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"Based on today's expectations" means the average of everyone's expectations. Wall Street isn't a monolithic hive mind with a single opinion. Many people think the stock is undervalued.
 Kind of weird that we've got to the point that a week of use for a mobile device is seen as this special " longer-than-most-people-need" thing.  Lots of feature phones have no problem lasting a week or more.  Of course they're used for so much less, but this acceptance of 24 hours battery life as normal is a pretty new thing.
  Peace out weirdo.
That kind of invective isn't useful.
Are you saying my 80% figure is a lie?  Because I'm happy to source it.
Doctor's appointment booked.
That's simply not true.
I never claimed otherwise.  That wasn't the point at all.
I know someone who still uses a Windows 6 HTC smartphone.  Longevity isn't an Apple-only phenomenom.
Android smartphone share outside the US is more like 80%.  A hyperbolic exaggeration, not a lie.  Still a pretty convincing figure, though it doesn't take into account the true "smartness" of the smartphone.
New Posts  All Forums: