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What a charming and morally upright position to place the children in.
Oh get a grip.  Where did the Mayor, the POTUS or the liberal media incite violence?  Shame blaming at an extreme, let the partisanship go for a fucking second and show some compassion.
Not sure if this is a thing or a glitch, but AppleInsider gives every appearance of censoring the word "conservative" from appearing in a post summary on the New Posts page      Here's the post: post #111, notice no obvious gap between "Is that" and "conservative?"  
Is that conservative? http://www.statista.com/statistics/263401/global-apple-iphone-sales-since-3rd-quarter-2007/ Last 8 quarters = 39.27m+35.2m+43.72m+51.03m+33.8m+31.24m+37.42m+47.79m = 319.47 millions units Seems pretty on the money for me, with all but the most recent figure being an actual sales report.
I'm not sure we've been made aware of those provable facts, except Apple's vaporous claim of "being better than anyone else" and the 93% claim, which is a pretty poor SLA by any corporate measure.
  I think that either needs a /s or a bunny-rabbit-ears "surprised" emphasis.   I'm not at all surprised.
Dunno, if you're doing a corporate expose and the corporation in question insists that they smell of roses is it really obligatory for the exposer to give the corporation that soapbox?  It's not as if Apple are without a voice, they have the world's press handing on their every word - hell the BBC even published their rebuttal, gummy-toothed though it was. I don't think the imbalance argument holds much water if the BBC has actual physical evidence of wrongdoing on the floor.
If you haven't seen an advert for the Yoga then you must have had your eyes closed for the past 2 years.  They've been everywhere.  I don't even watch TV at home and I've seen enough of them to know exactly how they go. I have no idea what stores you frequent, so couldn't possibly comment on that.
 I get the feeling that the real considered threat is the iPad, but the MacBook Air is an easier target, and the iPad and Apple in general is a convenient collateral damage. To speak up a bit for the Surface, it's screen wipes the floor with my MacBook Air.  Really nice.  Not much else I can say that favours the Surface over the MBA, but the screen is definitely a plus.
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