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That... doesn't even make any sense.  Figures. Get over it man, I know you think we're "enemies" or something, but I really don't give a crap about you, your little squabbles, your man-crush on TS, or your pretend Christianity.  Stop dragging this shit over the whole forum, I don't like being stalked.
Holy Moses, the irony!  You just exploded some scientist's instruments with that screamer.  You'd better post a dozen times in a row with snippy little nonsenses, awful punnages, and TS reach arounds to balance the scales back.
Shut up BF.
And the blow-dry aftermath! 
 Not sure how Gigantic is "moody, sulky, preachy-sounding or self-satisfied" anyway, I found it bright, lively, interesting, and enjoyed the music.  I always perked up when I heard that bass line.
I imagine it's the constant part of the reassurance that's in question.  Many people thrive on encouragement at the right times, they don't need it at all (or nearly all, there's obviously some hyperbole at play here) times.
Nothing wrong with a bit of sentimental BS to lighten the day.   I liked the ad, but I only ever saw it the once, I imagine on repeat viewings it might get a big annoying.
If you paid for Flappy Bird you did something wrong, it was free If you downloaded Flappy Bird then the guy withdrawing it wouldn't have affected you, it would stay on your device.
Funny how you admit the letter of the law isn't with you then pompously tell other people they need to see the error of their ways.   If you give a book to a friend, then you no longer have that book.  If you give a song to a friend, do you also delete that song from your library?
I don't really think that's what Lee is angry about, but whatever.
New Posts  All Forums: