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Good to know. Why don't you start a thread about it instead of derailing a thread about Tim Cook and a speech with partisan baiting?
and Force Lightning.
Actually we often blame the weather for being chaotic and unpredictable.  Since markets can be the same, it's rather an apt analogy.
There is a world of difference in having a protracted conversation with another person on a mobile phone, and firing off a "Play my party mix playlist" to Siri.  Voice commands taking the place of things that would distract you anyway (while you fumbled with a remote control) are not socially exclusionary.  You're overplaying this, and it's more than a bit rude to suggest that a guy using Siri (once? twice? unknown) was neglecting his grandkids.
BlackBerry bosses made a lot of mistakes, but I'll give them a pass on not being fans of Bieber.
Wtf is this "likely does not include" ?  Why aren't these analysts analysing properly and getting definitive answers?  I'd be fired if I delivered such wishy-washy reporting.
I'm not sure where this idea that the UK is the only body keeping the rest of the EU from falling into anarchy is coming from.  The EU has some monetary issues but it's mostly politically stable, while the UK is non-committal to the former issues, and if anything disruptive on the latter stability.  Germany is the main force binding the EU together, not the UK, and the EU would do fine without the UK, but the UK would be in a major bind without the EU.  One need only look...
Heh, looks like they might have been listening when I said they should make the plaza side a glass wall too.  Good improvement, and that waterfall is really nice.
Leaving the EU would be a disaster.  No one in England that you can take seriously is suggesting it.
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