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Lenovo, HP and Dell don't make Windows.  Windows is winning in its game, which is generating profit from software ubiquity.  Apple is winning its game, which is generating profit from hardware.  Windows seems to be winning less than it was last year, and Apple is winning more, but they're both still winning.
But you still have the contract and have to pay the monthly fee, right?  I'm sure your carrier won't be overjoyed that you won't be racking up any additional charges, but you still have to pay the charge that you committed to, which includes as part of the package the phone repayment, line rental, and some kind of call/sms/data bundle, right?  So they're not especially out of pocket.  Or have I misunderstood something? If there's a threat that a customer might throw...
I strongly advise you to avoid reading anything about the stock market.
Forgive my possible ignorance about how subsidisation works, but how does this change make subsidisation impossible?  What about subsidisation depends on the device being locked?  Surely the phone being locked or not makes no difference to the contract being signed to pay for the phone and service?  If what you say is correct and this change would necessitate a move to a markedly different finance arrangement, then what real difference would this make to the consumer?...
 Vendetta?  This isn't the Wild West, get over yourself.  I don't particularly agree with hillstones, but that doesn't mean your response was in any way proportionate or polite. He is partially correct that a lot of the headline features of Yosemite are dependent on also having an iOS device, so a public beta tester will not have the full experience of Yosemite they might hope for.  I've commented on that myself in an earlier post.  Clearly he exaggerated how important...
lol.  For those unfamiliar, The Guardian is colloquially known as The Grauniad in the UK for its profligate spelling errors in its early life, but Ben Frost seems to have spelled the spelling error joke wrong.
For the hardcore?
I've never tried to do that before, but the new behaviour makes much more sense to me.
 Very good!
No, it is not incorrect.  Data is an unusual case where it can be either a count noun or a mass noun, because of the way usage of the word has shifted.   http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/is-data-singular-or-plural   So common use allows for both forms, but within the sciences, and in a stricter world, "data suggest" would be the more correct form.   http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/american_english/data   As I said, "data suggests"...
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