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EDIT: Never mind
I don't know about you, but for me Word (and Excel) macros deliver a lot of value.  Weird inclusion in that list.
Metro apps?  You mean the Windows 8 apps in the Modern UI?  Those are "essentially" a completely different thing to this.  How are they in any way alike?  And I don't think they were universally hated either.
They are appointed commissioners.  Quite a different thing. Quote:It really isn't.  Not even close.
 The Moto is a bigger watch, of course it looks more bulky.
^ Crikey those are some dramatic words.  A "nightmare" on the maps?  Why?  You can see a little bit more in the horizontal and vertical on the second photo, just not in the diagonal.  That's fine, and it's even good because a rectangular watch of the same dimensions would be so much blockier and large on a wrist.  Hell, more in the vertical and horizontal is even how our eyes work, so how is it a nightmare?   Yes, aligned text may get cut off a bit when it's at the...
 You missed a bit... 
I think we're arguing the same point. If the iPhone 3G and 3GS are of the same versioning, as with the 4 and 4S, or 5 and 5S, then there was only one version between the original iPhone (surely the 1?) and 4.  The fact that it was called the 3G instead of a regular number obfuscates things, but it was either the 2 or the 3.  I say 2, you say 3, let's call the whole thing off  
Why?  The user will never experience the 6+ at the 6 resolution.  The comparison is of user experience of performance, and in that the iPhone 6 comes out best.
They skipped iPhone 3. I don't think numerical consistency means all that much to Apple or Microsoft.  It's just marketing.
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