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Does it matter much if they monetise them separately?
You can't simply reverse engineer user awareness and mindshare. They're paying for what it has, not what it is (in code and staff).
The post was unclear and now you've clarified what you meant. Calm down, both of you.
I agree.
This is a discussion board for sharing opinions, not repeating dry facts ad nauseum. Apple III, I think you're right in that Apple need to be thinking bigger in terms of ecosystem or they risk being nipped at from all sides. They have great command of the current digital hubs, but there is only so much more expansion space within those walls, and their rivals are getting into much broader games, the living room, the road, and others. If the rivals build momentum in other...
Didn't say anything, wouldn't have said anything. I suggest that you get over it.Otherwise, good post.
That's a dystopian future to fear!
If email and web are the main criteria then all those android phones that many claim aren't real smartphones actually are.Can't have it both ways.
OT, but it's a touch annoying that there's no easy way to turn cell signal off while leaving GPS on. Airplane mode turns GPS off and there's no independent way of turning all cell signal off (just data). I suspect taking the SIM out might work, but a control would be nicer. Would be useful when navigating and running low on battery.
Always thought it odd that Lightning wasn't magnet based. Interesting appearance of a TouchPad (presumably for a pointer) in one of the pictures.
New Posts  All Forums: