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But... big is unusable, right?  Seems to be playing right into your court. Although, apart from the word "Compact" in the name, it's not really playing the small game all that much, it's putting forward other compelling features.  And it's not that small.
I didn't deliberately obfuscate anything, I directly quoted a Microsoft ad that I saw on the Tube yesterday.  Claiming prior knowledge about another person's intent makes you look very arrogant.  Stop being so provocative and people might like you more.
Lighter Than Air is a really good ad slogan.
I'm pretty sure Apple weren't reacting to the AppleInsider forums or me personally, which are the contexts that I'm talking in.
And that is the sound of a butthurt fan.
Nope. Barely mentioned it. Most of the people who have been mildly irritated have barely mentioned it. And yet we're all whiners and ingrates who don't shut up about it.No. Those shouting down people who don't like U2 have been far louder and more virulent.
Which is something that non-U2 fans didn't have to do before this stunt. That's all really, it was never a big deal, but since we're told that Apple sweats the details to give the best customer experience, when they do something that put a lot of their customers out it gets attention.  That's what happens when you put yourself on a pedestal.  I'm sure they've learned their lesson, pretty much all of the press I've seen around this giveaway has been negative about the hubris.
 Nope.    Italics mine.   We're talking about the iPhone announcement just gone.  It's the same because it's different? It's the same because it has a different name?  It's the same because otherwise the... what?  That's all nonsensical.  It's not the same.  So it's a change then, the very essence of not being the same?  Sheesh. An iPhone with a 4" screen, and A8, M8 etc, similar to the iPhone 6 would be exactly what you say, a variation on an existing product, the iPhone...
Point --------------------------------------------->        Your head.
New Posts  All Forums: