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In an alternate universe Apple released an Apple TV SDK four years ago when they switched it to iOS.  How great that alternate universe must be now.
If only Apple took it seriously.  It still has an underclocked A5 processor, right?
It's probably just an effect created from combining the textures from a few different photos.  The photos will likely be taken at different times of the day, so blending the colours will normalise them, and might make them seem a bit washed out, creating the cobwebby effect.
Ignore him, it looks like he's making a pedantic point that requires you to read "popular" as pertaining to customer sat, instead of volume of sales.  Which isn't the common understanding, the popular kids at school are the ones that have the most friends, not the ones that have the closest knit group of best friends.
Lots of smart TVs have those apps too, so I don't see how it can be an issue with the channels, must be that Apple don't want them to do it, or haven't got round to it yet - I suspect they're focusing on channels that are either US only, or can be provided internationally.  More than a bit annoying.
Getting Kindle sales numbers certainly isn't the easiest task, which is why I said estimates.   Seeking Alpha says ~20m, including the Fires: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2084763-estimating-the-value-of-kindle-hardware-sales-for-amazon BusinessWeek said ~8m in 2010, before the Fire was released: http://www.teleread.com/ebooks/kindle-sales-figures-leak-beats-analyst-estimates-by-60/   I'm sticking a finger in the wind and saying ~10m, or on that order of magnitude,...
If you can't see the difference between quantifiable and categorical claims that can be proved or disproved, and the naivety of a blindly trusting a multinational corporation to do what it says it will do, which cannot be "proved" in any meaningful way, then I don't know what to say.  I'd offer "we can agree to disagree" but your position of being scared by people not being so naive is so ridiculous I don't think I could stomach that.
 I cut out preceding sentences because I didn't think they were relevant and didn't add any particular context of significance, and because unnecessarily big quotation blocks in a thread are annoying.  Your manipulation deliberately removes context and plain intention and thus is not at all comparable.  I thought he was responding to the last part of the paragraph, since when I quote someone I want my comment to follow on directly from the last part of what they said.  If...
Any evidence for the claim that there are more people buying the iPad as an ebook reader than there are buying the Kindle? I don't see it.  If I see anyone reading a book on a tablet sized device anywhere it's always a Kindle.  Not that I don't see iPads, there's loads of them too, but they're being used for games, or movies, or email, or web.  But rarely reading books, which is understandable, as they're not that good at it.  Kindles (not the Fire versions) are still much...
If I've read you wrong then please clarify. I've quoted your words.What original claim? That it is naive to assume Apple wouldn't mine data if they saw a net positive opportunity? That's not something I need to prove.
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