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Because God has a creepy interest in what goes on in the bedroom of two consenting adults.
I'm sure I remember reading that TouchID is to some degree enabled by 64-bit because of its advanced cryptography capabilities. I wonder if that means Samsung's version is significantly worse functionally, in addition to the poor usability in swiping and one-handed use.
That's the 3G, not the 2G (original iPhone). Unless you're using 2G to mean second generation, which isn't a great idea since the 2G phone is called the 3G. What a naming clock up that was from Apple, six years ago.
I don't deny that it's probably unnecessary, but so is most discourse and social convention; and it's also a fairly obvious way of introducing yourself to a community and declaring your interests.  The idea that it's a fool-proof way of detecting trollish behaviour is nonsense.  Even if 100% of trolls used that language, does that mean 100% of people who use that language are trolls?  Basic logic says no, A does not equal B, unless you have some other evidence.   The...
I hope it's good.  If it is, Apple will be pressured to make theirs better.  Everyone wins!
Doubt it.  The easy sign up process for WhatApp using your phone number is one of its best features.   You don't need a Facebook account to use Instagram do you?
 An excuse to be heavily biased from the off, to play to the choir while referencing very few facts or evidence of what you're writing? Maybe.  Doesn't mean that's any good, or immune from critique though.  And it doesn't detract from the original point which is that the article is heavily biased.  That Samsung might pay for other articles to be biased is of no consequence whatsoever to that.  It's still very, very biased. Maybe that's ok because "it's an editorial", but...
Better stop buying iPhones and iPads then, because Samsung are in there.
 I agree with you, but on this forum the effect of saying "I like Apple, but", or "I own these Apple products, but" is like a red rag to a bull for the self-declared troll hunters, and will railroad the conversation from here on.  It's rubbish, linguistic didacticism, but it's the way they are here.
I'm not putting my iPhone in a special complete-cover case to use it in every situation where there's even a slight water risk. No sir-ee.
New Posts  All Forums: