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Good for you.  But that doesn't mean that other people doing a similar thing aren't doing it for very different reasons.
Point to the industry-led initiative to take the principled stance.  That's why.
 I don't think gay men or women are trying to get each other pregnant, so what is the relevance?  Plus, gay love is not all about sex. Aside from that, the list of things that men will put their penis in to get pleasure is a very long list, and probably gets a new addition every day.  The vagina is certainly not alone in it's ability to produce pleasure, nor is it unheard of for heterosexual sex to be uncomfortable and to cause tearing and other unpleasantries.  And don't...
Why not?  Markets can be wrong, markets can be self-destructive and markets can fail.  So can government and regulation of course, neither are perfect.
I'm inclined to agree, though I have no numbers to quote.
Well no actually, it's evidence that there is a possibility that some of that money ended up at the US Treasury, not that any of it did.   There is the possibility that Apple refunded at least $32,500,000 within 45 days and provided records to the Commission as such. There is the possibility that Apple did not refund the full amount, so gave the outstanding balance to the Commission which distributed it in further refunds. There is the possibility that some of that...
Really?  I'd say it gives an impression that Apple are engaged and willing to sacrifice their own margins to support the broader market.  That's responsibility, not weakness.
Seems like a strange arrangement for Apple to go with.  Why are they using the carrot of better iTunes Extras to tempt people into the streaming model?   Given that some of these iTunes Extras may run to hundreds of MB, or even GB, the local storage option would seem to be better for iOS devices.  Download on wi-fi, watch while on the move.  I hope it's a different system for iOS, though that would also be strange.
Ironic, given that he didn't say the words that you have quoted, nor did he imply them. By your definition* I believe that constitutes a strawman argument, no?* a very loose definition that few others would subscribe to.
Sure, you can have different priorities on a case by case basis depending on the movie. Some movies are so beautiful that it seems like a disservice to not watch them in the best available image and audio quality, some are throwaway fluff that you spend £1.99 renting, watch, laugh, then forget. Entirely up to you where you draw those lines, if you draw them at all.
New Posts  All Forums: