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Would 802.11ac be all that useful on an iPhone?  I suspect that the rest of the hardware wouldn't be able to deal with incoming data at that speed anyway, so it'd just be wasted, and probably carry a battery or size implication.     Similar to how Thunderbolt would be a mostly pointless addition.
 Happened with the G4 Cube. Yes, the cables would be a bit more visible, but that's kind of the point since you're trying to make them more accessible.  Even a single USB and/or Thunderbolt on the base would be a good idea, since that'd give you that occasional plug and play ability, while your more permanent I/O could be on the back.  The sort of thing that products like this are trying to solve: http://www.bluelounge.com/products/jimi/ I also used to find the cabling on...
 If true, that's a really old photo they've chosen to use, since Anand seems to have been balding for a few years now. He also wears glasses in every photo I've seen, his face is more rounded, and his skin tone appears lighter. I don't think Anand is that rare a name, so it's probably just a coincidence: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anand_(name)
Not being able to see sucks worse.
I've used Passbok twice, once for a cinema ticket, and once for an Apple Gift Card, and the experience was petty good, but in it's current form it has niche appeal.   Checking the Apps For Passbook area of the App Store, it's dominated by travel, and mainly airways, so frequent flyers probably get a lot of use out of it, but the majority aren't frequent flyers.
Another enclave?  The A8 is turning into India-Bangladesh.
A brandy point?   
When did the Ralph Lauren Polo logo get so big?  It used to be maybe a couple inches tall, now it's comically huge  
I thought them terrorists used Android?
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