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You're right, but if you're making claims about figures you should source them. Q3 2010: 3.27 millionQ4 2010: 4.19 millionQ1 2011: 7.11 millionQ2 2011: 4.69 million 19.26 million total for the first full year.  Wrong, and again, source your figures (if you have any). Q4 2007: 1.389 million (includes Q3)Q1 2008: 2.315 milllionQ2 2008: 1.703 millionQ3 2008: 0.717 million That's 6.124 million, and covers five quarters in total (I think the iPhone was released towards the end...
Who is?
Not sure that's fair. The Z10 looked a little bit like the iPhone, but had notable differences and the software worked very differently.I'd say the similarities are on the scale of the iPhone to the LG Prada. A bit, but not much.
^ That kind of markup is standard in the luxury accessory market, even if it's a bit out of the ordinary for Apple (though their cable prices must be up there).
^ What sort of bugs? Has been ok for me so far...
I think Typo probably makes more money than BBRY, so the other way round would be better
Nonsense, it's a giant Rollerball arena!
^ it does make everything deliciously film noir-y though... maybe I'll leave it on for a little while. I wonder if it'll do anything for my battery life?
I turned on Button Shapes and all of the contrast options in Accessibility as soon as I was able to, and they're never coming off. Incidentally, what is the point of the greyscale option in Accessibility? Who is that for? The only thing I can think of is for colour blindness, but even then I'm not sure that it would really help.
Did I miss something? Where has this info come from?
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