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Not sure if that's a joke that I'm too sleepy/simple to get, but I wasn't doing that. I'm aware of the difference.
I'd sooner stab out my eyes that watch Sky News or Sky Anything. I don't use any live channels on the Apple TV. I don't think any of them are even visible, I hid them all.I didn't say I have never watched any live TV. I see live news every day in the cafeteria at my work, which has a TV licence.I don't currently watch live TV in my home, which is the criteria for requiring a household TV licence. I don't really watch much TV at home anyway, TV isn't a big part of my...
I never said any such thing, don't believe any such thing and that's a shameful line of argument.Truly horrible thing to say and I won't be having any more of that debate if that's the way you're going to act.
Care to explain why?Given that you're coming from a position of heavy bias of your own, as evidenced by your frequent outbursts here, you're not really a reliable arbiter of bias for those that consider themselves either centrist or left wing.
They do accept that excuse and there's a form you can filling out declaring exactly this. I've been doing it for a while and have never been told I need to pay, or been investigated, or been bothered at all.The rules are very clear, so please tell me why I should pay?
Surely I must have? What a bizarre stance. My TV isn't even hooked up to an aerial or cable, so there's no surely at all. I haven't.Why weaselling? Do you pay for things that you don't have to? Does Apple get a monthly donation from you just for being Apple? I can't words of support for an organisation without being a subscribed customer/benefit? Besides which, I have bought BBC content through iTunes.I suggest that it is you doing the weaselling. Trying to find fault...
Poppycock.  "Most" of the British public do not think the BBC looks extreme.  Not even slightly.  You're delusional or trolling or both.   The BBC is rather unique in that the right accuses it of being too lefty, and the left accuses it of being so devoted to putting all opinions across that it gives fringe right views too much airtime.  It is not massively biased one way or the other, the odd show here or there that expresses an opinion is countered by other later on...
I don't think they do place working hour limits.  They say that they are against mandatory overtime, though from what I've read in these summations (haven't seen the show yet) it seems like there is some overtime which is being pushed onto workers as mandatory by Pegatron.
I'm talking about people, which isn't confined to government representatives.
Alternatively, people who lived in a glass house in the past and have been cooperative with the laws about glass houses are quite well positioned to advise other glass house dwellers about how to clean their glass. I mean seriously, you expect the BBC an international news organisation to stop investigative reporting because it had a scandal of its own?  A scandal that it also investigated and exposed itself, and has been contrite and cooperative with authorities in...
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