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A cent?  Really?  I think you might have trouble retaining CFOs with that kind of KPI.
No. Setting up a shell company in Ireland to funnel profits out of the normal tax system is not the same as taking a deduction. Both may be legal, but they are far from being the same. Making a sandwich and cheating on my wife are both legal, but they are not the same.
I like unicorns and rainbows made of candy too.
Because that's how the tax system works? 
HOW DARE YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT SOMETHING THAT WAS UNSATISFACTORY /s, though if you feel it's needed you're an imbecile
Then you're older than you look. 
Depending on your definition of "full taxes", of course.
I think what you posted was fine and perfectly understandable, whether English is your first, second, third, or nth language. Solipsism is just being Solipsism.
How could you possibly measure the harm Intel caused to individual consumers? It just isn't in any way practical. Weird criticism.
No, you are wrong.  After the initial chime and screen pop up the screen turns back off and there is no way to subsequently know that there is any notification without turning the screen on (slight exception for SMS, iMessages, and calendar alerts which give a second chime).  You are wrong, wrong, wrong.  Many other phones compensate by having an LED to illuminate the waiting notifications, but the iPhone does not.  If you miss the chime then your phone screen turns back...
New Posts  All Forums: