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Nonsense.  Your style affects how the world sees, judges and treats you.  Taking that into consideration when you make a purchase is in no way irrational.  Wanting to be seen as cool by your peers is in no way irrational.
In some ways they are, if you consider what you mean by "more". You can't drive a vehicle that is wide enough to occupy more than one lane without some very special circumstances.You need a different kind of license and insurance if you are driving an especially large and/or heavy vehicle. The price of petrol/gas means that the more you drive the more you pay, and there are usually additional taxes on petrol increasing that variable cost.Insurance rates may penalise you...
It's my understanding that all these unlimited plans are grandfathered plans that are well outside of the period where a new phone is being paid off.  I don't believe Verizon offer an Unlimited plan any more. And since no one is locked in, the slippery slope falls over.  Verizon can't force their customers to tolerate a breach of contract, the customer can at the very least change their contract, or leave Verizon if they want.
How are Verizon not allowing the customer to break free of the contract?  Surely all of these people are on contracts from years ago and Verizon would be more than happy to transfer them to a newer contract?   Your slippery slope is a bit silly, since Verizon doing that would lead to them being slaughtered by the competition.
 $orry, did you $ay $omething?
Given an appropriate notice period and on the assumption that there is no outstanding debt on either side, I really don't understand why they can't do this.  Do Verizon's contract extend until the end of time with no break clause on Verizon's side?
Good satire
I don't disagree with you if it's purely about cosmetics, but the functionality and utility of the iPhone (and Galaxy, Lumia, Nexus etc) is majorly impinged by the state of the screen. Yes people should be careful with their stuff, but we're talking about a mobile device, for use on the move, that is used frequently throughout the day - so lots of getting out of pockets, putting back into pockets - and one handed use, so not an especially stable environment.  Apple's...
Hey TS, there's a straw man the size of your house over here!
Huh?  In terms of hardware durability there are a number of phones that are competitive with and even exceed the iPhone.  A plastic body that flexes and rebounds will be kinder to the screen than the metal iPhone if dropped on a corner.
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