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Make perfect sense from here.  Bit of a mouthful, but they make sense.
Where has this come from?  The iPhone has something like 25-30% market share here, way more than it does in most/all of the rest of Europe*.  Apple gets flack from some people for their tax practices, but so do Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks and a whole bunch of others.  Not sure where this resentment is manifesting, I've never seen it. I'm pretty sure the Regent Street Apple Store was the most popular Apple Store in the whole world for a good while. EDIT: Just...
Apple cannot take itself private, a company cannot own itself.  For Apple to go private someone has to buy it, and Apple retiring shares doesn't make that significantly more likely.
If it's Apple buying them then theoretically it shouldn't do, except as a temporary fluctuation because of the trade volume.  Apple's cash is accounted for in the stock price, if Apple use cash to buy stock then the value of the company goes down to the exact same value as that of the shares they buy and retire, i.e. you can't create value from nothing. In real world practice there are some variations because of changes in expectations, and the aforementioned impact of...
Seems like I see more iAd banners advertising the iAd service than any products.  Apple defending users' privacy is all well and good, but if it means that app developers use other advertising networks instead because iAd doesn't have the fill rate then it's all in vain.
Sure, that's what I meant, some system-wide authentication for all apps using the Keychain, that uses TouchID to validate.
It is? I have that and haven't noticed any increased problems from iOS6. Indeed it's not really much of a problem at all, save from having to remember two sets of login info. Could be improved by allowing users to merge iCloud and iTunes account of course, but people have been asking for that for years.
I hope iOS8 allows some opening up of TouchID to third party apps. Would be great to unlock 1Password with TouchID, or put an extra authentication on my work email.
Sorry, are you implying that people only have desire for Apple products? Because that's the logical end point of those two sentences. You think people don't want Ferraris? Apple store openings are a cultural phenomenon I really don't understand. I have plenty of desire for the products, but that's a quite different thing from queuing for a store opening.
He didn't say that, nor was it implied. Cases of IP infringement are stopped/remedied by authorities, not by rants or sarcasm on the AppleInsider forum.
New Posts  All Forums: