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Seems like a strange arrangement for Apple to go with.  Why are they using the carrot of better iTunes Extras to tempt people into the streaming model?   Given that some of these iTunes Extras may run to hundreds of MB, or even GB, the local storage option would seem to be better for iOS devices.  Download on wi-fi, watch while on the move.  I hope it's a different system for iOS, though that would also be strange.
Ironic, given that he didn't say the words that you have quoted, nor did he imply them. By your definition* I believe that constitutes a strawman argument, no?* a very loose definition that few others would subscribe to.
Sure, you can have different priorities on a case by case basis depending on the movie. Some movies are so beautiful that it seems like a disservice to not watch them in the best available image and audio quality, some are throwaway fluff that you spend £1.99 renting, watch, laugh, then forget. Entirely up to you where you draw those lines, if you draw them at all.
Possibly true, though they may also have used it to cover losses. They don't seem to have been having a great time in the last decade. Shame, I used to quite like their stuff, and they were the closest thing to a iPod competitor.
iTunes won't match Blu Ray's image and sound quality for a fair while yet. But Blu Ray has nothing on the convenience of iTunes. Depends on your priorities.
You're killing me bro. What evidence do you have that I haven't fully read and comprehended you? You're the one who trots out logical fallacy accusations as if they're going out of fashion while seemingly having no practical understanding of how logical fallacies work.Here's a hint: when you appeal to both authority and popularity at the same time, that's a strong argument, not some kind of double fallacy, as you paint it. The error in an appeal to authority is predicated...
You are such a basket case
Right back atcha buddy*, you can spout the same turgid nonsense forever, it won't ever be true.*apart from the first bit which is just a nonsensical word soup that doesn't mean anything.
Amazon does have that cool-sounding feature where you can get context-relevant information about what is that you're watching - the music playing, the actors on screen etc.  It'd be cool if Apple did something along those lines too, I fairly often load up the IMDb app on my iPhone or iPad to check out the details of a show or movie.  I think that's on the Kindle Fire.
See that's what you say, but I disagree, and both my reading comprehension and his are working just fine, while your pompous claims to the contrary are pathetic.  And while I'm at, your hiding behind claims of strawmen and logical fallacies is just silly, he's used none of them, while you've evaded making a cogent point since the very beginning (as always). Toodles!
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