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Sure it's applicable to the so-called iPad Pro. It's not a credible rumour yet. Especially since most of the commentators are saying it'll be enterprise-targeted, which is something Apple never does.
Michael Bay Insider The Baysider
Seems like a dodgy stat, given how many apps are given away free by talented hobbyists, and how many others are gateways to online services that don't monetise the app itself.
The new one got released two months ago dude. You're premature, and there won't be any credible rumours out for months yet (if ever). If you want one now, get one now.
Not sure which association is more toxic, Samsung being associated with tasteless, thuggish, leering scumbag Michael Bay, or Michael Bay being associated with tasteless, thuggish, leering scumbags Samsung. I guess it's a pretty good pairing.
Probably, yeah.
Really? I can't imagine buying many apps for my TV. My phone is a personal device that I carry with me all the time and like to try new things with. With television I want some key channels and shows and that's it. Obviously without knowing what Apples solution (if they have one) looks like I can't predict my or others behaviour with any certainty, but I'm very sceptical of that ($20bn) kind of volume.
Out of interest (and before the lynch mob arrives) which Android apps would you say are better and more intuitive than their iOS counterparts?
What's racist about "special one-day shopping event" or the colour red?Or is this just another strawman argument you've set up with no reason or provocation.
I'm finding the touch keyboard to be much less accurate recently, and autocorrect tripping me up more. If the Typo is as good as the Blackberry keyboards mobile I might get one. Not sure I'd want it on all the time though.
New Posts  All Forums: