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That not really what you said.  Apple didn't release any of the listed protocols to be standards, they already were standards, Apple used them to build FaceTime, with some proprietary wrapping around the service and with Apple as the gatekeeper.  Did they release any part of it as open source, or as a proposed standard?  That's what Steve Jobs implied they were going to do, but it never seemed to materialise.
How many of them come to the conclusion that the mistake was having you as a friend in the first place?Cutting off someone because of the phone they bought, sheesh.
Pretty sure that never happened, hence my earlier "/s"Could you provide a link to back up that claim?
"That post that you didn't see" except that you certainly did see it, because you quoted my response to it, initially saying that I was the one who didn't understand the word.Why would the OP make a monop-Sony joke if they didnt understand Greek (or hadn't taken a basic business economics course)? If that was the case then they surely wouldn't be aware of the word?You talk about whooshing over someone's head but I think you've entirely missed the point of why I was...
I kind of agree about iMessage (and BBM as it was a few years ago). The age of proprietary communication protocols tied to specific hardware vendors or operating systems has mostly been relegated to the dust, and just needs a final kick to put it completely down for the good of all. Same for FaceTime too, why isn't that on other operating systems, especially since it was released as an open standard /s. Netflix though, Netflix is an independent and platform agnostic...
Land of the free.
As some may recall from a recent thread, I don't watch broadcast TV, so don't have to tolerate TV ads. In those instances where I'm watching a streaming service that uses ads, sure I'll watch them. I may not pay much attention, but it's the ad company's imperative to get my attention, not mine to give it.
That's a great suggestion, thanks!Is there any way of including the carriage return in the iOS keyboard shortcuts?
Bit rude to describe something as silly before asking why, but ok.I don't install extensions because broadly speaking and in my experience they slow down the browser and interfere with web browsing in ways that are sometimes unpredictable. I also don't necessarily trust extensions the way I trust my browser. Lots of personal and financial details pass through my browser, so having extensions which may be able to intercept that makes me uneasy. I prefer to not take that...
New Posts  All Forums: