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 New meaning how?  Apple and the publishers agreed that ebooks wouldn't be sold cheaper in any other store, that the iBookstore price would always be matched to the lowest price in any other store. I would call that price matching, sorry if it's the wrong technical term.
 Hi. Yes, obviously.  How they will adapt it is the question.  As it stands the iTunes pay per episode/season is very rigid and isn't making much of a noticeable dent in the TV establishment due to the high total cost.  And the alternative Channel/App strategy isn't a great deal better due to the lack of channels and (again) the high total cost. Some kind of subscription, bundling, free-with-ads, or unknown other is an inevitability if you assume that Apple will eventually...
 It's a good idea to, as otherwise you're not selling anything.  But no, you don't have to renegotiate a deal.  If the contract allows, you can exit.  If not, you'll have to negotiate something, be it a settlement, or a new arrangement, but you don't have to renegotiate a sales deal if you don't want to sell.  Different subject.  Apple insisted on a price matching agreement.  That definitely strays into anticompetitive territory.
 He doesn't, as far as I can see.  I'm not defending the monitor, just correcting an inaccuracy.  That said, I don't have any line of sight into Apple, so maybe there's some unexpected way in which Ive was involved in contractual matters.  Maybe relating to procuring prototype materials; I really don't know.
I believe Sony make the camera sensors for the iPhone (possibly the iPad too).  Maybe not as friendly as in the past, but they certainly have a relationship.
Also, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Soviet_Republic, though you have to go back to the 1930s.   At the time of the OS in question however, China definitely wasn't a Soviet Republic, that is true.
This may well be true, but should have resulted in an antitrust complaint, not a backroom agreement between Apple and the publishers to rig pricing.
 I believe his actual stated purpose is to monitor compliance with antitrust law, so he should be asking questions of anyone who is currently involved in contractual matters (existing and under negotiation) for publishing/selling content.
Ok Darth, have it your way, publishers are obliged to sell to every book retailer, just because.  Producers are not allowed any control over their product at all.
Sure you can, you can refuse to sell to anyone you want.
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