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Stupidest idea ever. I don't need a thiner phone. I need a phone with battery that lasts longer. I need a phone with better, faster lens (and those take space), I need a phone where I don't have to carry 15 accessories just to listen to music on the damn thing. I need a phone where actual multitasking is possible, I need a phone where editing text in advanced editor and sharing documents between apps is possible.    I don't need a phone that is so thin it's a challenge...
Only if iOS improves and starts resembling OS X. As it is now, even less powerful Core M + OS X is infinitely more useful than 10 times faster CPU + iOS. Even simple things like selecting some text, reformatting it and pasting it elsewhere are hard and ridiculously slow to do in iOS, let alone more complex things like firing up Terminal and having thousands of versatile and powerful command line utilities (anything from compilers to text filters etc) each of which would...
Mavericks is vulnerable too.
Actually, that is not how it works. True it can not steal existing passwords, but it can erase the existing password for another application, re-create the entry with empty password, entry that it now has permission to read. Now when you start that other application that had previously saved password, it will prompt you for password since the value is now empty. If you re-type the password, both application you are running and the malicious application have access to...
No you absolutely do not. Please abstain from commenting if you don't have a slightest idea what the terms you are using actually mean.
You can still download XCode 6.3 from https://developer.apple.com/downloads/index.action which requires you to have developer account. But there were no restrictions listed regarding XCode 6.3 and Mavericks. Note that Command Line Tools for XCode 6.3 are not yet available for Mavericks, only Yosemite. But I'm sure they are going to be released as well.
So have they fixed the Preview rendering problem on non-retina displays yet? This is one major thing preventing me from updating to Yosemite.
Guys this is not a virus, nor is it even a Java bug. This is trojan horse malware that user has to install themselves. It's apart of some pirated Photoshop torrents that gets installed with pirated software.   So, no need to panic. Mac are still safe. And remember no one can protect you from yourself. If you are willing to download and install untrusted software all bets are off.
4'' iPhone 5 was already too big to hold and too small to read PDFs or EPUBs. But so is iPad. If you have multi-column PDFs (like some textbooks) text is going to be too small to read on 10'' iPad let alone iPhone. So I don't see the reason to go with giant phone. It doesn't make sense at all. I'd rather they work on wireless foldable screens that you can hook your phone to if you need larger screen in a pinch.
So now that big screens are fashionable again, will they bring back 17'' Macbook Pro?
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