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Cheers, you too.
None of that has anything to do with what was being discussed. As ever, you're out of your depth TS, retire now and save some face.I'll help you out by not replying to your wittering any more.
BA Hons Politics Philosophy and Economics. I know this stuff a fair bit. I also know that while many admirable people believe that natural rights and law are a thing, others don't. I'm not closeted enough to think there is a correct opinion on such matters, only opinion. Mine sits mostly with Rousseau; social contract is the arbiter. In any case, you made a sweepingly broad statement, I called you on it, you clarified. We're done here. The existence or not of natural...
Where are rights in nature? Nonsensical concept.
Not to excuse any copying or parent infringement, but I wonder what Steve Jobs expected to happen after the iPhone launched. That he got so angry about Android would seem to suggest that he thought the rest of the mobile industry would... just carry on as it always had? Let Apple run away with every prize? Maybe it's the benefit of hindsight, but given how good the iPhone was (to paraphrase SJs own words: "five years ahead of the competition"), it seems pretty much...
Just morph out from there... And he goes straight to bestiality? I disagree, whether intentionally or not he's made a direct verbal association there; and I find that implication pretty distasteful, Gay people are in no conceivable way equivalent to animal rapists, and I don't much care if such an equivalence forms your religious view; it's a disgusting view.If it is just clumsy wording, well as the public face of the network he needs to conduct himself better, and I'd...
Moving parts? Seems very 1990s
I don't know, the flow of his words... "Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality..." Seem to be linking the two in a stream of consciousness. As a public figure, in a print interview, at absolute best he's been exceedingly clumsy with his language in an inappropriate forum. Why was he even commenting on homosexuality?
I don't recall asking you to. I'm just setting out position so any tangential comments are not misunderstood.
Alright? So you admit that non-natural (i.e. all ) rights are created by the social contract? The social contract that is formalised and practised through the society's laws? EDIT: @ two posts above. Good nit-picking.
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