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In 2014 Sochi is the only venue. Sarcasm won't change that.
You don't think some people feel trapped in a job because of their circumstances? You don't think one of those circumstances could be the need to secure health coverage for their family? Seems pretty straightforward to me.
Obviously any interrogation can point out a multitude of flaws; but the render is professional and very well done aesthetically, the UI has a veneer of plausibility, and most importantly of all it's being used on every news site and blog all the time as if it were a real product.
The athletes won't win much gold if they can't use the venue.
Bite me.I didn't say the render represent my ideal product, just that the hardware and software illustrated give the appearance of feasibility, when I suspect neither are, so the render is raising expectations.Apples eventual product in all probability will be better in many ways than this illustration, more usable, better thought through functionality, but I strongly doubt it will be as slick, or uniform, the screen as advanced, or as high resolution, bright and...
My toothbrush has a faster CPU than many cheap tablets; I'm not sure that's a reliable metric.
Shares are not equivalent, and comparing the nominal price is meaningless.1 AAPL =/= 1 GOOG
The Olympics has been a corporate cash cow for years. So no.
I'm coming to hate that render, because it looks so feasible, yet common sense tells me that Apple won't be able to make anything that cool looking that is also usable, has reasonable battery life, and isn't as delicate as a snowflake.
That chart with its scale showing just the upper 10% is about as useful as a Samsung Galaxy Gear.
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