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No you absolutely do not. Please abstain from commenting if you don't have a slightest idea what the terms you are using actually mean.
You can still download XCode 6.3 from https://developer.apple.com/downloads/index.action which requires you to have developer account. But there were no restrictions listed regarding XCode 6.3 and Mavericks. Note that Command Line Tools for XCode 6.3 are not yet available for Mavericks, only Yosemite. But I'm sure they are going to be released as well.
So have they fixed the Preview rendering problem on non-retina displays yet? This is one major thing preventing me from updating to Yosemite.
Guys this is not a virus, nor is it even a Java bug. This is trojan horse malware that user has to install themselves. It's apart of some pirated Photoshop torrents that gets installed with pirated software.   So, no need to panic. Mac are still safe. And remember no one can protect you from yourself. If you are willing to download and install untrusted software all bets are off.
4'' iPhone 5 was already too big to hold and too small to read PDFs or EPUBs. But so is iPad. If you have multi-column PDFs (like some textbooks) text is going to be too small to read on 10'' iPad let alone iPhone. So I don't see the reason to go with giant phone. It doesn't make sense at all. I'd rather they work on wireless foldable screens that you can hook your phone to if you need larger screen in a pinch.
So now that big screens are fashionable again, will they bring back 17'' Macbook Pro?
Are they going to put white bezel around the screen to completely ruin it too?
Worse update batch ever. It failed to update on all 11 of my macs. I had to clear storeagent cache, delete corrupted cookies, pfiles, app store temp files etc and in the end it downloaded entire up update instead of delta (different app on different machines). This is disconcerting, and very reminiscent of Microsoft updated of old.
I don't think you understand the Yosemite and iOS 8 features. What is really happening is ad hock bluetooth connection between your phone and Mac, just like when you pair your iPhone to your car stereo or phone integration. This allows you to make and receive calls on your Mac (basically Mac acts as speaker phone for your iPhone), but you are still using your cellular service and plan to make the calls. So, basically this in no way competes with Skype. Again, with Skype I...
Facetime is not replacement for Skype. Just because they can be used for vaguely similar things does not mean they are used for same purpose. Skype is a first and foremost VOIP client. You can make calls to regular phones/mobiles anywhere in the world. Unlimited world subscription costs just $130 for a year! Unlimited North America calling for a month costs just $2. This means you can call any mobile or house phone and talk for entire month for just $2. In addition Skype...
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