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Much as I dislike the guy, if Apple are confident of their future then the shares are clearly significantly undervalued, so from the shareholder perspective buying back shares is the smart thing for Apple to do to increase shareholder value. Even if they have great ideas about what to do with their money pile (they haven't shown any) a buy back is still probably the better idea, they'd be buying dollars with pennies. Hate it when annoying people are right, I want Cook to...
"iPad, for beautiful people."
 Considering how often it's reported that Apple have yield issues and trouble in the supply chain, selling more for less would seem like a very risky choice.  Apple run a pretty slick shop by more accounts, but throwing a requirement for hundred of millions more units at them would be a strain on even their formidable resources. That Steve Jobs quote about old Apple's problem of chasing profits over market share gets dragged out every now and then, but it doesn't really...
Bit white this new Podcats.     I quite liked the old grey, helped visually distinguish it from Music.app.
Bit of a boring argument tbh, I make no pretence that I was doing anything other than being facetious.
 64 bits weigh twice as much as 32 bits, right?
Not that clearly.
 I'm not saying the rules are being applied inconsistently, I'm saying that Apple's rules about IAP present an inconsistent framework from a certain perspective when  you've got different sets of competitors being either excluded from the App Store, or being perfectly fine, based on whether their business model is subscription-based or direct-sale-based, and/or whether their model fits into a system where you purchase through other means (i.e. a website), and then the app...
Great, another app to "restrict".  Most annoying app management interface I've had to deal with in years.
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