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Since iOS8 isn't going the public beta route the continuity and handoff features in Yosemite won't be available to the public, so I'm less excited about the prospect of the beta.  I have to do enough testing in my day job.  I look forward to hearing other people's impressions though
By most measures I'm a very small person, around 5'5". I can fit the large phones in my suit pockets just fine. Skinny jeans might be an issue, I'll give you that, but I don't wear jeans often. In any case, that's a choice for me to make; it certainly doesn't make the phone unusable.
Since you view any >4" phone as unusable one handed, just go into any phone store. There's a fair few of them.
 I said I could fit a 6" phone in my pockets, you said liars were lying to make unusable phones seem usable.  It was a joke. One handed use is not equal to all use.  A phone is not unusable if it's hard to use with one hand.  Most people on earth have two hands.  If you're unlucky enough to only have one hand then I'm sorry about that, and I hope Apple continue making a phone that's size appropriate for you, but I don't think that's a good reason for Apple not to make any...
You really need to get over this hang up of yours.  It isn't true, as should be obvious to any right-minded person. And your answer is ridiculous, stop calling people trolls for no reason.
Don't you have to express concern in order to be labelled a concern troll?
Wow, I had no idea this morning that I'd be accused of lying about the size of my trouser pockets.   For heaven's sake TS, in no earthly way is a larger phone unusable.  Maybe you wouldn't find it comfortable, and that's completely fine and your prerogative, but it would not be unusable.  Not even slightly.
What?  That's not even slightly true.  I'm not sure I've ever seen any "anti-Apple" people on this forum call anyone else a shill.  If they have then I'm very sure that they're the minority case using that word.
Don't see why.  Google Now and Microsoft Cortana seem to do just fine, and handsets for Android and Windows Phone 8 have the same sort of capacities.
Interesting conception of cowardly and being stabbed in the back you have.  This is a public accessible forum directly linked to the site that you write for.  You're not being stabbed in the back.  If you're being stabbed at all (you've not) it's from the front. You really need to work on your approach to criticism Dan.  Have a little grace.
New Posts  All Forums: