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Now this is something where I think people can legitimately say... finally!   I remember getting annoyed at the lack of ecosystem consistency years ago.  Happy they've (finally) got to it.
Quote:  Bravo!
Not sure I'd draw a parallel between "inspired, miraculous art" and FIFA 14, the latest in a franchise that has so often been lazy, repetitive and reliant on licensing and brand affiliation for sales.   But a good point, nevertheless   The same could be said for movies, TV, even books and newspapers.
Why would you adjust for inflation?  Their money pile won't have grown just because there's inflation in the economy.
What confrontational approach?  They haven't sued anyone yet.
 Pretty, but game-wise it looks like a less fun Cannon Fodder.
  Bit of a feature soup, but there's some interesting things in there.
It's a joke, you plum
  What hokum! What is the "essence" of Gatorguy's post then?
1% of people would pay $350 for a product when they have no appreciable knowledge of what it is, what it would look like or what it would do?   Nutters, I wouldn't buy or express interest in a phantom product at any price.
New Posts  All Forums: