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Even if they are, answer me what they have to do with Sony, the hack, the film, or the aftermath? How is it anything he's ranting about in any way relevant to anything?
I'm not really sure why think omitting the word treason from your latest post means you didn't use it in your earlier one. You did. You equated what Sony has done with a crime approaching the level of treason. I'm telling you that's ridiculous, freedom of speech also means freedom to be silent especially when you have a loaded gun pointed at your head. And while your government's policy may be to not negotiate with terrorists, government policy does not apply to...
Think stupid
You didn't have the word treason in your post?  You didn't equate what Sony is doing with crimes on the level of treason?  Yes you did; I read fine, you understand poorly. Regarding everything else, there's some truth in there, but the broader issues are hardly unique or specific to this one country, and what the flying **** does it have to do with this thread, Sony, film distribution, or even your original claim about lists of banned films?   Your risible arms-length...
It's not a 48 hour limit in the USA?  It is in the UK, and I thought it was the same worldwide?  Pretty sure when iTunes rentals were first introduced the keynote talked about a 30 day day rental window and a 48 hour period once you clicked play; did that change in the US at some point? EDIT: Just checked the Macworld 2008 keynote; I remembered wrong.  Still, funny that the UK, and apparently Europe get an extra day to watch the rentals.  Licensing is weird.
You've gotta be kidding me. This is not a scene from the UK... Guess where it's from? Regarding the monarchist UK film banning (though I have no idea what the monarchy has to do with such things in your head): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_banned_in_the_United_Kingdomhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_banned_in_the_United_States Note that: films on the UK list are mostly banned due to violence.  Which, of all the reasons to ban a films must surely rate...
Evidence for that, or just wild speculation?Shipments are up. If sales aren't up too then I'll agree with you, Microsoft are doing something very wrong. But I see no proof of that, and I give Microsoft credit for not being crazy.Microsoft are pretty damn successful too, and they have a finger in more pies than Apple.I don't understand Microsoft's business and yet you don't know what it's expanding businesses are? How does that work?To whit:- windows phone, software and...
Because there's no rule that says you have to buy an Watch with a new iPhone? The installed base of iPhone users may also be interested in the Watch, since many of them are fully supported.
 There are sales numbers in there, but even if what you say were true, "uncertain" is a far cry from "doomed". Honestly, if anyone says "Apple are doomed" then they get resoundingly mocked.  Microsoft are still hugely profitable and have hand in many expanding businesses and future technologies.  They're about as far from doomed as it's possible to be.
I don't believe that, but to hell with raking through your absurd post count to find contrary evidence.  Whatever you've said in the past, it's still ridiculous; selling 10 million of anything is not a failure in any book, it's a knockout success that any company, including Apple, would be delighted with for a new product launch in its first year.
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