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This is massively debatable and at the very least contextually dependent.  The company in question may not be efficient at producing growth, jobs, and higher wages.  Returning money to shareholders to reinvest in whatever they see fit may well be more "economically efficient", especially since greater jobs and economic opportunity tend to be driven by start ups.  There is no categorical evidence either way, and certainly in cases where companies have over-invested and seen...
^ He's the largest shareholder.  Depending on how much of the stock he personally owns his preference could matter quite a lot.   EDIT: Some quick research says Tesla has approximately 125 million shares outstanding, and Musk until fairly recently owned 33 million of them (that may have changed).   That's around a 25% share, so not a total blocker, but a pretty substantial impediment to an Apple hostile takeover, especially since he's very popular with Tesla.
^ Was really surprised when they started talking about a camera in the watch on The Talk Show.  Can't see that being a good idea at all, but they were into it.
Wow, Samsung really took a hit there.
 http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/campaigns/global-warming-and-energy/A-Green-Internet/clickingclean/#apple http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/media-center/news-releases/Greenpeace-statement-on-Apple-California-solar-power-deal/ http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/news/Blogs/Cool-IT/apple-renewable-energy/blog/44456/ http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/media-center/news-releases/-Greenpeace-Applauds-Apple-for-Cutting-Conflict-Minerals-Supply-Chain-Transparency/ Pretty...
Crikey, so now the EU is too democratic?
^ That's only good advice when the company has scope to grow.  Investing in plant when producing more will just lead to excess supply and waste is equally foolish.  Returning money to shareholders so that they might invest in something with more growth opportunity might be a better idea for all involved.
Photos seem like a complete waste of time on the Watch.  Can't imagine ever using that.
^ Over-sesnsitivity point: proved.
^ It will have fluoro-elastomer tyres.
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