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Facetime is not replacement for Skype. Just because they can be used for vaguely similar things does not mean they are used for same purpose. Skype is a first and foremost VOIP client. You can make calls to regular phones/mobiles anywhere in the world. Unlimited world subscription costs just $130 for a year! Unlimited North America calling for a month costs just $2. This means you can call any mobile or house phone and talk for entire month for just $2. In addition Skype...
The new UI is going to take time getting used to. The white trash can is really hideous. Flat dock from Tiger days is a regression in my opinion. I like the new features on the other hand.
n So anyone that disagrees with your is a troll? Do you even know what the word "troll" actually means? What is your contention? That Apple actually has superior maps product? Or that others have better search engine than Google? Or perhaps that Apple users are too stupid to notice any difference?I happen to use Apple products and also happen to care about all those things.
It would also deal a significant blow to Apple. Siri is already less useful because it uses Bing by default. If Safari becomes less useful as well, it's going to be third thing (maps, Siri, Safari) in iOS being second rate because Apple is having pointless feud with Google, and more reasons for users to switch away from what they already think is overpriced fashion toy.
Is it really that hard for you to tell discrimination from respectful treatment. The proposal we are discussing here is about preventing discrimination, not about protecting it. The "guy from Mozilla" was saying idiotic hateful things about people with different sexual orientation and paid the price for it. There is not much else that should be said about it. But of course people who discriminate would love it if somehow a law could be passed that would allow them to...
  There is now strong evidence that theistic gods i.e. gods that care about human beings, that interfere in their lives, that tell you what you should do, what you should eat, on what days, who you may sleep with and in what position, gods who break the known laws of nature for their people, god who stops the motion of the sun around earth so certain people in the Bible can finish their work, god who takes "our" side in a war, a god that gives itself body so it can kill it...
 Why should ignorance be respected? When you have over 50% of the population who literally believes in the creationism, that deny the scientific facts like evolution, that don't want science taught in schools, that support unjust policies in the middle east because they think it is a per-requisite for Armageddon and return of Jesus, when you have politicians saying things like we don't need environmental policy because Jesus is coming back to earth within 50 years, so who...
HYes, this will bring Christians out of the woods bashing gay people over shellfish dinner.
I am a long time citizen and it troubles me when Christian bigots use their political position to push their religious agenda on everyone (remember, religion is now debunked bunch of bronze age lies).
It's a really bad idea to put hardware design guy in charge of software UI/usability. This is not good for iOS/OS X. iOS 7 is already a step back in many ways in usability and it is a little disconcerting to see Apple shedding people who made the company what it is/was so fast.
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