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No. Lightning cable and USB plug, same as anywhere else. That's a compliant solution.???Until recently many manufacturers were changing their charging port and cables what seemed like every other iteration. The market had already moved toward a predominantly USB based solution, and the rules have merely reaffirmed that and put some stragglers in line to prevent ever more plugs being sent to landfill.
Market share doesn't matter except when it can be used to criticise Android. And TouchID for some reason is comparable to Google Wallet. Another barely concealed rant of an editorial that throws everything against the wall to try and make criticism stick. Ironically similar to Android development practice.
As if Microsoft will suffer any significant hardship from Mac users having access to one additional title. Windows still outstrips the Mac for gaming library and the hardware flexibility of a Windows machine means you can assemble a machine that gets much better gaming performance at a much better price. Mac may win most battles, but gaming isn't one of them yet.
Let's just agree to disagree then.
Yes, because that's three policies out of many. The idea that Democrat and Republican is a binary equation is a false one, everyone exists on a spectrum, and both R and D occupy a wide chunk of that spectrum. Having these accusations of RINO and DINO against those who have different views on a handful of policies is just levying a NTS argument against Republicans and Democrats who don't agree with you on absolutely everything.That fact that the Republican party is so split...
While that may be true, the business model doesn't make a blind bit of difference to a customer, the price is the price.
I see, thanks. So this particular feature will mainly be for the benefit of businesses using Apple TV for presentations and the like, and maybe a few with highly unusually complicated home wireless systems?
I don't understand this.  Presumably it's to do with Home Sharing, as that's the only time the Apple TV scans for sources, but it clearly doesn't means Home Sharing transmission of content over Bluetooth, so what does using Bluetooth instead of Bonjour over wi-fi achieve?     Every Mac I've owned or used in the past 10 years had Bonjour set up and ready to go straight out of the box, and I believe Bonjour gets installed automatically with iTunes for Windows; so what's...
This whole default business is a pain in the neck. I think it'd be better if the dialogue that asks for your password for buying apps, media or IAPs had an extra option button: 1. Authorise once 2. Authorise for 15 mins 3. Cancel Then everyone can choose what they want to do as they do it. Also, once TouchID is deployed across all devices, it can be Authorise Once all the time, because using TouchID isn't close to as much of an annoyance as typing in a password.
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