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iTunes music is 256kbps and Bluetooth A2DP audio allows bandwidth up to 768kbps, so with a good, stable connection (and adequate buffering) there should be more than enough bandwidth for good audio playback. Obviously if you want higher quality or lossless (1411kbps) playback then you'll run into increasing degredation problems, but Bluetooth will certainly be adequate for spoken word podcasts and iTunes U which are often encoded at 128kbps or less. In my experience the...
I don't miss the point, but think calling what Apple is doing with ASI its "Irish operations" is rather dubious in any real sense.  By Apple's own legal descriptions to tax authorities, ASI is not directed by any Irish executive, it is controlled by its US mother corporation.  Also, very little of what it does has any tangible relationship to Ireland.  And that's the point, all companies that exist as wholly owned subsidiaries of other companies in this way cannot really...
We weren't talking specifically about legal consequence, we were talking about the conceptual model of corporation tax being paid at the place where the company is headquartered.  Apple headquarters is not in Ireland, the main company is incorporated in the USA.  The use of subsidiaries as profit retaining entities in a low (or no) tax jurisdiction is exploiting a loophole (i.e. a lack of internationally applied unitary taxation) to get around the normal expectation of how...
I'm pretty sure that's never been the case, letters are always shown in uppercase.
The design cues they're taking sound more like they're inspired by the iPod Touch than a hybrid of the 5c and Nano. Which is somewhat believable, though colour me a pastel shade of sceptical.
That may be true, but Microsoft aren't selling it right now, so it doesn't match what Smallwheels said.
Perhaps I worded my initial post badly, but you've taken "moderation" in a different way that I intended. I wasn't saying that government should moderate the internet. I was saying that government involvement (the intention was broad, but applies to involvement in the internet) is and has been beneficial, but should be moderate, i.e. not all-encompassing or oppressive. Equally the free market has a role, but should not be all-encompassing and with regulation making it...
Smallwheels said that Microsoft "knew then and still know about the flaws in their OS yet they continue to sell it as is".So Windows ME and IE (while issues) don't really meet the spec for the "flaws" being talking about.
If that's the case then I hardly see why the "slippery slope" is a problem, you're already up to your eyeballs in problems. Countries that have hugely oppressive laws aren't really in the "moderation" conversation.
Ha, I just went to test out Siri's new voices and asked Siri to "tell me a story". She gives a great answer, try it.
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