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 You have proof that Apple is producing a phablet and you have plans or prior art that it was in development before any knowledge of the Galaxy Note? Doubtful. Stop throwing around accusations of lying, especially when you're up against opinion.
False.  Less than half of both sales and profit are from the US.  Not even a majority, let alone a vast majority. http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/AAPL/2666881256x0x679218/594c826e-5c4a-429f-a6d2-4bc8374e1322/Q3_2013_Form_10-Q_As-Filed.pdf
  I like that theory.
Until 30 seconds ago I had no idea Shazam would recognise TV shows.  Seems weird to me, but I'm off to try it out....
It's not the worst idea in the world (albeit a big price tag for questionable advantage), but I wish Icahn would go and root around in someone's business.  Or someone else's trash, where he belongs.
  Not quite true, as the Game Center app uses that same theme and those colours for its main menu interface (assuming the app defined the icon and not the other way round):     That said, it's a bit of an odd interface.  Pretty, but...bubbles? 
  Until that "good snap-in controller" materialises, that's pure speculation; and Nintendo have rarely prioritised profit over quality control.  Has there ever been a "snap-in" anything that beats a dedicated unit for quality of experience?   Nintendo is a games company that has the complete gaming experience in its culture.  Buying into a generic platform where they have little control over that experience will likely be something they only do when pushed to the brink....
  1st link - Apple lost the patent suit and were denied a second trial.  Definitely not proof that Apple did nothing wrong.  Suggests guilt in fact. 2nd link - VirnetX are suing Apple a second time over products not included in the second suit.  Judgement pending.  Definitely not proof that Apple did nothing wrong.  Pretty irrelevant, except as information about the court proceedings. 3rd link - VirnetX lost a patent suit against Cisco, over the use of the same patents...
  Clearly he's peeved that he can't get a 17" Macbook Pro any more.  An understandable position, even if not a common one.  He made an observation that Mac sales started dropping after the 17" MBP was canned, probably just a facetious poke, certainly not a serious proposition that ALL OF APPLE will fail because of it, or that it's the sole reason behind their sales drop.  And you respond with this gnarly little point that the iMac wasn't on sale for what, one quarter?
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