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Hmm, I can see the 4.5 update in the store, but for some reason its not being recognised as an update and I can't download it, I only get the "Open" option, which opens the version 4.3.2 of the app I have installed.   I'll try a restart....
[placeholder comment about US-only content and no polished way of managing channels]
 Evidently not so much, otherwise Apple wouldn't view it as cost effective and environmentally worth while and wouldn't have done it.
 Does not make any sense in a sensible world.  I don't use any cocaine, but I don't have an entitlement to go get caned.  I also don't have kids, and likewise have no entitlement.  I don't eat red meat, no one owes me any.  You don't earn brownie points from your abstention.
Deleted, nevermind - I was on the wrong page.
No one believes it is real. It's a joke story.
An appreciation of context makes it simple and understandable even for the easily confused. If it's software versioning then the point is not a decimal, just like when it's a date the slash is not a division symbol. Totally imaginary problem totally solved.
Didn't annoy me, but thanks for the thought.
I've seen it, so that's not true. It's more common to use a forward slash though, so dates must be very confusing to you with the numbers all being divided by each other.
Only if the point is a decimal. Which it isn't in software versioning.This isn't confusing, just fodder for would-be pedants.
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