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No it isn't. It should only forget the fingerprint if the phone isn't unlocked in 48 hours, or is rebooted. The phone shouldn't just spontaneously forget the print after 48 hours of regular use.
Big bad Apple didn't get me the presents I wanted! Boo hoo! And after all the stuff I gave them! Boo hoo!
No history? The make up of the board and the exec team suggests that they might. Do you have insider knowledge of Apple's hiring procedures and diversity policy? Of course you don't, you're making assumptions with no evidence either way.No, I don't have a position, except that the makeup of the board and exec team is troubling and worth criticising.No idea what that's supposed to mean since whatever position I might have I'm not personally going to act on it. But thanks...
Proof of that? This half a brain needs a bit more than unsubstantiated opinion.The board and exec team are almost exclusively white men. Does that tally with what you'd expect based on the diversity of the engineering staff, the retail staff, or generally of CompSci grads?Even if it does, is Apple presenting itself as an attractive place to work for minorities thereby encouraging that career choice?If Apple is evidently non-sexist and non-racist then they will have...
Exactly. Which adds to the reasons why talk of a legal sanction is absurd.
Why would I complain? I'd sure as he'll say "no thank you", but what cause would I have to complain about something that has cost me nothing?
I'd probably buy one, but I doubt it will happen. More likely that Apple gets outs out of the consumer desktop game altogether.
They shouldn't. YouTube may get a majority of internet video traffic, but it isn't a locked in monopoly; there are no significant barriers to competitors entering, or customers switching. Legal intervention is entirely unnecessary, anticompetitive, and discriminatory.
Thanks Apple! I didn't download all of them, but any gifts are appreciated. I didn't get much of anything from any other multinational corporations this year, so don't have much time for the ingrates.
I have faith in Apple to continue to deliver great products that sell for many years to come. Because of that I think the share price will go up significantly in the future. And because of that I am totally behind Icahn's proposal, which is a vote of confidence in the company's future value. Icahn himself I can take or leave, but buying back stock while it is cheap and cheap credit is available is a no-brainer for increasing shareholder value.
New Posts  All Forums: