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They shouldn't. YouTube may get a majority of internet video traffic, but it isn't a locked in monopoly; there are no significant barriers to competitors entering, or customers switching. Legal intervention is entirely unnecessary, anticompetitive, and discriminatory.
Thanks Apple! I didn't download all of them, but any gifts are appreciated. I didn't get much of anything from any other multinational corporations this year, so don't have much time for the ingrates.
I have faith in Apple to continue to deliver great products that sell for many years to come. Because of that I think the share price will go up significantly in the future. And because of that I am totally behind Icahn's proposal, which is a vote of confidence in the company's future value. Icahn himself I can take or leave, but buying back stock while it is cheap and cheap credit is available is a no-brainer for increasing shareholder value.
Sometimes, yes.But sometimes, Chrome and Android, which have certainly kept Apple on its toes.
A touch only interface would be mega fatigue, but touch for some gesture and navigation combined with keyboard and mouse for everything else wouldn't be much of a problem.
Since there don't seem to be any other players ofnsignificance in the video codec space, I suppose a bit of competition from Google couldn't hurt. Keep MPEG on their toes.
Posts need aid? Have no idea what you're trying to do.
What's with all the photos?
I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean
Apple will get all of them, no doubt¡
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