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Some of the companies listed do seem a bit at odds with the stated aims of the foundation. But even so, they've bought shares in their equity, not given those companies money directly (unless the companies issued new shares), and it's in the interest of the foundation to get a good return on investment so that it ultimately has more money to give away.
Well that's not true. Other carriers do offer unlimited everything, and Apple have never reinvented an industry just by being price competitive. That's not to say they couldn't, but it's definitely not their thing, and I can't see any particular value add they can offer, apart from a bit of simplicity in only dealing with one vendor.
It's a bit rich for someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas to complain that they didn't get the unexpected Christmas present that they wanted. Note that there are 12 more presents in a week, will you complain that each of those aren't to your taste either? I don't celebrate Christmas either, but I hope everyone else that does enjoys the free songs. Merry Christmas, and may your god bless you.
If you say so. I still find iCloud to be frustratingly slow. And Apple's not-long-past history hasn't exactly been littered with successful service offerings. And even if my experience of iCloud is isolated, you didn't address the questioning of your cost and tiering claims. What makes you so sure that Apple would offer cost comparative services, or unlimited everything? And what "better category" data and voice connection do you think Apple would be willing/able to...
The article that says:?Am I missing something?He "starts with" homosexuality, and his next thought is bestiality. Pretty clear cut.
Fair enough, I don't have any wearables, I'm talking about current iOS devices.
Sure, because Apple's service offerings are known for being cheap (.Mac), reliable (MobileMe), and unlimited (iCloud storage tiers).Moreover, I'm sure they'd want to hold a bargain basement giveaway on an investment that would cost them tens of billions of dollars.And then I woke up.
Small convenience at a considerable cost plus energy inefficiency and longer charging times. No thanks, cables are a fine and flexible solution that I can take with me and use practically anywhere. No problems.
Or an iPhone user who wants to talk to someone with an iPod Touch or iPad (in addition to iPhone or (soon) Mac).Or an iPhone user with no cell reception, but with wi-fi.Or an iPhone user without a voice plan or on pay-as-you-go.Or an iPhone user calling internationally.
It doesn't have a dedicated one, Snapchat uses an all-white pulse of the screen.
New Posts  All Forums: