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Around 8,000 new employees in non-retail positions, an increase of ~20%.  That's huge, something big must be stirring.
Not really, it's just another perspective. If you have more time than money then the solution that uses more time than money will appeal. Especially so if you can use your time doing something (tinkering) that you enjoy. Moreover, there's been a lot of disingenuous assumptions and accusations from the other side in this little exchange. A computer is not automatically low quality just because it isn't built by Apple.
Some people get enjoyment from putting things together themselves. If you enjoy it, it's hardly slave labour. Don't know why you're all getting huffy about having different priorities. Takes all sorts.
 Nitpicking here, but it increases the proportion of ownership, not necessarily the value, since Apple will just be replacing outstanding share commitment with outstanding debt (or a drop in cash reserves).  All these things are (theoretically at least) taken into account in the share price, so an individual shareholder shouldn't get see a rise in their stock solely because the company retires some shares.  It only works to boost value if the shares are undervalued with...
Another legal impossibility. Apple can't forcibly buy back any individual's shares. Also, I have no idea what you mean when you say "Apple should buy up all of its shares." Given that the conversation is about Apple buying back shares, I assumed you meant that Apple should buy back all the shares, please enlighten me as to my mistake.
Yes, they probably can!
Using fingers on both sides sounds horrendous for actually holding the thing stably, and especially with this lopsided touchpad and stick arrangements, which would require a crazy grip that would unbalance the device. You keep mentioning this orientation independence, but if the shoulder triggers are the only buttons then the vertical orientation will be extremely limited. On that point, two buttons is in itself, too limited for a lot of the games that people buying...
Well done for missing the point completely. An illegal agreement will never be legally binding, because it was illegal in the first place. The terms of a kill contract are not legally binding, the agreement is illegal.
Not identical, the Steam controller has texture and tactile feedback.
Apple cannot own itself TS. That's a legal impossibility. As a company, people need to own Apple. It's possible (though highly unlikely given the amount of money involved) that a person or group of people can buy enough to take complete control and delist the company from the NASDAQ, but there will always be one or more shareholders. No one at Apple is rich enough to buy anywhere near a controlling share in Apple, let alone outright ownership. Stop posting nonsense...
New Posts  All Forums: