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I wouldn't, for fear that it'd probably depress me.
There's a difference between supporting Android integration (no problem) and hosting Android on board (which some have issues with). Couldn't really give a damn myself, as long as it keeps good integration with iOS I don't much mind what OS the car has.
Sounds annoying. Might have to delete some store apps that I use irregularly if they're going to start ad spamming me when I walk through town.
What's wrong with Pebble OS? Seems pretty well executed to me.
"Eventually" covers a long time. Doubt you'll have any takers.In the next year though, I think there's a reasonable doubt. iWatch has been a whole load of huff puff so far, and no direct evidence.
Nice chassis improvement, shame they don't seem to have made any major roads with the screen quality, which I think is the biggest problem.
Is there a current problem with bacteria on iPhone screens? Seems a bit weird to me.
Please be Tesla, and please take it international!
Being beaten to the punch in releasing a form factor doesn't equate to copying. Copying is a deliberate act. Some people really need to get that concept through their skulls.
Making other people feel good can be a good angle to making money.
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