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Whose inventory levels, resellers?  How "approximate" are those figures?   It seems to me like there's a bit of uncertainty between those measures and "Apple reports sales to end users".  If Apple are approximating then it's not infeasible that Gartner are using their own approximations, which may be better (or worse) than Apple's.   The article takes it as read that Apple's figures are certain.
Oh dear.  I'm not sure if there's a legal argument on "pot calling the kettle black" lines, but I can't imagine this will help Apple out.
 I thought this was disproved?  If nothing else, it just seems implausible that Apple collates sales figures from all of the worldwide retailers that carry iPads. That could be some part of the explanation for the iPad figure discrepancy - Apple report direct sales to end users and shipments to retailers, Gartner estimate sales.
Why on earth would the iTunes Festival app require 7.1?  The app has been feature rich for a couple of years now, what could they possibly be adding/changing that would only work with something in 7.1?
Agree, generally, but it would be interesting to see Apple also include some functionality for entertainment units in the non-driver seats.  
 Peter described himself as a dear friend?   Apple is well shot of this nutcase!
That screen looked painful to use, scroll bars and arrows to scroll between screens.  Yuck.
/s surely?  From all reports, working at Apple is really hard work, while people change and want to do new things.
Tesla has been profitable for 5 years now, and sells more cars in a month than Better Place ever sold.  Plus, Better Place's model of battery switching was totally different to Tesla's. One failed company does not make an entire industry unviable.
If prefer a Sony hookup. The DS4 is Bluetooth too, and more people already have them.
New Posts  All Forums: