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Didn't say it was worth it.  No need for LOLs or the passive aggressive snark, as that was never the argument. If that's what you thought, then that explains why you quoted me and the matter can be dropped as a simple misunderstanding.
Oh, I see your point now.  Yes, I suppose it's technically (polytechnically, in fact ) incorrect then.
Didn't say "opportunity", that's your words appended to mine.   WhatsApp charges $0.99 per year of use (I think).  That is the case whether their users have Facebook accounts or not.  Not sure how that makes me all over the map, it's a simple point.
The Guardian have a bash at Apple's business practices every now and then (no worse than the New York Times though), but they aren't particularly anti-Apple technology.  Charles Arthur, their technology editor, is fair and balanced and often comes out saying Apple are better.  Hell, John Gruber has linked to his articles on more than one occasion.   In terms of judges, ItsTheInternet has it covered.  Just because a judgement doesn't go Apple's way doesn't make an entire...
Who are you pointing at? singularity is the only user in this thread with that exact location, and he hasn't posted anything particularly anti-Apple.  At worst he was neutral. Or are you talking about Which magazine?  Because that's just one publication amongst many. Other UK-based users in this thread that haven't been anti-Apple: MazeCookie, KiltedGreen, Benjamin Frost. Even if I've somehow missed one (deleted post?), that's 1 hit in 5.  Not running especially deep, even...
 I never said WhatsApp were worth the price Facebook paid.  Don't know why you assumed I thought that.
You talk about double counting people, but who cares, it's profit that matters to the health of a company, and they won't be double counting that; if a user earns them $15 from a Facebook account and $10 from a WhatsApp account then they earn $25 altogether, but for all intents and purposes those are two entirely different chunks of profit, and it makes no difference if they were from different users. Don't get your point.
They're both in Newcastle though. The quote lacks precision, but it's not incorrect.
Huh?All I meant was that Facebook earn money from users on Facebook and now from users on WhatsApp. Whether users have an account on both doesn't really matter, Facebook now earn both ways.Apple sell a lot of iPhones to people who have Macs, but it's still two different chunks of profit on Apple's books, and they're happy with one, the other, or both (obviously they prefer both).Don't follow how you got to that comment to be leading to a false valuation. I wasn't...
Does it matter much if they monetise them separately?
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