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The recent ads are laying it on a bit thick. Good ads and all, but seems like Apple could use some more casual or fun ads to balance out all the momentousness.
Have you checked your Notification Center settings in Settings.app? Appearing on the lock screen, showing a badge and appearing in Notification Center are all different toggles, and are set on a per-app basis.
Inability to read before declaring something as nonsense for one.
They were a little bit right about not cheap enough. Apple dropped the price pretty quickly, then moved to a more normal carrier subsidised business model for the 3G.Apple sold a fair few at the original price, but it wasn't the runaway success that it later became.There's decent arguments in the fast enough (assuming this means 3G rather than processor) and open enough (no third party apps at launch)All rectified of course, to Apple's credit and benefit, but not perfect...
Had a play with one today in the Barcelona Apple store. Don't much like the glossy look, would be much better with a matte finish IMO. Otherwise it's beautiful though, and blazed through everything I did on it in FCPX for the few minutes I had.
Will be interesting to see how well the technology works. More security is better, and if it's an easy, efficient experience, all the more so.
Me personally? I wouldn't. I think I've been pretty clear about that throughout this nutty exchange.Why do we as a country keep the monarchy around? Probably a sense of tradition, and that since there isn't any vested power they don't do any harm and attract tourism. More broadly the fact that formally removing then would be a big undertaking when there other priorities probably comes into play; there just isn't the political will to do something that would be costly,...
Lots of people carry influence, doesn't mean they're "ruling"; the queen has a voice just like any other citizen, and there are always people who will listen. And those revelations caused a minor controversy and lots of consternation amongst republicans and those in favour of the monarchy as a tourism machine.
I don't deny that. But the real world isn't dictionary perfect, and words have multiple meanings.Nuance. Get some.Yes yes, the Orwellian reference is very clever. Stop it now though, it's annoying.Or should I start referring to your homeland as the 12 colonies?She does not lead, she does not rule, she is not in charge of anything beyond her staff and household.You. Are. Wrong.Falls for what? The political process? I believe you have one of those in the USA too, and...
You have a different experience to me, that's fine, and I won't dispute that. Based on my experience (and the other guy, earlier) I think something about the keyboard is going downhill and I'd like Apple to improve it, or offer some more options that I can pick from. That's all. No demanding, no whining, just a comment based on experience, and a reasonably expressed hope. No all caps, no exclamations. This is how adults talk. Now I'm going to bed. Good night.
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