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$578m for a multi-year agreement to supply 200m iPhone screens per year seems like an amazing deal for Apple.
Sony already sell image sensors to Apple for iPhone. From what I read, Sony are killing the competition, they're well in the lead in terms of bringing high performance sensors to small form factors.
This seems more like a band aid than a positive development.
Assumptions are always flawed, you'll need to be more specific.
They're already a tax haven. No doubt they'd benefit from being exempt from what European oversight there is of their crooked finance industry. Same goes for the UK too, incidentally.
Maybe you're right, maybe they have a big plan. If they do then I'll eat my words. But I don't think they do -Apple has shied away from large acquisitions in the past- and I'd also question the wisdom of a large acquisition. They rarely add value. And any infrastructure investment at this kind of monetary scale would be immense.
As always, you substitute snark and dismissiveness for actually explaining your point (and/or having one). I'm very glad that you won't be wasting your time any more, because your contributions have been exactly that, a waste of time.
Err... yes, that's exactly what it means. Beyond cash flow, investment, and reasonable reserves why would a company need a cash pile?Have you somehow missed every single mention of shareholders in this thread?Who is proposing force? Why does everything have to be so extreme with you?
Freaking hell. Any insight into what kind of battery drain that would have?
We did this the other day when I used some rough figures to show that Apple can cover all operating costs and most if not all infrastructure investments, acquisitions and hires from cash flow. If you have some additional information about why Apple might need $150m in banked cash, please feel free to share. You didn't the other day.
New Posts  All Forums: