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Pot meet kettle?  When did I ever even come close to claiming anything was a bad idea because of your beliefs? If you didn't say it explicitly then you certainly implied it.  Don't tell me you didn't choose to take aim at my broader political philosophy, instead of the immediate point being discussed.  Exhibit A:   I agree, this is a waste of time, though my reasoning is rather different.
No, I'm not going to argue with you if at every single juncture you're going to come back with "well you would think that, you're a statist" or "this is a bad idea because you're a statist" as if that's any kind of reasonable response.  It's an ad hominem, it doesn't address the point, it's an assumption on your part, and it's really, really annoying, especially after I've gone out of my way to explain myself.  What you "gather" from my posts about my political position is...
And in terms of the Simpsons-verse, yellow represents white and asian skin tone.  Because, as that image shows, black characters in the Simpsons-verse are drawn with more realistically (relative to cartoons) skin tone. So invoking the Simpsons as a justification for yellow as a neutral skin colour doesn't really work.
And what if you're not in constant physical contact with your phone, like most people?  Or asleep?  Or you're on a rollercoaster?  Or god knows how many other scenarios that might mean you miss a notification, or have reason not to check your phone at that precise time?   Notifications last, what... 10 seconds?  With some having a second reminder that also lasts that number of seconds.  Many people have other distractions in their life which means they aren't paying...
No, no, no, you've got us all wrong; it's as many letters as possible in the spelling, and as many different and argumentative pronunciations as possible in the saying  See the many usages of -ough for much bewilderment.
How exactly do you view the lock screen if the display is turned off? Answer: you turn it on. How do you know there are notifications on your lock screen if you were out of earshot for the chimes? Answer: you don't, iOS has no mechanism to do this (like, for example, an LED that tells you when there are unread notifications), other than turning the display on.  There are not difficult concepts.
 Both parties.? No, some are willing to foist the whole responsibility on just one person: 
I really can't be bothered with this ad hominem reasoning.  Debate the point, not some twisted idea you have of me based off your chosen reading of turns of phrase; I've indulged your flights of fancy about what I believe quite enough.  I'm in charge of what I believe, not you, so quit with the ridiculous putting of words into my mouth.  We almost had the beginnings of a good debate there, but your inability to stop doing this has ended it.   Btw, "statism" is a very...
What's with the weird selective country name checking? Android has dominant market share in the US as well, so android doesn't exist "solely" for what you say at all.
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