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Perhaps, but it's a cable, I don't want to have to treat it like a baby.  Plus it's not particularly well built for connecting and disconnecting, it requires a fair bit of force and there's no much grip room round the little sleeve near the Lightning connector.  Other, often cheaper cables are much more robust, that's the point.
 Huh?  How would you even use the watch to buy things online?  For that surely you'd need watch apps with stores and all sorts of stuff that would be painful to use on a watch?  I doubt it's anything to do with security and much more to do with it being a horrible user experience to even contemplate.
Sure they are.  And so is my Apple Lightning cable, frayed beyond any use, just like many dock cables before it.   Third party cables are much more reliable in my experience.  I recently bought some Juicies, and they seem much more robust so far.
Maybe "every couple of months" is a bit on the side of often, but... Apple Store reviews of Lightning cableApple Store reviews of 60W chargerAverage of 1.5 stars for both. Lots of complaints about longevity.
Escalated fast, and predictably.
The article suggest the numbers are purely iPhone 6 and 6+ units.  Those numbers are not sourced to any press release or actual quote, which is depressingly common on this site.
Even if you ignore that this year doesn't include China.Even if you ignore that fulfilment this year has been higher. Even then, 10 million is >10% growth.   And it's 10 freaking million in 3 days.  Who else sells 10 million of anything in 3 days?  "Not impressive"?  Total rot.  Your opinion is warped.
I'm pretty sure there are wires in my wireless router too.  Belkin are lying to me!
Pick a year, any year, and someone will be saying that there is a new Cinema Display coming out next year.
Care to elaborate then, since it's been stated by more than one person now that Thunderbolt isn't currently doing anything that the article claims USB will be doing in its next incarnation?  What is your claim? Why are VESA morons?
New Posts  All Forums: