem with all this fragmentation?  Where are the complaints from Android users?  You say low-end Android phones are like feature phones and can't take advantage of the latest OS changes.  So?  If that's how people are using the phones, then what's wrong with that.  They aren't demanding powerful apps or new features. You say the low-end Android phones are like paperweights to the platform, then also say that support is dropped quickly.  How are they...
New Posts  All Forums: