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 There are?  How can that possibly work without a jailbreak?
There are loads of smaller brands, cheap entry-level and off-brand crappy tablets out there.  Not to mention that some major manufacturers aren't on the list in their own right - Sony, HP, LG, Barnes & Noble (Nook).   They aren't major movers individually, but they all add up.     The TV sticks might be included, but there's probably a sizeable number of "Others" that are genuine (though probably rubbish) tablets too.
I assume he means it can't be unlocked without a passcode, even after a restart, power cycle or attempted wipe (which needs your iCloud account if Activation Lock is on) or anything else similar.   Maybe the thief never did get access to the iPhone.  Maybe it was locked forever after, and the thief had nothing but a chunk of glass and aluminium for the efforts.   Doesn't help the victim of theft, they're still an iPhone down.  iPhones are still getting stolen.
 Well that's obviously not true since Apple Australia have paid $193 million in corporation tax in the past ten years.  Because Apple Australia is a company based in Australia that logs profits. And since the parent company should logically be Apple USA, the spirit of tax law would expect Apple USA to be logging the value add profits from manufacturing and realising the IP.  But they don't, ASI in Ireland does, because the value add was transferred out of the expected...
 I clearly did answer the question, thanks.  So your BMW example was a bit rubbish then? In Apple's case that is the USA.  The Irish companies are subsidiaries.
 Depends on the corporate arrangement of course.  Assuming that BMW Germany is the main company and manufacturer, incorporated in Germany, and BMW Australia is a subsidiary selling the cars, and incorporated in Australia, then corporation tax is paid in both, on their respective profits. And that's fine. What's not fine is BMW Ireland wading in, buying the cars at cost from BMW Germany, then selling them at near retail price to BMW Australia, thereby transferring all of...
Of course it is.  Because all retailers operate at close to zero margin, right? Because all retailers buy 99% of their product from another company with the same owners, right?  Because Apple Ireland make all of the iPads, right?  Because all wholesalers exploit loopholes in Irish corporate law, right?    Apple transfer the bulk of their non-US profits to Apple Ireland (the actual companies are Apple Sales International and Apple Distribution International, I believe),...
 Apple Australia are based in Australia. Except that the liability has been transferred to a subsidiary in Ireland, which doesn't pay any tax because of a disconnect.  Are Apple based in Ireland?  Or have they avoided that tax liability?
I imagine he's referring to when Be sued Microsoft.  That action got settled out of court.   http://www.theregister.co.uk/2002/02/20/be_inc_sues_microsoft/   http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Microsoft+Pays+$23m+to+Settle+BeOS+Antitrust+Suit.-a0107384535
 Really?  Google though this mutant device was going to be that popular? Oh, I see.
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