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Pure speculation, and unconvincing. Apple throttle many of their services; iCloud storage, Photo Stream traffic, and a new x.0 iOS release is always slow to download at zero hour. Apple are subject to the exact same limitations and cost considerations as any other carrier. This idea that they'd spring magic dust and everything would be limitless is a fantasy.
Phone fits in my pocket, tablet in my bag. Phone is used when on the move, tablet when still.Phablet doesn't fit in anything but my coat pocket, which isn't where I want it. Phablet is bulky to use when on the move, and on the small side when stationary.I can appreciate how one device might seem more efficient than two, but it doesn't properly fit the use cases I want it to. It's a compromise all round.
Sprint unlimited, $80/month http://www.sprint.com/landings/compare/index.html T-mobile unlimited, $70/month http://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone-plans/individual.html I don't for a second believe that you were unaware of these, so let's hear your excuse for why these don't count.
Posting to dictate how another person should post is also rather ridiculous.
Sarcast all you like, doesn't make it any less true.
Maybe in the US. Not unusual in other places to have a no contract phone. Or to have a contract with only a small voice element and a big data allowance.
Because it's a compromise solution that is prone to lag and interference, is inefficient, and therefore isn't as good quality as a native solution would be on the Apple TV.For a while web apps were the way Apple wanted you to use third party software on your iPhone. Things change.
Some of the companies listed do seem a bit at odds with the stated aims of the foundation. But even so, they've bought shares in their equity, not given those companies money directly (unless the companies issued new shares), and it's in the interest of the foundation to get a good return on investment so that it ultimately has more money to give away.
Well that's not true. Other carriers do offer unlimited everything, and Apple have never reinvented an industry just by being price competitive. That's not to say they couldn't, but it's definitely not their thing, and I can't see any particular value add they can offer, apart from a bit of simplicity in only dealing with one vendor.
It's a bit rich for someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas to complain that they didn't get the unexpected Christmas present that they wanted. Note that there are 12 more presents in a week, will you complain that each of those aren't to your taste either? I don't celebrate Christmas either, but I hope everyone else that does enjoys the free songs. Merry Christmas, and may your god bless you.
New Posts  All Forums: