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Sorry, tried Lion and was thoroughly disappointed. To me this is Apple's Vista. I don't share their personal computing vision either, do I'm staying with SL until my hardware is too outdated. At that point it's back to square one, and most likely Apple will not be one of the contenders for my next upgrade cycle.
That drive does not support TRIM. It does implement its own garbage collection scheme though.
Quarantine (the part of the OS that marks files as downloaded from internet and potentially unsafe) in OS X is implemented by sticking extended attributes on downloaded files. When you are warned once about the file and you dismiss the dialog, the quarantine attribute is cleared from the file. As a consequence, when you move the file to another OS X computer, it won't have the attribute on it (you trusted it on another Mac after all so why would you not trust it on the...
Did you move the file out of quarantine previously (i.e. did you dismiss the dialog warning you that the file is downloaded from the internet and to confirm if you want to run it?). If so you will not be asked again, you will have to reset the warnings.
I use Windows 7 daily at work and it's just as clunky windows as ever. It still lacks polish, it's hard to drive, and frankly it looks hideous with fat, glowing, multicolored, out of theme title bars and borders etc. It's a valiant effort, but it just proves that Microsoft has no "soul" and can't do anything unexpected, stylish, toned down and usable. Internet Explore always was and remains a joke, I can't believe someone actually brought that into conversation when...
I think it's good for the industry and everyone else but Microsoft. But considering Microsoft could never innovate or produce anything worthwhile, it's kind of nice to have a symbolic idiot at the helm of the company too, making sure they don't suddenly start buying smart people and turning the course towards open standards, cooperation, the Internet and post PC computing era.
Running Windows on the Mac is completely pointless. Yeah, the hardware is great and really nice. But what makes your development experience nice is a project with the right infrastructure and built around UNIX development principles that are frankly really rare these days. It is extremely hard to find a company that does things right, the UNIX way but those that do are a joy to work at. Instead you will end up with the brain dead project infrastructure/organization, no...
Skype does more than just audio and video. It also allows you to call regular phones for a very small extremely competitive price. Basically for $30 a year, I get unlimited calling in North America (including mobile phones). This is what made Skype indispensable tool for me. I'm sad to see it go, since really there aren't any viable alternatives yet that do all these things as well. Also, Skype unlike any other client tunnels through port 80 (reserved for HTTP traffic and...
For $300 it's a steal, and I will have no reservations buying it. I'm glad Apple is leading the way here. Selling professional suite like that for affordable price is going to be a real hit. Watch out Adobe.
I'm really taken aback, so excuse my 3rd post in a row. Did anyone notice the divider dot, that let's you know that you can drag the divider? It used to have gloss that made it jump off the sheet, but now without gloss it doesn't even look like a dot or circle, it looks like partially cut off flat oval at best. WTF. Is this Apple? Seriously? Are they really trying to have a "Vista" of their own?
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