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What a dickish thing to say. Get over yourself moneybags.
Wouldn't be optimistic about this, even if it's true; Apple are best when they stick to their own platforms.  Every bit of Windows software they've released has been disappointing and not at all up to the standard of the Mac OS counterpart, and their troubles with web services are well known.  I wouldn't expect any adventures with Dalvik to yield better results.
You can't have the old one back, but there are alternatives. I think the new ones are a lot better.
If I remember rightly, that was about the Artist > album > song hierarchical menu. Don't think there was anything else.
So no movement since this was last raised as an issue?  Disappointing.  Even a simply statement on the company's equality and diversity policy would help here.
This article explains it fairly well... http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/03/18/android-wear-developer-site-reveals-more-about-the-user-interface-notifications-and-capabilities/ You're right about the Google Now link up, and it all seems to make pretty good sense to me; the interface is impressively coherent for something with such a small screen.
I quite like the hardware design of the 360; maybe a bit on the thick side, but otherwise quite sleek, and not too big.   But what little they've shown of the software looks very uninspiring.  Pretty, but nothing much to be interested in.
It is a bit odd that Cook responded.
 Don't think anyone was really whining, or even saying anything seriously about those two things.  However, things like a greater field of view, aimbots, and other distinct advantages were mentioned that some players get from PC games make playing against them a whole lot less fun.  With console games you are pretty much guaranteed to not have to deal with that, it's a fairer field of play. Not an analogue to the unfairness of life?  Good!  I don't want my playtime to...
No problems of the type described here, though battery life has plummeted on my 5S.   Going to try a full restore to see if that puts it right.
New Posts  All Forums: