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 Get out of it, musicians need to earn money as much as anyone else.  Even those with passion. Apple always claim to love music, so why don't they pay for it when it comes to iTunes Festival? I think the iTunes Festival is great for music lovers, but can totally see where Kanye is coming from.
 And interestingly that also seems to be the Apple approach with iOS.  Synergies of product philosophy here. I just had a thought, Apple should buy Tesla!
 Maybe write to the guys at iMore for help  http://www.imore.com/how-watch-porn-free-your-iphone-ipad-and-apple-tv
 No, it was 1% of the total mobile phone market worldwide that Steve said they were aiming for in 2008.  10m units out of 1bn total.   Still pretty amazing how far they've come.
It's a lazy stereotype which most Brits would be equally as ignorant of.
 Blame Michael Scott and Steve Jobs for taking Apple public back in 1981.  They got into the game.
There are five Apple stores in London I think: Regent Street, Covent Garden, Brent Cross, Westfield Shepherd's Bush and Westfield Stratford.   A handful of loudly disgruntled people on an Apple forum don't properly represent the attitudes of a country of 60 million people.  There are trolls of all nationalities here.
 Only if earnings exceed expectations.  Future earnings expectations are accounted for in the share price.
 As expected. Bit early to be judging that, don't you think?  Investors gain a higher proportional ownership, which is a good thing if you are optimistic about Apple's future.
In a perfect world the market cap is all of the company's assets, minus depreciation, plus cash and minus debt, and the total of all their expected earnings for the lifetime of the company. It's very literally meant to be what the company is worth. Obviously the last bit is a tall order to guess for almost any company, which is where the much-maligned analysts come into play.If Apple were to liquidate everything then they'd fall way short of their market cap; so much of...
New Posts  All Forums: