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Most valuable publicly traded company in the world is being "held down".Something wrong with that sentence.
^ totally agree. You know what decent people do when they see a broken law? They write to their representative to get it fixed. They lobby or campaign if necessary. They don't exploit it for personal gain. Same applies to companies.
^ gonna be waiting a long time there buddy.
^ Get out of town.  You're not really going to start a rant tangent against EU "socialism" and then back it up with diatribe against "pure" socialism are you?  Really?       Barely even worth pointing out the ridiculousness.  Get off your soapbox, no one cares about your ignorance.
It was. But crucially, not the idea of total individual freedom. That's why there's lots of things you can't do. Pay 0% inheritance/estate tax is one of them. Because of the reasons I mentioned.Seriously, you started the topic, so stay on it. Stop trying to sidestep your own bs.
Cough cough? Wtf is this? Nudge nudge wink wink say no more?
^ tbh, I think the French are over it. It's the English-speaking world that seems to have the hang-up.
I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. The nationality of the speaker has no bearing on the validity of what they say.What are you talking about? The USA does not have 0% estate or inheritance tax, which is what you were suggesting. What difference does it make how the USA is doing now when the subject was the effect of a drastic change in policy?Aside from which, of course, the USA has massive income inequality, declining social mobility, an increasingly dynastic...
And boom, you have a landed gentry, generational wealth, insurmountable wage divides, barriers to mobility taller than the Berlin Wall and you've created a neo-feudalism.Congratulations, you've thoroughly disassembled everything that your country was founded upon.
^ None of those ever had a monopoly, so I'm not sure how they could abuse a monopolistic position.
New Posts  All Forums: