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If the AppleTV gets an SDK and peripheral support on the level of other iPhone devices then Blu-ray support could come from a third party developer and Blu-ray player manufacturer. Alternatively, Apple could support HDMI-in and pass through the signal from any other HDMI device. Either are realistic, since iOS can already accomplish the former, and the latter is a reasonable solution (Xbox One).
I like the assumption that the artists you listen to are real and talented, and everyone else is somehow fake and amateur. People might tolerate your opinion if you were a bit less smarmy about it.
Wait, The Beatles weren't real musicians and/or didn't create real music? I'm not a fan, but I don't see what your angle is there.
It isn't. It makes very good sense given current availability of credit at practically no interest.
He was making a joke about the duplicate copy in the article on the main site.
Removing it from the App Store is basically equivalent to that.Would you not say that Apple block pornography from their platform, or politically controversial content?Yes, yes, you can get to it via Safari or other web-centric apps, but the web isn't Apple's platform, and using web apps offers less power, speed and integration, so it's a less convenient solution, as was the main thrust of my point.
Ok, sure, you never saidI don't know what you mean by XLS, but I'll take the comment as a compliment and admittance that you wrote hastily and don't read think through your comment.
Great, UK next please!
Not a very well chosen slur.
Massive influence perhaps, but not a great or particularly innovative band, just popular, with a handful of decent songs, a lot of middling ones, and some singalong tunes for children. Give me The Kinks or The Stones any day. The Village Green Preservation Channel would be a good one.
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