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I don't think the argument here is that a crime wasn't committed, just that the crime wasn't theft, because theft has a particular definition that hasn't been met.  There are other crimes to cover the other situations that have been mentioned, copyright infringement, industrial/economic espionage, counterfeiting etc.   Lots of people getting hot under the collar over a definition.
There's a three finger drag option in System Preferences which works for some things, like windows and file icons.  Doesn't work for selected text though.
Really?  Compared to the USB accessories ecosystem of external hard drives, mice, keyboards, printers, and other desktop/laptop accessories that are in wide circulation? There's a fair amount of Lightning stuff out there, but most of it wouldn't even be useable with a MacBook Air (I can't fit my MBA into my B&W sound system dock) and I can't see that most of the rest would have a whole lot of use.
Same reason previous USB ports are designed the same way, the contacts in the port are static, and the contacts in the cable have the spring that ensures contact is made.  Since those spring contacts are the part that moves, are therefore under a certain amount a repetitive stress, are and one of the most likely parts to fail, there is an argument that it's better to put them in the easily replaceable and relatively cheap cable, than the port on the $1000 computer.
Who doesn't?
You're 2 for 2 in the grouchy replies
No one said Tim Cook was perfect. I recall a number of commentators being surprised that Apple and Tim Cook were giving the book any recognition at all. Would have been better not to, in my onion.Also, Tim Cook said that, not Slim Took on the Haunted Empire message board.
Did he do so wearing a fake moustache and sunglasses? No he didn't.Did he call Microsoft liars and whiners? No he didn't.Was he criticised when he told customers that they were "holding it wrong"? Yes he was.Being snippy with your customers or ungracious as a public figure never serves you well. Tim Cook and his rhino skin is much better than Steve Jobs in that regard.
Aside from speaking in the third person as Corrections, I'd say the responses on Roughly Drafted and AI are pretty close to exactly the same, he used to berate and call people liars on his own site too. I remember him angering some people because of his habit of editing their comments too.Example:The reply to Rmaynard85 at http://www.roughlydrafted.com/2012/01/09/inside-ces-2012-the-copycat-electronics-shitshow/
New Posts  All Forums: