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What has PC got to do with anything? I don't think the order is based on what country the phone is in, it's based on what app store it's connected to.  If it's the Brazil app store, which is subject to Brazilian laws, and where Secret is an app that does not fulfil requirements set out by the Brazilian constitution, then Secret should not be sold and should never have been sold, and any sales are invalid, and any installations of Secret should be removed.  That seems...
Not the CEO Microsoft needs, but the one it deserves
 Isn't the rule that for horizontal USB-A female sockets you need to plug the male connector in with the USB logo facing up?  Some people complain about Apple cables printing the USB logo instead of embossing it (which I believe is a non-mandatory part of the standard), which makes plugging it in without line of sight more difficult. Obviously that's of no help whatsoever if the female is vertical, and I don't think there's any rule for that case.  If Apple do change the...
Not really.  I mean yes, the price of each share might go up, but that's the market just being the market and reacting with expectation and re-evaluation on every action.  It doesn't have a direct relationship though, since the value of the company is decreasing because it using cash (or debt) to buy back those shares.  The overall value of a company will include all of its cash and debt, so when cash goes down (or debt goes up), value goes down. If you want to compare...
What's the beef with Dropbox?
Better get yourself a Stallman open-everything phone then, if it exists yet.   If the apps don't abide by the constitution of the country then there's an argument that they aren't legitimately purchased in the first place.
Looks a bit Nokia-ish to me.  Not a bad thing.
Money can also be carried in paper form and on small plastic cards.  If Apple want retailers to invest in an alternative payment infrastructure, especially one isolated from other mobile OS methods, then they'll need to prove one hell of a value add, not least including a willingness from consumers to use it.
New Posts  All Forums: