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Heh, I walked past this building earlier today; nice spot, next to the botanical garden, and only a hop, skip and jump down the road from where I went to sixth form college.  Seems like a sensible spot for an R&D centre, given all of the scene parks around, and ARM, Imagination and probably others of interest in close proximity.  I think IBM have a big-ish research centre in one of the parks too.
Written in Go?  That's alone has to make this one of the most unexpected stories of the year!
Got a scientific source for that genetic defect claim?  Lots of things serve no evolutionary purpose, but that's hardly a complete measure of worth in personhood.
In London, not from London.  Thanks for listening.
Yes, obviously that's exactly what he meant.  Now where did all my straw go?
It's a known fact that Apple only have one developer, who is incapable of multitasking.
Care enough to post, dontcha? I wonder what race those calling bullshit are.  I imagine it's going to be quite consistent.
Thanks heavens all of the iOS emoji are yellow! Oh...
Because that's the way the system works. You pay corporation tax where your corporation is incorporated.If you want country-by-country reporting then that's all well and good, but it's a big difference from the current system, and big corporations tend to be opposed to it.
What evidence of real product development would you expect?  What further emails would you expect for a preorder?   Brydge have shipped products in the past, they aren't a scam, and their stated release date in their updates has always been October, and recently was clarified to 24th October.  They've also seen high demand that has pushed shipping estimates for new orders to 4-6 weeks, so don't be too surprised to see your order backed up, unless you were one of the very...
New Posts  All Forums: