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Given that ApplePay is a completely absorbable and tiny overhead to Apple per iPhone, with even tinier variable cost per transaction, and could be used many, many, [i]many[/i] time per iPhone/iPad, then even at a low rate of 0.5% (or whatever) then over time... it could be a huge margin, if it takes off.  100% would be pushing it, given how much iPhones cost and Apple's other operating expenses.  But if it takes off...
That's meant to be ironic, right? Whoops, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I'd like to think you deserve it, but I suspect ignorance.Few countries have shown as much on-the-ground resistance to annexation by the Soviet Union as Finland.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_War
You don't have to swipe with chip and PIN.
Classy, saving us all the trouble of working our way towards Godwin by jumping straight in there.  Very noble.
Bullshit.  I eagerly await your justification for such a brazen lie, and misuse of an apostrophe.
Does Finland have an account here?
Four years is plenty of time for Apple to scrape together some pocket change for the removal to Singapore, or Jersey, or some other haven. I doubt they'll be all that affected.
Finnish Prime Minister self-effacedly credits Apple with being a disruptor, Apple fanboards erupt in multi-armed grasp for a defence and/or counter offence. Lot of insecurity round here.
Every time TS accuses someone of not reading a kitten dies.  He really has it in for those kittens.
No it doesn't.  And it only does some of this if the other person has an Apple device too. iMessage + Facetime comes close, but still doesn't do conference video calls.  And I don't think you can tranfer generic files.  Photos, contact cards, and voicemails, ok, but not any old file. And, as you mentioned, you need phone.app for voice calls to a non-Apple device.
New Posts  All Forums: