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That's the vanilla version without any Google apps or the Play Store or Play Services though, right? Some might prefer that, but it's not the Android that the OEMs (the well known ones at least) are using.Google may not have complete power, but they have some leverage.
Seems like an odd strategy. If they aren't SEP then they have no obligation to be FRAND, and Ericsson can charge whatever they like, so why are Apple pursuing that argument?
Why is half the OP struck through?
Aww, they named it after Apple's last gen processor.  That's cute.   What's that?   You didn't, you say?   So the A stands for... aluminium I guess, and the 7 stand for... 1 more than the iPhone 6?    That can't actually be true can it?  What on earth is the logic behind this name?
There's really no need for that.   Take your snideness and constant troll-negativity away from me please.
How on earth can one be a "Keynesian Marxist"?  Keynesian theory is strongly entrenched in free markets.  
A mixed bag, to be sure, but I found some gems in there and am grateful for the dozen or so singles of the week that turned into EP or album purchases, especially Laura Marling's Night Terror back in 2008, which lead to four albums (and one current preorder), and a half dozen live concerts.  I'd probably have got there anyway, still, thanks iTunes.   But hey, if Apple want to scale back their promotions that support and promote a wide variety of artists in favour of...
Crikey, it's speculation about an unannounced (possibly never to be announced) product guys. Different priorities, different opinions, and well-trodden territory; no need to shout anyone down. Keep some perspective and lose the CAPS, the exclamations, and the hostility please.
Wah wah wah, hate hate hate, blame blame blame. Entirely expected ranting. "All unions are scum"? Give me a break
Thanks for the bullet lecture, but while those steps are plausible, you are missing the first one, which is the shareholder coalition with a large enough vested stake that they can push this through.  They would be the ones taking Apple private, Apple wouldn't be buying itself to own itself, since such a thing is impossible.  Apple would be buying out the other shares to reduce the shareholder pool down to a select few.  Even that is stretching credulity because of the...
New Posts  All Forums: