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Depends what you mean by "concentrating".  Since Android apps are harder to develop for variant form factors and therefore take up more developer-hours, that could be said to require more "concentration" 
How does that in any way conflict with the quoted comment?
 I don't know the first thing about what Apple are going to do with television and I don't claim to.  I have opinions on the matter, but I don't throw them in people's faces like a jerk. To set up a MVNO Apple would be going it alone, so yes, they'd have a lot of control, in an industry in which they had practically zero expertise or experience and would be undertaking an immense technical task.  They didn't, they chose to work with the existing carriers who provided the...
And I'm certain that you have absolutely no genuine information or clue about how Apple will "reinvent the television" or the content distribution model they'll choose.  Since you've previously said that Apple should set up their own MVNO I'd say that there is something of a similarity in situation, but Apple didn't do that, did they?     So enough with the "what you don't understand" douchery already.
Just like how they reinvented the phone without dealing with any of those carriers!
No, but their continuing use across many models and generations of phone makes them reusable. Just like how I'm sure many users of Apple products over the past 10 years will appreciate having a few plugs knocking around now. Reuse is even better than recycle, and plugs often aren't even recyclable. So it's consumer friendly and environmentally friendly. Do you know of any consumers who are demanding more variation in power plug design for cellphones?
Read the rest of the post.
No. Lightning cable and USB plug, same as anywhere else. That's a compliant solution.???Until recently many manufacturers were changing their charging port and cables what seemed like every other iteration. The market had already moved toward a predominantly USB based solution, and the rules have merely reaffirmed that and put some stragglers in line to prevent ever more plugs being sent to landfill.
Market share doesn't matter except when it can be used to criticise Android. And TouchID for some reason is comparable to Google Wallet. Another barely concealed rant of an editorial that throws everything against the wall to try and make criticism stick. Ironically similar to Android development practice.
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