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It takes Blizzard years to do anything.  Could well be on their way.
  True, but lots of peoples are taking it seriously and it's a market that isn't exactly on fire, hardly any young people wear watches any more. Which is my point; if Apple have something in their R&D that is compelling, then they'll enter the market, irrespective of whether it's growing, or shrinking.  If they don't have the product, they won't.   My point exactly.  The industry was pretty much dead, but Apple entered it anyway because they felt they has something to...
Like watches?  Or tablets?  Or mp3 players?  Or small form factor laptops?   I don't particular care about the whys or wheres of whether Apple will enter the market.  Apple decides what markets they'll enter, not me, or you, or the idiot.  And they do so when they have a product that will add value to that market, which none of us can possibly know because we don't have access to their labs.  But if they did, how would they do it?  What could they have cooking in...
I'd say your understanding of rich information is a bit thin if you can't comprehend the size of the feature phone market and why that might be attractive to Apple.   We stopped talking about the link half a page ago.  We're talking about a feature phone.  Keep up.   Ignoring now, bye.
Because if you inflated the size of the circles to their market size, the red circle dominates the chart, and the current green circle isn't siphoning off users from the red at as fast a rate any more.   Why did they make an iPod Mini/Nano?  Because they could, it made for good product, and it increased their share, and made them a load of money.  Exact same reasons why they might be tempted to a feature-phone class iPhone (or another name).   Again, stop being...
  A very expensive contract, because of the huge subsidy.  Also, off-contract it's a long way from $0, so Apple don't have a strong presence in the prepaid market.
  There's a large market there, with room for Apple to make something that blows away the user experience.  They're already present in the similar smartphone market, so know a lot of what they need to know.   Remember this?     There's still a lot of empty space in the right hand side of that grid.   What more do you need?  Why does anyone need to prove viability to you in order to have a conversation about what such a device might do if Apple were to make one.
  We are discussing it because of the existence of rumours.  When there are rumours of an iBlender we can discuss that.   Perhaps.  If you're so convinced why are you bothering to engage with other people's fun with rumours?  Why the need to shoot harmless wishful thinking and theorising down?   Besides which, I don't think your premise stands.  The fundamental things that an iPhone is, from the very first unveiling, are a phone, an iPod, and an internet communications...
They could, but there aren't any rumours about that.  What's your point?
  Whichever one best suits my needs of course.  Doubt either of them will though.
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