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Yeah, Hubble, Cassini, the International Space Station, the Mars Science Laboratory, and much more were faked!
You'd need to reasonably prove that all 8 million were potential customers of other services, and thereby suffered damages.  Seems unlikely.
Incorrect. An indictment decides probable cause to charge, not guilt or innocence.
Did you even read the article?The problem isn't this, it's that turning off a passcode means you can't use TouchID for  Pay or the iTunes/App Stores.There's no good reason why these cant be separated.
Which would also grant five people access to your iTunes account. Not necessarily a good idea if some of those people are kids.
And I've seen a white person be nice to a black person, so racism doesn't exist.
Huh?  What's the solution then?  The problem seems pretty clear cut to me.
A cool feature I've seen mentioned elsewhere would be setting geofences where security is not required, such as your house.  So whenever you're connected to your home wi-fi, no TouchID or password needed.
Yeah workers are so entitled to want occasional breaks and to be paid on time.
1. Regardless, the punishment doesn't come close to fitting the crime.2. Are you sure about that?  You think police have never shot and killed an innocent person? I don't think "respect the police or we may shoot you" is a good byline, or how many people want law enforcement to operate.  And shooting people dead for misdemeanours is not how an organisation earns respect.
New Posts  All Forums: