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 It's a documentary, not a manifesto. And the idea that a company is becoming "extreme" by adopting an "empty, meaningless slogan" is entertaining.  If it's so empty and meaningless then what's the big concern?
The thing you've put in quotation marks isn't in the source you cite.
Some of you seem to be misunderstanding.  Apple is not being sued by its shareholders.  Apple's shareholders and Apple, are suing the individual executives responsible for the non-poaching agreements.
Very true, and a great tragedy.  Assisted suicide is not without it's problems, but the blanket ban on it is causing so much pain in the name of compassion it's obscene.
I guess the argument is that the executives acted inappropriately and illegally, which was not sanctioned by shareholders, and thereby brought legal action which resulted in punitive fines, which affect shareholder value.  If the punitive fines, and any associated loss of reputation, are greater than the advantage granted by the executive action then the shareholders have a net loss in value. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but I think that's pretty reasonable, and...
"Sorry, but there's nothing I can do about that, and I think that's an unreasonable and intolerant thing to say.  My tolerance of you does not extend to your intolerance of others."
Ah, so they're not true Christians if they don't hit the bullseye.  That's your argument.  Gotcha.   Bullshit, obviously.  People who believe in the Christian god still have the free will to be a "good" Christian (just as subjective a definition as any other measure of good) or to be an asshole.  They still believe in God either way, and the fact that so many still manage to be assholes should be indicative of the unimportance of faith in God to being a moral...
I don't find either at all offensive.  The "holiday period" terminology isn't about not being offensive, it's about being inclusive, something you apparently have a problem with given your various supremacist rants recently.
But... no one is doing that?  Why would anyone do that?  How is that in any way analagous to people with no religious faith referring to the winter holiday as "the winter holiday" (or any other non-denominational synonym)?  Christians can call it Christmas, no one is stopping them, just like no one is stopping Jews from calling their holiday Hannekah, Pagans from calling it solstice, or Costanzas calling it Festivus.  All are fine.  And together they're the winter...
And people who hunch over books aren't doing their back and neck any good.  Plus, there aren't many people employed to read books for 8 hours a day, and those are quite likely to invest in a book holder to bring it up to eye level.  Or, y'know, hold it there, or in whatever position they find comfortable.  
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