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I also love your first paragraph where you seem to be suggesting that your ability to quote things will come as a surprise to me. I asked you to do that.
What? I'm not claiming I didn't say those things. What's your problem with them? Note the critical application of "if" and "might", and the lack of any proof of policy put forward this far. Calling something troubling is an opinion, not an assertion of fact. Again, what do you want me to prove, and what have I made up? This is getting really pathetic. I genuinely would respect you a lot more if you would just admit that posted hastily and apologised. But you seem to...
It's because the only way Samsung could possibly underachieve is if Apple reduced their orders for Samsung parts, which is very likely to happen because Apple is doomed.
Again, I never said that. Stop using quotation marks for things that aren't quotes. You asked me to prove something. Which of my assertations (not strawman positions that you've made up) do you want me to prove? You accused me of making things up. Show me, with an actual quote (it's not a long thread, shouldn't be hard to find something if it's so obvious) where I've made something up. Unlike you, I'm big enough to admit when I've said something wrong or unfounded. Also...
What a waste of time and money.
You'd know all about that.
Who was talking about hardware? Not me. I'd accuse you of setting up a straw man, but instead I suspect you're just a bit thick.
Prove my point? Which point? The requirement you "quoted" wasn't something written by me, despite the misleading punctuation. And what did I make up? Throwing around accusations and demands just makes you seem even more childish.
Clever, but a little bit creepy. Just don't go too far down Googles path, Apple, we've already got one Google too many.
Never live up to your own demands do you? Prove it! Your requirements are stupid! My requirements are paramount! You don't understand Apple! Apple will never do that! Shut up! Don't reply to me! Straw man! So repetitive, so dull, so often wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: