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Without an SDK and App Store it's an embedded OS, and iOS in name only.
Bit mean to call Forstall a dud, but otherwise a good point. Those pleading the talent only angle have some rather large holes in their argument.
No, read back. It was initially a joke, then it was stated that it is a "well-deserved acronym". My question is why say that? Why is POS a well-deserved acronym, implying that the Pebble OS is substandard?
Of course, because public image and inclusive company culture are meaningless things, right?
Think you're a few pages late with that.
Assuming you're correct, that it trades on geek appeal, how does that equate with the post I responded to, claiming that it was a "POS"?i.e what is poor quality about the Pebble OS, irrespective of its target audience?
Value is a subjective thing, Tesla right now is being valued as much on vision as on the actuals. And Android can be removed if required; if Apple are limited to only buying a car manufacturer that embeds iOS then... well they won't, will they. Important thing is that the framework and infrastructure for making the iCar is laid out.
Seems right to me 😕
Am I right in thinking product launches in the week or two following an earnings call are fairly likely? Here's hoping Apple gets 2014 off to a super start.
Weird leap you've taken there. I don't have a spouse, never use the phone in-store, and have an entirely separate app I use for keeping a list of groceries.Thanks for caring though.
New Posts  All Forums: