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Oh crap, he's found a new tenuous criticism to latch on to and exploit for attention seeking trolling purposes.
Why do you say that? The uses they showed for Force Click were quite different from right-click (or two finger tap, as large number of Mac users know it). They can coexist just fine.
Lots of prerecorded videos in the presentation; Jony Ive must have been stuck in a recording booth for most of February.
What on earth is a "mobile professional" anyway?
This was a really great announcement, a surprise, and the highlight of the presentation. Great job Apple!
The grid is a bit wonky if the Air weighs more than the basic.
USB adaptors in the store. Dongleriffic!
Beautiful, but that Core-M is surely going to drag. And a retina display on that graphics chipset? I want one, but I don't really want one.
I know that, I'm just pointing out the inaccuracy of the claim that Tim Cook said this in the Watch announcement presentation; stated twice now.He did not.
In the announcement? I don't believe he did. If you can point me to the time stamp of the point in the announcement where he said that then I'd appreciate it.
New Posts  All Forums: