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Is it really necessary to have near enough the exact same argument in two different places on the forum? Keep this tediousness in PoliticalOutsider please.
So that's why we get all the best weather.
Congratulations on being stunningly wrong (again), and assuming that no one else had thought of your genius back-of-napkin solution.  And no, the plan does not work out either way.  Just because "SHOOT IT INTO THE SUN" isn't a safe or cost effective solution doesn't magically make earthbound storage a safe and good idea either.  That's why it's a problem, and much smarter people than you are still "whining" about it.
http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19780015628.pdf   Quite interesting.
You claimed first and I asked first.   I'm waiting.
Can't remember. Definitely not Harpo.
He was a white man from Oxford just like Jesus!
I'd bet they aren't. Prove your wanton speculation.
- cost of getting it there- risk implicit in getting it there- availability of alternatives without the cost/risk- the moral and responsible impetus to actually clean up our shit rather than just burn it- superman
I've had Hey Siri activate in a (to my ears) completely silent room before. Definitely needs some work.
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