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Depends what you mean by "help Nokia". Microsoft are still going to buy them out...
Water resistance is one thing I'd like to see Apple jump on board with. I lost a 3GS to the perils of the bathroom. And tbh I'd stick my phone into black and white mode permanently if it made a significant improvement to battery.
He didn't do that. He said he couldn't imagine more biased writing. And bias isn't proportional to payment anyway. Suggest you follow your own advice and read posts more carefully.
no one defended murder. There is no murder to defend.
It has already attracted attention, and she is bitching about Apple's lack of care in fixing an issue with iOS7, and thereby drawing attention to it, but leaving it open on OS X.   She didn't join Apple until late 2012, after iOS6 was released, so no, the flaw was not introduced by her.
Also via Forbes, Kristen Paget (ex-Apple security) is not happy.
 No.  See points 1, 2 and 3 above for why.
Why would anyone try and defend an unverified rumour with almost no specific detail? Why would I defend Samsung at all?  Despite the rampant paranoia here, I don't work for them.  I suspect the vast majority on this forum, and possibly all, don't either. Even if you believe the rumour, they didn't "kill" anyone "in cold blood".  Negligence and callousness do not equate to murder. No one needs to defend Samsung against a fraudulent accusation.
 You want to see a bell?  Why, it's just a bell?  Far more interesting things to see if you're in the area.
Dilger writes an article about widespread paid shills with little evidence.  Anyone who criticises the article is declared a paid shill with little evidence.   Just another day on AI.
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