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Holy crap. Seriously? That's your point? Man, I thought you'd have something more than that semantic nonsense. What a colossal waste of time you are.
Read what? You haven't said anything that is in any way indicative of the argument you are trying to make.So goddamn tiresome your snippy retorts and lack of clarity. My reading is fine, it's your writing that leaves an awful lot to be desired.
What the article says it's about?  Putting a camera flash behind the earpiece grille?  Like in the illustration?  I have no idea what angle you're trying to argue here.
The iPhone rear flash is way to bright to use as a notification, I'm not even sure why they bothered adding that in as a feature.   Plus, I think it only flashes for a little while doesn't it?  Would probably be a big battery drain otherwise.
That might be true if the people who said "I could care less" said it with a sarcastic intonation, but I've never heard that,
I wish someone (Apple ideally, but anyone really) would make a keyboard and mouse/trackpad combo that worked like the play-and-charge Xbox and PS3 controllers, wireless with bluetooth, but as soon as you plug it in it goes into wired mode, even while it charges the built-in battery.     I'd quite like a keyboard and mouse I could go wireless with sometimes, but messing around with batteries is annoying, so stuck with wired the past few years.
I think you're being a bit picky.  If you read the review and feel like it went a bit over your head then I'm sure Autodesk have a product page for Sketchbook that you can investigate.
Oh do shut up TS.
New Posts  All Forums: