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Looks pretty tranquil to me.
I haven't made any vapid guesses. Doubting an assertion is not making a vapid guess. And one year is not "solid data", it's one data point. TS's chart claims to show a pattern when the simple inclusion of the previous year's data would show that the 5C broke that pattern. So it's misleading, and rather disingenuous to claim that this is "solid data". The rumours are merely another point of doubt.
TS's chart includes 1 year of actual data and two years of speculation. If 2012 was included then the chart would show that the 5C was a pattern-breaking product.So no, it is not concretely based on Apple strategy, and his confidence, to the extent of calling others "insane", is as usual, hubristic.Apple could easily do otherwise, and the repeated rumours of multiple sizes suggest that something else may be on the cards.
 What he's talking about isn't what you were talking about either.  You claimed it was a rumour that hasn't been repeated anywhere else.  My counter is that while the specific use of the 6C name may not have shown up elsewhere, the rumour of two models has.  Because you whine very loudly about unimportant things and annoy me, obviously.
"wrong" is the same as wrong.  No need for the suggestive quotation marks.   Plus, plenty of rumours have talked about two sizes of iPhone being released this year.  Granted, few others have played the name game of speculating on how they might be marketed, but since precedent seems to be such a big deal in this thread there is at least some forerunning to the sizing rumour.  And those two sizes of iPhone will certainly need to be called something.   But sincerely, who...
But for heaven's sake, shut up the lot of you.  Precedent means very little, Apple had never released a "C" phone before the iPhone 5C, and they'd never wholly removed/replaced a flagship model before the iPhone 5 morphed into the 5C.  They were precedent breaking moves, and no new trend has yet been established.   Besides which, it's just a goddamn name.  Whether it's called 5S, 5SC, 6C, or iPhone Vista, it's all completely unimportant.  If the phone design changes;...
 That's a remarkably confident claim.  And wrong: http://www.macrumors.com/2014/03/28/drawings-iphone-6c/ Rumours, of course, and unlikely to be true, but your outlandish claim was about the very existence of rumours.
Holy hyperbole Batman! I don't much think that there'll be a 6C this year either, it doesn't quite fit with precedent; but stranger things have happened, and Apple's product naming conventions haven't been the most consistent in recent times. Frankly, who gives a flying fudge what the damn things are called?  Just gimme!
If you can handle it, you'll stop referring to yourself in the third person and hiding behind a forum handle (have you ever actually made any genuine corrections using it?).Insulting your audience is not the best way to win fans.
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