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 Nope.    Italics mine.   We're talking about the iPhone announcement just gone.  It's the same because it's different? It's the same because it has a different name?  It's the same because otherwise the... what?  That's all nonsensical.  It's not the same.  So it's a change then, the very essence of not being the same?  Sheesh. An iPhone with a 4" screen, and A8, M8 etc, similar to the iPhone 6 would be exactly what you say, a variation on an existing product, the iPhone...
Point --------------------------------------------->        Your head.
Check your calendar. And I fail to see the relevance anyway.  What the feck are you blathering on about?  The "same"?  No it wasn't the same.  You've even denied it was the same yourself.  Hell, you've denied it in the earlier part of your fricking post.    Rampant denial, hypocrisy and ridiculousness. But besides that, my point was that you have been repeatedly proven wrong with your predictions of iPhone naming.  You have no credibility as an authority on "what Apple...
Both the screen size and the interoperability of the file type is irrelevant to the usefulness of the transfer protocol.  Give over with the trying to deflect from Apple's tardiness in this area.
A 4" phone with upgraded internals to fit the "6" branding, while being lesser to the centre stage phone? I think most people comprehend that. Let it not be forgotten who it was that failed to comprehend Apple's iPhone "5" branding. 
Profits don't matter except when profits matter.
 Modern music is massively more varied, diverse and interesting than music from any decade previous.  That statement has been true of every decade since pop music began, and will probably be true of every decade to come for the foreseeable future.  U2 are old hat, were pretty old hat when they emerged, and are unlikely to be anything other than old hat at any time near present.
The i-branding is almost 20 years old now, and it has been mocked as meaningless old hat for a large proportion of that time. I remember being disappointed they were keeping the i around for iPhone, so no; this is a welcome move.  Can't say I'm a fan of the ALL CAPS though.
In the context of that campaign, the Touché advert was in the second batch of ads, just a month after the series debuted, and the Security ad was within the first year. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Get_a_Mac I don't really see that the idea of rubbing salt in the wound of Vista's "monumental fail" really ads to the claim that Apple are classy in their ads.
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