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I wish someone (Apple ideally, but anyone really) would make a keyboard and mouse/trackpad combo that worked like the play-and-charge Xbox and PS3 controllers, wireless with bluetooth, but as soon as you plug it in it goes into wired mode, even while it charges the built-in battery.     I'd quite like a keyboard and mouse I could go wireless with sometimes, but messing around with batteries is annoying, so stuck with wired the past few years.
I think you're being a bit picky.  If you read the review and feel like it went a bit over your head then I'm sure Autodesk have a product page for Sketchbook that you can investigate.
Oh do shut up TS.
Really?  The first line calls it a "feature-rich ... desktop drawing app" And the screenshots are pretty illustrative about what sort of thing it would be used for.
I know, I was being sarcastic.  Do you really think I'd be suggesting that patents should be grantable for "the general jist of an idea" ?
 Presumably the patent is for something specific about the implementation, not the general jist of the idea.
On an individual level it will be a tragedy.  On a global level, with the overpopulation and inflation and starvation (and the crazy poiliticians) it may be a form of self-regulation, and not entirely negative.   And destruction aside from human destruction can be a good thing.  Sometimes you have to tear things down to build them back stronger.  Destruction may seem to be the opposite to creation, but it can also be the precursor to it.
A little bit overly self-congratulatory for my tastes, given that these developers have in turn added an enormous amount of value to Apple's own products, which is given no mention.  But still, impressive numbers.   I saw an article earlier today (forgive me, I've completely forgotten where) that claimed that 50% of developers in the app economy are employed on iOS development, which is very impressive too.
Don't majorly disagree with any of that (though I'd caveat that destruction isn't always a negative thing), but we've gotten rather off topic here
One example does not make an always.  And depending on your interpretation of semantics, some would say that economic slavery is very much in force and legal America.  Plus of course, illegal slavery still very much exists worldwide as a shadow economy, including within the USA, so from one perspective the war hasn't even been won.   A broad knowledge of history will bring up copious examples of things heading in a distinctly irrational direction and getting very screwed...
New Posts  All Forums: