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 Where are you getting your pricing information to say that it's significantly cheaper? Also, it may be significantly cheaper as a thing compared in absolute terms, but what's the value proposition?  Consumers need to be convinced that a new product the likes of which they haven't used before is worth spending hundreds of dollars or pounds on.  It took a while before iPhone sales really took off, because it wasn't wholly clear.  The iPad less so, because it was similar...
  Yeah, that's what Bill De Blasio should have said.
 http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/windows-phone-grows-104-percent-year-over-year-in-q4-2013-abi-research-478672 It's doing well in developing countries, and it's posting steady growth in mature markets.  4% worldwide, which is decent, three times as many as Blackberry.  Not close to iOS of course, and a world away from Android, but not at all insignificant.  Also note that about 90% of Windows phones are Nokia models, so Microsoft are now at almost the same numbers for...
And a miscarriage of justice isn't something that "needs to be said"?   The cause of protesters that are on the streets feeling disenfranchised and victimised isn't something that "needs to be said"?   Absolutely no problem with integrity here, and we're just going in circles here, so that's my last word on the subject.
Yes yes, but it's a very generous time limit that serves no purpose if the patent isn't being used. And in the meantime sod all happens. Self-imposed stagnation for no purpose.
So is he appeasing his followers or putting his personal feelings first? How is supporting a process that you believe to have delivered erroneous results in any way showing integrity?Think you're totally on the wrong track here.
Your "appropriate manoeuvre" is a banned manoeuvre. No two ways about that. At the absolute least the policeman acted inappropriately and should be censured/penalised for misconduct.
Why? If a person feels that the judicial system and police force have failed in their duties then why is it lacking in integrity to say so? It might be lacking in decorum or against protocol (not sure that it is, but you may be consider it to be), but I don't see how this has anything to do with integrity, whichever way you see the issue.
Hammarubi's Code would have been better if it was written in Swift.
Sigh. I get that they do it. I'm saying that the patent system should be changed so it isn't allowed. "Making thins more difficult" for another company is not a legitimate business tactic in my eyes. Not fair play.
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