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 I'm sure they do.  And you know one thing they take into consideration?  What people want.  I want my iPhone to be waterproof.  Other people do too.  From what you're saying now, it seem you're not against the idea, though it's not a priority for you.  That's fine, you can have your priorities, but let other people have theirs without the superior attitude pls.
You said no when I said that accidents happen to everyone, thereby suggesting that you believe that some people are impervious to accidents. I'm not sure what evidence you have that in "virtually all cases it's the fault and responsibility of the user" but even if that's true, why would you be against a design that removes that risk? Should Apple not put a tough screen on the iPhone, because people who scratch the screen only have themselves to blame? Should they stop...
No, accidents happen to everyone.   Some people being more prone than others is also true, but doesn't detract from accidents happening to everyone.   Never had an accident?  Ever?  Liar.     The iPhone being waterproof will be of benefit to pretty much everyone, as a reassurance if nothing else, save a few people in the desert or in space.
No need to be a prick, accidents happen to everyone. I don't use the Stocks app, so I don't see why I should subsidise the development of apps for city boys*.   * I actually use a different stocks app, but I'm making a point here.
You don't use the toilet?
But preferred.
I actually think it's quite funny.   Hope they did make a donation as well though, for piggybacking on the cause.
Let me try again.   Bad people do bad things with anonymity.  Bad people might also benefit from their anonymity when other not-bad people surrender their anonymity.  Therefore, while anonymity is an option, it makes perfect sense for the not-bad people to utilise anonymity to protect themselves from bad people, and it is less a hypocrisy and more good sense for not-bad people to argue for anonymity to be removed, while maintaining their own anonymity so as not to...
Maybe, yeah, though if it came through the TV then you'd have a weird sort of disconnect between what you're talking to and what's responding and I think Apple would care about that aural aspect of the UI; I think the chime at least should come from the remote to show that it's active. Plus, if it didn't work then it's a bit less obvious whether it's the Apple TV or the remote that isn't working.  Though that's a lesser issue, and probably solveable in other ways (mainly...
Better just to have a proper mic and speaker in there to control the TV using Siri  ;)
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