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How are any of those lies?  Seem to make perfect sense to me.
 So none then?
That sounds so incredibly lame.  A thin rectangle with no physical buttons as a controller for casual lounge games.  No way in hell will this be a killer feature that drives sales.  It sounds like an afterthought, and that's what it'll be.
I'm responding to someone that claimed that all games that work on iOS would work on tv.  Not all iOS games work with connected game controllers.
What'd be the point of that?  Just use your iOS device.
 Apple US is selling bonds to fund the stock buyback.  The debt is in the USA, and they cannot pay it back using money held overseas.  This is a way of unlocking access to equity in the US in the form of debt without repatriating foreign profit, because repatriating that would incur corporation tax on Apple US.  Sneaky, or smart, you can lean either way.
A graph!  I'm convinced!  Graphs only ever tell truths!
All the ones that work by touching the screen?  they'll work on my TV that doesn't have touch sensitivity? Good luck with that.
^ I donate to lots of charities; I try to keep it at least 20% of my regular monthly outgoings, not including spur of the moment donations.  I could always give more, it is true, but is that really your point?  Pretty facile.  We're talking about Apple here.
The Wii sold off the back of Wii Sports.  If Apple have something innovative that captures the imagination like that then they may have a shot.  But I doubt it, there's no reason to think that'll happen, especially since they have no in-house game development or expertise in how to do that kind of thing. Look at the game in the article picture.  That's the best they got?  Who is going to care about ugly racing games on their big TV?
New Posts  All Forums: