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 Heavens above, calm down with the spitting vitriol Dan.  The only point being made was that a lot of this graphical power is unnecessary for the majority of games on any platform.  Yes, iOS has some nice games with high end graphics, and they'll be even better with Metal enhancements, but the higher end Android devices like the Note 4, and the Shield could almost certainly run them at a reasonable standard too, the graphical power is just icing, much like the original...
We have collective faults?
No, it's called groping.  Flirting is vocal, and minimal-contact body language.
Perhaps, but three years isn't very long.  Tradition would generally hold for something like every year until five years, then every five year until thirty years, then every ten years until one hundred years. Point being, it's been three years.  For people who knew him, that isn't very long.I'm pretty sure this message took just a few minutes of reflection and had practically zero impact on any products or on any focus.  Indeed, a few moments of reflection on an individual...
Read: it has three shelves.
Underdog would have been a better word choice than rival.  But it doesn't detract from the point that Pebble's aim with this campaign is certainly not to try and make Apple irrelevant.  They're not that stupid.  No one is that stupid. Apple cuts prices too from time to time; it's strategy, and doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong with sales.
 I don't disagree with any of that, but I don't think Pebble are trying to make Apple irrelevant. They're just playing the role of the feisty, playful rival. Howso? Does Jony have difficulty breathing?Do you make cookie cutter white room videos for each of your products, where you talk with some engagement and passion about how amazing doing your job is? Engagement and passion are fine, great even.  Humblebragging about it in lengthy, effusive videos that you put up on...
I wouldn't call that snark, which I think of as abrasive and unpleasant.  What Pebble said was a bit teasing of some of Apple's more self-indulgent habits, but it was't hostile or snide.  I'm sure Pebble aren't alone even amongst Apple fans if they're rolling their eyes a little when Jony Ive starts talking about how profound and beautifully simple Apple's latest ground-up rethink of how to chamfer an edge is.  You can think Apple are occasionally a bit silly and pompous...
New Posts  All Forums: