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In the South the whole of the North is seen as chavvy ;-)
Weird how the Street view Apple as a zero growth company but views a deal with Apple as a growth opportunity for its suppliers.
That opinion is a few years out of date, Burberry have massively scaled back use the use of their tan check and are now seen as a revitalised brand. They make some very nice stuff.
The matter of what Apple does with its cash hoard has very little to do with the company, its products, or its customers, whichever side you agree with. This is about corporate finance and maximising return to shareholders, not Macs and iDevices. Apple do not need such a large cash pile, that is apparent; the only argument is what the best use for it is.
Texts sent over wi-fi? How does that work?
Nu-uhShould be "peoples' grammar"Top satires.
That's certainly a perspective.
The iGalt?
If you're going to pull that nonsense then I'd rather just ignore you, thanks. My reading comprehension is fine, but your ability to present a clear and cogent argument, or indeed any kind of recognisable point, is severely lacking.
I have no idea what you're saying, why don't you try talking straight for once?What other Olympics are happening in 2014 that I don't know about?
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