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Seems a bit excessive to me, but hey ho.
Hanlon's razor
Neat service, would be cool if Apple could do something in this area that similarly offers a deal when buying both book and audiobooks, and syncs place across both.
 Complaining may have a low chance of getting anything changed, but not complaining has a 0% chance.  If Apple receives a complaint from a customer and a request from a network provider, then accumulated with other complaints that might prompt them to do something.  Don't ask don't get. So, ridiculous?  Really?  Bitching and moaning?  Really?   Maybe put yourself in someone else's shoes for once, rather than pouring scorn from your ivory tower.
I've never said that Apple is different from any other comparable companies in their tax arrangements, or that this is anything particularly new, I've just been talking about Apple because (in case you haven't noticed) this is an Apple-focussed message board.  I also don't dispute that politicians should have made changes to prevent this a long time ago.   But fine, block me, it seems like the beneficiary of this exchange was only ever going to be you, so it's your loss.
I don't understand, is this subject to Apple's 30% cut?  If not, why would Apple allow the use of it in apps from the App Store?
Crikey, are we going to go through all the possible dodges I might have committed in my life?  No, I have never taken a trip to France/Belgium solely to stock up on booze.  I don't think I've ever bought anything from duty free that I didn't have the intention of consuming then and there.
 Sure, I've got no problem with that, I think free trade has a pretty heavy negative side that has been largely brushed under the carpet over the past few decades. Personally I'd rather any levy be connected to something more honourable than just preventing competition - i.e. linking it to conditions for workers, health and safety records, universal education, universal availability of legal representation, anti-corruption measures, human rights etc, which would pressure...
 As any software programmer knows, the user will always find a way to use software in an unexpected way.  That doesn't imply a lack of knowledge on the part of the programmer, just the impossibility of thoroughly predicting people.
Are you not reading the thread? Even if I did take pains to ensure I claimed every legal deduction I'm entitled to, that's not the same thing as what Apple are doing.  Tax deductions are offered for very specific purposes and are part of the normal system of tax (I'm sure there may be exceptions to this, but they're really not important to the point I'm making).  What Apple is doing in Ireland, by "registering" the international operation there, but not "controlling" it,...
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