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I've been searching and can't find either confirmation or denial, and barely a mention of the question.  I can see Mac <--> Mac as being something of a niche, but I'd have thought iPhone <--> iPad would have a wider appeal.
Any idea where you heard Mac <-> Mac?  I've only heard Mac <-> iPhone/iPad. Handoff is even advertised as a Mac to iOS feature in Yosemite: http://www.apple.com/osx/preview/  and http://www.apple.com/osx/preview/mac-and-ios/  (doesn't preclude Mac to Mac, or iOS to iOS, but definitely doesn't suggest it either)
  Good to know I'm not the only one!
Putting a speaker in the remote for this singular purpose doesn't sound like something Apple would do.  They're already pared the buttons down to pretty much the bare minimum to make the thing tiny.
I was arguing for NFC in the phone rather than a proprietary Apple alternative for precisely that reason.  The benefit to retailers for allowing people to pay with their iPhone is unlikely to be enough to prompt the investment in additional payment tacking technology unless Apple do a stupendous job in keeping costs down and advertising value add. Meanwhile, it seems like the contactless payments are being integrated into PDQ machines as standard now in the UK, so...
You can get adaptors for the different USB ports as well, or just different cables, since they're cheap.   The USB-A end is pretty universal, even if the other end isn't.
Is it confirmed it'll be a new port?  Think I missed that.
 Huh?  I was aware it was an Apple patent when I posted that.  EDIT: Actually no, that's not true, I'm getting my timeline mixed up; I wasn't aware there was a patent involved.  But I was aware of the story that Apple were interested in the concept and might be releasing a cable. I think I'm pretty clear that I think the concept of the cable has its limitations in terms of elegance and simplicity, but Apple will do what they can.
 In that hypothetical parallel universe I wonder if we'd be talking about a reversible Thunderbolt cable.  Because that'd be nice.
Interesting, I didn't realise that. But since there are currently no Apple computers with the USB-C female port, we'll be stuck with either USB-A or USB-A-reversible cables for a little while yet.
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