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Silver with black bezel please. That's the only one looking really good.
This would only make sense if they also plan on making significantly larger screens (5'' or 6'' iPhone?).
You can just go to Google Search settings and turn off Google Now. That prevents it from running location services all the time.
  Yes, they do say that first time you launch the app it will be recording your location all the time, but it's not quite clear if that meant while the app is running only. It turns out they run daemon in the background that always records you location, so it's doing that even when the application itself is not running. That's the reason I will not be using it (plus it's a little creepy). Battery drain is not a price I'm willing to pay for occasional good suggestion from...
The ignorance in these comments is astounding: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Kay He is one of the pioneers of the industry, a computer scientist, inventor, mathematician, innovator. He invented the object oriented programming and is the architect of the modern overlapping windowing graphical user interface (GUI). He even worked at Apple in the early days. If people here achieved 1% of what he did, world would be a better place.
So they need to focus on a few products and they need more products? Which one is it?  
I can see Apple doing this for MacBook Air. Didn't they already report that Air ran "surprisingly well" on ARM a while ago. But they would incur a huge performance penalty if they did this across the board, making their products essentially non-competitive with similarly priced alternatives.
  That's not true. The share option is always there whether you have an account or not. If you select the option, animated dialog pops up asking you to sign in or create an account.  
  If Apple gets it their way, you will first have to pay Apple a cut before you can run your custom code (how much does it cost today before you can run your own custom app on your iPhone or iPad?), or it may become plain impossible to program your computer at all. How often do you run custom code on your other appliances? Exactly. If computers become locked down appliances you won't be able to or expected to run custom code on them either.   How many people expect to...
Not any more. Apple now takes the first spot. No one is doing more to kill the idea of general computing. If Apple get their way kids will grow up without even having an expectation of running custom code on their locked down appliance.
New Posts  All Forums: