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I thought that was your beef with all the "unusable" larger phones and phablets?
In preference to credit and debit cards though?  And is it a strong enough preference that retailers would make the investment in new transaction infrastructure?  Especially when the vanguard of forward-thinking technology retailers have probably already invested in contactless recently?   That's the sort of question that Apple are probably mulling over, and unless their (unknown, possibly non-existent) proprietary, non-NFC solution is so good that it can confidently...
Nope. Outbound only.I'm not sure there is any way to tell whether a received message was sent as a SMS or iMessage.
So what's the actual problem with all this fragmentation?  Where are the complaints from Android users?  You say low-end Android phones are like feature phones and can't take advantage of the latest OS changes.  So?  If that's how people are using the phones, then what's wrong with that.  They aren't demanding powerful apps or new features. You say the low-end Android phones are like paperweights to the platform, then also say that support is dropped quickly.  How are they...
I think you mean an olive branch, not a fig leaf. I'm not naked. And if it's barbed I'm going to take it as barbed. Lose the barbs and stop needling me every time you see a weak ass opportunity, then maybe I'll accept your fig leaf/olive branch/whatever.
*sigh* Serves me right I guess. "Don't feed the trolls" they said. I didn't listen. Believe me, you're blocked, and have been for a while. Blocking doesn't remove your posts from the preview on iOS though. And it doesn't help if I'm not signed in. And it doesn't make me immune from curiosity.
That seems a bit low, I think you're trying to manipulate the stock price of statistics.
 lol. Product lines and usages aren't as black and white as you want them to be.
 I'm sure they do.  And you know one thing they take into consideration?  What people want.  I want my iPhone to be waterproof.  Other people do too.  From what you're saying now, it seem you're not against the idea, though it's not a priority for you.  That's fine, you can have your priorities, but let other people have theirs without the superior attitude pls.
New Posts  All Forums: