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A cool feature I've seen mentioned elsewhere would be setting geofences where security is not required, such as your house.  So whenever you're connected to your home wi-fi, no TouchID or password needed.
Yeah workers are so entitled to want occasional breaks and to be paid on time.
1. Regardless, the punishment doesn't come close to fitting the crime.2. Are you sure about that?  You think police have never shot and killed an innocent person? I don't think "respect the police or we may shoot you" is a good byline, or how many people want law enforcement to operate.  And shooting people dead for misdemeanours is not how an organisation earns respect.
This idea that the user is the product and that's all that needs to be said is obviously reductive, and I don't know why anyone is surprised at Zuckerberg defending his business model.  I also don't get why people hate Facebook so much.  Just don't use it.   Non-story.
Are non-Apple smartphones more expensive in Europe too?
Maybe Holiday has been set up as a category with Christmas as a sub-category?
What are the ads like on iTunes Radio? I.e. How long, how often, how trashy?
Why should Bavaria, the industrial powerhouse and economic marvel of Germany, support the relatives laggard Eastern states of Saxony or MV? Why should London, a pre-eminent global city, be held back by bumpkins from the West Country, or the depressed North? Why should I, a rich and hardworking man, have to share the world with all these poor lazy men?   Alternatively, and away from this tangent of subsidisation and economic elitism, Greece has problems, and it is...
Sounds like the sort of hybrid that Windows users have been largely rejecting for a few years now.
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