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I don't think anyone ever claimed that Apple couldn't make lots of Watches.And gloating over a victory before it's even come to pass? Classy guy.
You want to be wearing a $$$ Watch when your hands are covered in mud?
What does this mean?
Interesting that Pay doesn't meet a security standard.  Is there any more info about why it is lacking?   (preferably from sources that don't reduce the problem to "commies")
Your post only mentioned the 10-K with regards the government tax break, but ok. It's quite long, could you perhaps tell me what bit specifically refers to them "selling data to the highest bidder"? I'm not saying it doesn't exist, I'm just not aware that Google does such a thing.  Their business is selling advertising space, that they target with their data analytics; they don't sell the data itself, as far as I'm aware.
TS is under the illusion that other people are unable to understand him, so uses the big letters to patronise and insult them.  However, 99% of the time they understand him perfectly fine, as he never says anything particularly complicated or insightful, so they have already moved on from his uninteresting points.  
 i.e. Sharing your data purposely with government is null and moot if the government already has access to your data.   A perfectly fine post, that totally works as an addition (albeit a tangential and sarcastic one) to the conversation.  Maybe try understanding someone else's point rather than whining?  
They do? Any evidence for that ever happening?
Is it really necessary to have near enough the exact same argument in two different places on the forum? Keep this tediousness in PoliticalOutsider please.
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