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  In their European operations, sure they do.
Policing anti-competitive behaviour is the mark of a mental defective now?
We don't have debtors prisons any more you know. Well anyway, if everything you've said is true, that doesn't sound like a situation that's particularly sustainable, irrespective of whether cell phones are locked or unlocked.  I don't really think many people are going to exploit the system and then declare bankruptcy for the sake of a phone, but maybe there's a cultural divide that I can't appreciate.  More robust credit checks are definitely something that your...
 But they agree to it, and it's legally enforceable right?  It's a contract, right?  I'm genuinely not at all understanding what you're saying.  You can't possibly be right in saying that carriers have no ability to get people to pay what they agreed?  People can just walk away and there's no legal recourse?  If that's the case then what's the big deal with locking phones anyway, why don't people just switch them off, stop paying, and get another one whenever they feel...
Cripes, this is good news and you guys are still making snarky political jibes.  Really hostile atmosphere around here.   Apple didn't need the EU to approve the merger for it to happen, but they did need the EU to approve it if they wanted to do business in the EU, which, like it or not, pretty much equates to the same thing in any rational world; the EU being a huge market.
Not that it's particularly relevant, but "free when you buy a >$500 computer" is not really free.
Windows is very profitable.
 Well that's crazy.  I'd politely suggest carriers sort that out rather than mess around with locking phones.
 Where did I say anything about prevention?  I just said that if carriers tightening up on credit requirements is a side-effect of this law then I don't see that as a bad thing.   On this subject, though very much tangential to what I was talking about, considering that personal debt is proving to be one of the great drivers of poverty, inequality and misery in this age I think there's a very good reason for government to insert rules to limit irresponsible granting of...
New Posts  All Forums: