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Different priorities, not an excuse.Achieving very little in an area that you might not know a lot about while losing a working day when you're "less well-off" could be a big deal.The more well-off often have more work flexibility to take a few hours or a day to go vote without any significant loss, and they're likely more educated and motivated to.
Of course they aren't. They increase individual shareholders proportional ownership and earnings per share, and reduce the dividend liability. Neither of those results are gimmicky.
He has posted many other times without the "I'm a fan, but". Clearly he can make his point without it, but in that one instance chose to include it. It doesn't invalidate anything. This "gotcha" criticism of yours is very repetitive and tedious and, to me, far more indicative of not being able to make a constructive point than a few words of irrelevant personal context.
He did say more than that​; you cut it from the quote.  
Those are questions inviting you to apply your own logic, not an application of logic in themselves.  If it's Bizarro World, then that's what you're bringing to it.
Not sure if you've heard, but cars with drivers kill a lot of people too.There are solutions to the problems you've stated, and no doubt Google is looking to make the system as robust as possible, with a manual drive contingency when there are enough flags of doubt raised by the system.Brakes fail, we don't ban brakes. Drivers fail, we don't ban drivers. When driverless reaches a point where advantages outweigh disadvantages and enough doubts have been satisfied, it'll be...
Visual aids should not need the reader to apply additional interpretation in order to deduce any useful information.
Not arguing with that. But it makes the argument that Apple isn't innovating a blind guess since no one who is saying that has any access to their research labs.
Zero shipped.
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