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They seem to have a good relationship with LG, who are a South Korean brand that make decent TVs.  Or there's Sharp, a Japanese manufacturer that Apple use for displays. Samsung aren't the only other player in the game.
If they poured all their development time and money into making one really good American voice for english-speaking markets I doubt anyone would care all that much.
 Technically not true, though it can form part of an antitrust claim against monopolistic behaviour. In any case, if Amazon were setting prices of bestsellers artificially low while other books made enough profit to carry the business then that isn't predatory pricing, it's more of a loss leader strategy, which is totally legal. And Apple's agency model was only part of the antitrust complaint.  The deal to match prices in the iBooks store with any other ebooks store...
IBM Thinkpad IIRC.
While domes are used on a lot of churches and mosques they are not innately religious.   Not sure Apple would be able to build one entirely out of glass though.
If we're going to casually equate companies with countries then so does the USA (aka Microsoft).
Nice. Not that I have Siri voice turned on or have any intention of turning it back on, but nice.
Getting pretty tedious now.
Because North and South Korea are so famous for their peaceful cooperation?
If the walls don't provide any kind of perches then birds will soon find their way out.  There might be a problem with birds knocking themselves out, or dying from flying into the glass at speed trying to get out, but presumably no worse than birds flying into the glass on the outside. Side thought: I wonder how many bird deaths Apple's predilection for glass fronted stores has caused?
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