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Cry me a river and give me strength, the EU is doing none of this! If they had intimate control of the tax policies of member states that would make it an entirely different institution, and it's got nothing to do with incompetence. They aren't making up laws, they aren't crying about anything and they aren't blaming anyone; they're holding an investigation.But hey, companies can do no wrong and governments can do no right, right? Sheesh!
"Dodge" does not imply illegality. "Evade" is the word that implies illegality. Dodging, or any other synonym for avoidance is exactly what Apple is doing.
Christ alive paranoiacs, Apple aren't the only trustworthy company out there! What exactly have Swype, Swiftkey and the like done to earn this suspicion? Android certainly hasn't suffered for them.
Why not? It hasn't brought me any harm. I'm not offended by you answering me with your usual snide and clueless condescension, I just have no interest in engaging with you.Toodles!
I wish they wouldn't make carefully phrased, weaselly comments like this, it just makes then seem sleazy. Of course they're dodging taxes, using legal means. Of course they are exploiting conditions in Ireland that allow me to pay minimal tax due to the "controlling domicile" rule, even if other companies can also exploit that loophole. And of course they can claim to not fund their domestic profits into tax havens, they do that to their much larger international...
Interesting, thanks. But since secure fields are going to be passwords 9/10 times they'll mostly be covered by TouchID anyway.
No one claimed otherwise, and the post you quoted explicitly said the exact same thing about legality, which is why it was a redundant question.
The case being referred to was not blackmail by the government, it was pressure from a public backlash that threatened sales. If a similar backlash were to raise against Apple then they could tell the buying public to FOAD if they want, but I doubt it'd work out well for them.
That assumes the rather simplistic notion that all taxes are equal, so being taxed once is better than being taxed twice.  Taxes are not equal, I pay far more in income tax than I do in National Insurance (roughly akin to Social Security in the US).  I'd rather pay three lots of National Insurance than one of Income tax.  Likewise with capital gains, the rate on that is much, much lower than on regular employment income. So DOUBLE (caps yours) tax isn't a big deal, since...
New Posts  All Forums: