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No, actually MS missed the boat with power shell. That thing is too wordy, un-discoverable, and non-ubiquitous (you can not count on it being there on every system). Power shell is really .NET shell, and there are others like bean shell for Java etc. None come to the simplicity, elegance, ubiquity of bash, csh, zsh, ksh on UNIX systems. And the nice thing is they were there for the long time, so people can leverage the decades of development.
You can maximize windows in OS X as well if you need to. The + button does not maximize though, its algorithm just tries to get rid of scrollbars (both horizontal and vertical) if possible. CMD+Tab switches windows in OS X (but you can and should use expose instead), you can use full keyboard navigation if you turn it on in the settings, you can scroll with the mouse wheel, and in horizontal directions as well. Did you even ever use OS X. Makes me wonder about anything...
What kind of stuff has MS had since Windows 2000 that is not in OS X? Do tell. I can tell you about 3000 things that OS X has that are not in any Windows release, and they are all available by starting that little thing called Terminal.
I just don't understand comments like this. I'm a software developer and let me assure you that making 64 kernel and converting all your apps to 64 bit is one hell of a project. Add to that some ground breaking technologies like OpenCL etc. and you got one amazing upgrade. And all people can say is they want new wallpaper. Well go to www.interfacelift.com and download some yourself.
It's more like out of billion people 900 million prefer cheap things and use what ever is pre-installed on their computer, and because "everyone else does too".
Wow, which monitor (LCD?) supports that resolution and at what physical size? I want one too if it is an LCD .
Well it's certainly possible to use computer for certain things without ever using terminal. But some of us would never consider switching to OS X if it weren't a UNIX and didn't have terminal . As a software developer I can't imagine doing anything without Terminal and the 1000 or so standard UNIX command line utilities.
Can you give us a listing of (Apple) apps that have been converted to 64 bit. Also, it looks like the default Terminal font is now Deja Vu or Bitstream Vera Sans Mono? Did you experience any apps not working with SL? Does it break backward compatibility?
As alternative you could use spring loaded folders (select your files and drag them as a group to the home folder or drive etc and hover over until the folder is opened etc). Alternatively, you could open two finder windows, select your files in first, start dragging, hit expose button to reveal second finder window, move your mouse over it and hit expose again to bring it to the foreground. If you have your side mouse buttons set to activate expose you can do all this...
Ok, let's consider I'm stupid (since I bought 24'' iMac, Mac Pro, and aluminum Macbook in that order). I'm a software developer, I have masters degree in Pure Math, I make more than $100,000 a year, so perhaps I could be stupid. But on the other hand I value my time a lot lately, since I have less and less of it. At work I develop on Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, but at home I use OS X exclusively. Because I don't want a chatty OS, with ugly UI, I don't want to...
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