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"actual" job creation?
 Specialist website is specialist.  Shocker.  Pointing out a joke and highlighting how it is a joke really kills the mood.
That's hardly unusual.  Lots of companies won't let you past reception unless you're on a list.
Why would Apple care? They're getting $200 more.
I'm not sure there has ever been any defence in "it's worse in Russia", even when true.
Good, don't wear one. Enjoy your cuff links. Just please quit your troll moaning and find a new hobby.
I'm pretty sure pricing-to-market is exactly what he was complaining about.
^ for app development you would need a different product then. Just because this one isn't for you doesn't make it dumb. Amazing how few people seem to grasp this.
Congratulations. I hope you're enjoying all those advanced smartwatch features on your TAG.
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