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No, no, no, you've got us all wrong; it's as many letters as possible in the spelling, and as many different and argumentative pronunciations as possible in the saying  See the many usages of -ough for much bewilderment.
How exactly do you view the lock screen if the display is turned off? Answer: you turn it on. How do you know there are notifications on your lock screen if you were out of earshot for the chimes? Answer: you don't, iOS has no mechanism to do this (like, for example, an LED that tells you when there are unread notifications), other than turning the display on.  There are not difficult concepts.
 Both parties.? No, some are willing to foist the whole responsibility on just one person: 
I really can't be bothered with this ad hominem reasoning.  Debate the point, not some twisted idea you have of me based off your chosen reading of turns of phrase; I've indulged your flights of fancy about what I believe quite enough.  I'm in charge of what I believe, not you, so quit with the ridiculous putting of words into my mouth.  We almost had the beginnings of a good debate there, but your inability to stop doing this has ended it.   Btw, "statism" is a very...
What's with the weird selective country name checking? Android has dominant market share in the US as well, so android doesn't exist "solely" for what you say at all.
Are you suggesting they are?  Effective corporation tax rate on non-US profits of Don't you think that kind of imbalance is fuelling an anti-competitive environment?I don't think I used the word demand a lot at all, twice by my count in the same sentence back on page 1, and I was using it as a synonym for legislate, with the implication that it is needed to enforce a principle.  You used it more in your cute little "demand" quotations back at me to casually imply I was...
 Obviously not, because it's a reaction exaggerated for effect.  I'm not responding to that, I'm responding to you.
 Only the last one of those links has anything to do with technology, and in it appears the EU is standing its ground.  It may not be winning the fight any time soon, but it's fighting it.  So not gutless. The Ukraine one is hardly a simple situation, and in the spying one the entire point is that the commissioner is under fire for backing down.  Maybe she was gutless, but she's being taken to task for it.
 No one is demanding that. And as you mention, Apple already does that in one area, with WebKit, so it's not all that ridiculous.
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