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To illustrate my first point... 
That post could be inverted to be about Apple with very few changes.   It's viewing things down a very one way street.  Apple has profited very handsomely from their music businesses - if there was no iPod then Apple would be a very different company today.  Why should artists have to repay Apple rather than the other way round?  Why do Apple, a famous company, have this sense of entitlement that famous musicians aren't allowed to have?  Or, more reasonably, why can't...
A bad deal for who?  What does the artist get out of it?  I don't really think Kanye, or most of the other artists that play the Festival, needs exposure. Why does the venue get to charge and not the performers?  Why does Apple get the benefit of content exclusive to their devices/software, but the artists have to provide their services for free? If the artists want to do that, that's fine.  But Kanye is within his rights to say it doesn't work for him, and claiming he's...
 Which makes it a great time to buy.  Wall Street is hyper aware of every Apple weakness, but don't appear to be recognising Apple's potential for disruption.  It's very conservative.  Meanwhile, Apple's phone business is mature and generating stable revenues, and Apple has other things cooking. The old wisdom for trading is to buy when everyone else is selling and sell when everyone else is buying.  Of course not.  Instant return is not the intent of a buy back.
 Get out of it, musicians need to earn money as much as anyone else.  Even those with passion. Apple always claim to love music, so why don't they pay for it when it comes to iTunes Festival? I think the iTunes Festival is great for music lovers, but can totally see where Kanye is coming from.
 And interestingly that also seems to be the Apple approach with iOS.  Synergies of product philosophy here. I just had a thought, Apple should buy Tesla!
 Maybe write to the guys at iMore for help  http://www.imore.com/how-watch-porn-free-your-iphone-ipad-and-apple-tv
 No, it was 1% of the total mobile phone market worldwide that Steve said they were aiming for in 2008.  10m units out of 1bn total.   Still pretty amazing how far they've come.
It's a lazy stereotype which most Brits would be equally as ignorant of.
 Blame Michael Scott and Steve Jobs for taking Apple public back in 1981.  They got into the game.
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