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I'm not arguing for backup batteries, I'm arguing for a charging port that doesn't prevent use of the mouse, which is true for both the keyboard and trackpad.  It's bad design on the mouse.
Surely that reason applies just as much to MacBooks, which have backlit keyboard?
The keyboard doesn't need a two minute break, and nor does the trackpad. If you're going to acclaim Apple for attention to detail, then it's only fair to pillory them when they trip into obvious pitfalls."Apple, it just works. As long as you set a reminder to charge your mouse every Friday night"
Two minutes where your workflow is put on hold is not attention to detail. There is no obvious reason why the port couldn't be in a place that would allow the mouse to remain functional. Other mice which don't need recharging have had cables coming out of them for decades.
Do you think maybe, just maybe, a person advocating using a laptop with a docking station, monitor and accessories might have the errant thought of taking the laptop putside once in a while?You've gone doolally making spurious lists of all the things such a solution would require, but entirely glossed over a mega advantage of it. Take your computer with you when you want. Not niche, mobile is winning. Proportionally less people buy desktops every year (I think that's still...
Even wireless routers have a range. If you had a larger house that same router wouldn't provide a connection throughout. Doesn't mean it isn't wireless, same as they watch charger.
This renowned attention to detail means you can't use the mouse while charging.  Not that I care all that much, would never use one of these terrible things anyway, Trackpad all the way.
You're a very strange individual.  It was a joke.  An English joke for English people perhaps?  Though I see lots of other people being sarcastic about Apple being doomed around here, so not really sure what you're on about.  Just being your usual delightful self I suppose.
Is the lightning port just for charging, or do the keyboard and trackpad function as wired peripherals when connected?   I want an Apple Trackpad, but wireless is unnecessary for me (I might occasionally find it useful, but generally not) , and I tend to leave bluetooth off to save power when I'm away from my desk.  I hope you can just ignore the wireless functionality and use as wired.
So the mainstream customer who wants portability wouldn't want your solution.  Portability is not niche.
New Posts  All Forums: