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I'm not sure how you think your argument, which rests on grammar, in any way implies I'm a sexist. Classic case of attempting to turn a mirror on your accuser, but a clear case of bullshit. You're defensiveness belies your guilt. You could have just taken the original point as a correction, an additional piece of information, but instead you took umbrage and tried to justify yourself. A casual assumption that the judge was male isn't the most awful crime in the world, I...
Or y'know, you could have said "the judge" or read the article properly since "Claudia" is pretty clearly a woman. Was no need to say he or his. Your fault. End of. Facebook is in no way relevant to this point, whatever the size of it user base. Bizarre that you think it is.
You made your comment without caring, and yet assumed male as default.  That matters.  You shouldn't.   The argument that you use "he" or "his" as genderless singulars is nonsense, no serious person does that.  Facebook is not relevant.   She and her.  Or "the judge" if you want to keep gender out of the equation altogether, as would be proper.
She said.Her wording.Come on people, not all judges are male.
Since Apple were throwing advertising weight behind Siri, which elsewhere they labelled as a "beta" product, I think they were a little bit lucky here.
You could say that, but it would be wrong (not all Samsung phones are smartphones) and even if it were true it would be making a completely different point. The point this comparison makes has nothing to do with Android, or even that much to do with Apple and iOS. The article is about Microsoft, and how it's cash cow business, the desktop OS, is being overtaken by the mobile OS. Apple is just being used illustratively there, you could use Android instead if you wanted,...
Or take a photo of the wrist area without the watch, use that as the wallpaper, and you have a transparent watch!Whether or not any of these health technology rumours are true, they're very interesting, and offer some different flavour to the Apple-verse.
Definitely not AppleScript. L
New Posts  All Forums: