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Morality is Apple's TOP priority? You're living in a fantasy world.
Sure it is. It's speculative, but no more than your blanket presumptions.I certainly do. However that's not what you said you find scary. You said you find scary that some people think Apple would use mined data for profit. I can't understand what you would possibly find scary about that suspicion.
PR backlash, probably. You don't think anyone within the company would even consider it? Of course they would. What is it exactly that you find scary?
It's pretty scary that some people would be naive enough to not believe it.
Sure, if you only want to talk to people that have iPhones and/or Macs. I don't have technical prerequisites for my friends or colleagues.
I do know what artificial means 
This artificial muscle sounds amazing, and gross.  Here's hoping they give the first Terminators rubber skin, so we can spot them easily.
Suggests that the marketing images probably have been Photoshopped.
Huh? The Kindle is very successful.
New Posts  All Forums: