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Maybe someday you won't be a jackass. If I'm wrong, tell me why. What law is being contradicted? And what provision(s), specifically?
Oh no! Not the magical aura!
Good argument. Well done.
Horseshit. One interview and appearance at a parade doesn't take appreciable time; Steve Jobs had a personal life too. Did SJ speaking at Stanford detract from Apples focus? Maybe it did, so great! Apple without any heart is not an Apple I'd want to see.
No, there is no contradiction, unless you want to try a literal, dogmatic, and impossible reading of the way laws work and are applied. There is argument about how far prosecutor discretion can be stretched, that is what there is.
Obama hasn't declared anything to be law.  Law and policy are different things.
Curse you dasanman69! 
? Sure it is.  It's arguably anti-competitive, and of dubious legality in some places, but it's something that can happen in a free market.
I use Siri almost every day but haven't heard a voice in a long time, except for in car. Surprised more people don't turn it off, the monotone annoys the piss out of me.
How does one tear an e-book to shreds?
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