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And yet you're against even the suggestion of Apple offering an option that is evidently very popular with users. The reason? Anything other than Apple didn't invent it? Perhaps that it's found success on Android? Those two things appear to be anathema to you. But hurry up and fix iBooks for Mac, that's more important than anything else because it affects meeeeee.
Updates to maintain compatibility with newer phones would be likely and desirable. Don't want your $200 phone outpacing your $40000 car.
Wouldn't work. The iPhone doesn't adjust the screen for a complete inversion (the iPad does). Plus you'd be blocking the earpiece of the phone, the front facing camera, and the ambient light sensor.
It's all cool bro, I take wordy as a compliment I'd much rather be wordy than... whatever the opposite is.
I'm sticking with laser guns. How long will it take Apple, they should have been there from the start!
Thanks... I think.I don't get mad often, just a little irritated with some people.
EDIT: Mobile site is driving me nuts
Oh I agree, and think what you're saying is basic common sense, but I'm not clear on why this analyst thinks Wall Street should care. Wall Street follows the money, and the money is (mostly) in the hardware sales. Is he just saying that Wall Street should bear in mind the stickiness of the iOS ecosystem? I think that's already priced into sales forecasts and expectations. It doesn't need any separate consideration.Genuinely not sure what the analyst's point could be...
The interface on the Note looks kinda Windows Mobiley. Tiles.
Being bigger than one competitor doesn't make you a monopoly.I've had a bit of a search and figures are actually pretty hard to come by, and there are conflicting figures around. This link: http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2255255/Does-Latest-comScore-Data-Indicate-Online-Video-Viewing-Is-Moving-Sideways seems fairly well researched and credible, and it claims that Youtube (plus other Google sites) had 11 billion video content views out of 33 billion total in February...
New Posts  All Forums: