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That'll make for some great ad copy
Nice evasion of any meaningful contribution.
No. Arguing by example is not the same as a straw man argument, and is a perfectly fine form of debate. Labelling someone's argument as a strawman in order to evade engaging with it however...
So you are amending your earlier blanket statement of "rights cannot be given, they are inherent" to "natural rights cannot be given, they are inherent"? Well since that's basically saying "inherent things are inherent" then that's fine, if rather glib. I think there are probably disagreements to be had on which rights in particular are "natural" and which are not (and if there is truly any such thing as a natural right), but that would be going down a tangential track...
No one said that.
Don't see anything wrong with that. Finding and fighting potential damaging misinformation seems perfectly valid, and it's a tiny budget.
So women always had the right to vote, they just didn't know it? Homosexuals could always get married, they just never bothered trying? I have the right to buy crystal meth, I just need to man up and do it? Patent poppycock.
Yeah total FUD. No one has ever hacked a webcam before, and even if they did, what possible harm could they do? http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240209018/US-teen-hacker-pleads-guilty-to-webcam-blackmail
What a pile of nonsense. There is no such thing as a right until it is legally recognised. Your legal framework, the bill of rights and other parts of the constitution, is your prime method of legal recognition. "Rights can't be given" my eye. Complete balderdash.
Self contradictory.Rights can not be given, except they are, by your Constitution, which moreover can be amended to give more.
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