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Did you actually read the Quarks report?  They offered a pretty thorough run down of the parts of the protocol that are exposed at the client side, and how the infrastructure handler works and would be able to decrypt the message.  And they plainly stated that even though Apple theoretically could read your iMessages, that doesn't mean that they are, or that their internal processes are set up today in a way that would make the process trivial.  Apple's response said much...
Not sure why you've quoted me there; I still stand by that being correct (to my knowledge, I'm not an Android user or developer) in terms of the software.  Hardware is a different ballgame if you're talking about resource-intensive apps, but an awful lot of apps (most?) aren't that resource-intensive.   And whether Android is a worthwhile market to develop for in terms of return is a different question that has little to do with fragmentation.
No one claimed there isn't hardware fragmentation.  There's hardware fragmentation on iOS as well over six years of iterations, but it's reasonable to assume that people without a high spec handset aren't your market for Infinity Blade.
The post you're responding to was solely about the distribution of iPhone models in the iPhone base. Nothing to do with Android at all.
 At least up until the 4 I believe it was a fact that newest model of iPhone would sell more than all previous iPhones put together, so would be >50% of all iPhones in use. Therefore the proposition that the 5 + 5C +5S equals >40% of all iPhones in use isn't beyond comprehension.  iPhones also break, get recycled, or just get thrown away sometimes. Plus, it's web stats, not a primary information source.  I think it's not illogical that people with a new iPhone are going to...
They've announced a satellite event in London, King's Place, which is just down the street from me.  Does anyone know what happens at the satellite events?  It is just a big screen with a feed from California, or something else?
Good news for Apple, but I believe the development problems with Android fragmentation are overstated; Google Play Services means that developers largely don't need to be concerned with the version of Android on the device.  Security updates (or the lack of them) for older versions of Android is definitely still an issue, but app development not so much.   Would be a perfectly fine article without the undignified Android sniping.
4S seems more likely.
iPads, like iPhones don't compete on specs. They don't need to, since Apple has the engineering advantages that mean lower clock speed and less RAM can outperform whatever mega-hot tentacular chipset Samsung or Qualcomm or nVidia put out.  If you're expecting the new iPads to toast the competition on the tech specs then you'll be disappointed.  Wait for the performance tests, and then you'll see that the factsheets don't tell all the facts.   The Mini will at best have...
Is that a thing?  People cover their buttons?
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