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Apple strikes me as a pretty bad customer, hard to deal with, demanding, and unremitting, with massive punitive costs for any problems, not matter who is at fault.  No matter what the industry, I think I'd be hesitant to enter into a deal with them, and I'd certainly push back heavily on any terms they tried to impose, even if it cost my company the deal.     As a consumer, my opinion of Apple is very different, but Apple seem to have little spirit of partnership, or...
I agree with this.  Federighi seems like a really nice guy, and I find him a pleasant stage presence, but the jokes are at best average dad jokes, and are normally worse.  I just don't find pictures of Eddy Cue in silly poses all that funny, time to give it a rest. I think the crowd is problematic here, they're all so high on being in the keynote (hey I probably would be too) that they cheer and laugh at near enough everything.  Not so many jokes in the press events.
I prefer text labels to glyphs for clarity, but at least they look more like buttons now.
Custom numeric code could be 4 digits, no?
 iBeacons seems the obvious answer.  Or triangulating wi-fi signals.  Either way, not things that are pervasively present in all underground stations yet.
 Well how about that!
^ come down here and say that! >
Costs them a whole lot less. Good for them.
Iovine is a very irritating presenter. STOP SHOUTING. Eddy Cue was a relief, despite the loudness of his shirt.
Well that's just silly.  Intention and context defines racism, not just the words being used.
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