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Rather beyond the scope of my point, but ok... Business is allowed to be organised, but labour isn't?  Your "collusion" works both ways.
And yet, productivity across all industries is at its highest ever, as are corporate profits, but real wages for unskilled workers have declined.  Which leads us to believe that there is plenty of room for bottom level wages to rise, but no industry pressure.  Textbook market failure.
Ban this Force filth!
Do you think Apple, or other companies, wouldn't try and pay a wage lower than the performance value of the work being done?
1. Maybe the union leader isn't compensated as a director.2. Even if he/she is, what's the conflict?  The best interests of the company and the best interests of the workforce are largely aligned.
You're all ignoring the much more important revelation that AppleInsider is now observing its users 😮
Also, doesn't MS make over a billion dollars a year from Samsung alone in patent licensing for Android?  That'll probably help push them into making profit in the mobile market.
¡ means sarcasm
Apple does something nice Apple ][ gets angry about liberals   Every time.
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