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Genuinely not sure what you're talking about. What law is there that affects TouchID and use of passwords?
Law? What do you mean, law?
Because I don't have anything to gain from it? I don't really care if Apple sell more or less than 15 million units, and I certainly have no knowledge of how likely it'd be. As such it's not a very interesting gamble, except as bragging rights, which I don't really care for.Tim Cook is great. I wouldn't put anyone else in charge of Apple even if I had the power. But infallible he is not. Omniscient he is not. I'm sure he'd say the same. And I don't try to predict the...
Would've thought the power button would be the better place to put it.
^ Supply chain genius Mr Cook also presided over the iMac supply cock up, got the mix wrong in the iPhone 5S/5C launch, and hardballed a major supplier so much that they went bankrupt. You can have faith in him if you want, but it's faith, not fact. Stop counting your chickens before they've hatched.
Simple math based on what?Apple have sold a grand total of 0 Watches so far. The news that they're making a whole bunch of them means next to nothing, as who knows how many they'll sell. Presumably Apple are confident, and maybe that confidence is based on well-formed market research, but until the sales start racking in it's all just speculation.You haven't won your bet yet. You're 15 million sales away from winning it, same as yesterday.
^ His anecdotal evidence is fine. His telling people to "get a life" for having a different experience is not.
You and I live in very different worlds. Mine has a Conservative government, an American retail store rarely out of sight, hyper sensitivity to any suggestion of anti-semitism, and there isn't a single newspaper published by the BBC. What strange mirror-verse Britain are you from?
What a cruddy attitude.Lots of people have been disappointed with the quality of some of Yosemite and iOS8s features, without even mentioning some of the glaring deployment errors.
New Posts  All Forums: