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Good result then.
US Moon colony declares independenceUS stops sending trade ships to Independent State of MoonChina starts sending trade ships to Independent State of MoonNo real problem there.
Yes, it's all the shares outstanding. But Apple will own a trivial number, the majority that they've bought back will have either been retired or given to employees as bonuses, so they don't own them any more. They'll only own those that they are temporarily holding for future award to employees.
The market cap? $655.57 billion, as of right now.But they wouldn't be allowed to do that.
I disagree.  Everything Frosty says is part of his overall tactic of disrupting threads into his narrative of Apple being in trouble because Tim Cook isn't Steve Jobs and supports the wrong politics, and is distracted by rainbows, and the Watch is ugly, and whine whine whine Christmas.   He's an attention-seeking whiny troll, with every single damn post.  About time he was banned.
Oh.  That's a whole lot less impressive then.  Still a good start though, especially given that there's only so many retailers with the hardware  deployed to take Pay
What's a digital payment dollar?  Is that including all credit cards, debit cards and phone e-wallets?   If so, 1% is an amazing start for the first month.  No dollar values in the article, but that's got to be handing some hefty change over to Apple in the run up to Christmas, even if their cut is a small proportion.
What a useful and practical comment.  That should be the new policy.
And how is reporting news from a war zone the same as showing support for terrorists?
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