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Does anyone really care in this day and age what Microsoft has to say? Haven't you heard Microsoft is dead: http://www.paulgraham.com/microsoft.html
So is Final Cut Studio 64 bit now? Can it use more than 4 GB of RAM? Can you actually author blue ray DVDs? And use Windows to actually burn them ?
I love the silver bar on top .
Does this respect your highlight preference? So if you highlight color is something else than blue, with the menu selection be that color? Also, if you system appearance is graphite does that make a difference? Is the border graphite or remains blue?
And iTunes looks so much like Solaris did 10 years ago. IF anything I hate that new slider ball. It's much uglier than the old one.
I don't think too many companies are relying on applets running in the browser, but a lot of companies still use Java for enterprise software, and complex web pages (java server pages). It is still the most popular language out there and the most mature and stable technology with amazingly good tools.
No, actually MS missed the boat with power shell. That thing is too wordy, un-discoverable, and non-ubiquitous (you can not count on it being there on every system). Power shell is really .NET shell, and there are others like bean shell for Java etc. None come to the simplicity, elegance, ubiquity of bash, csh, zsh, ksh on UNIX systems. And the nice thing is they were there for the long time, so people can leverage the decades of development.
You can maximize windows in OS X as well if you need to. The + button does not maximize though, its algorithm just tries to get rid of scrollbars (both horizontal and vertical) if possible. CMD+Tab switches windows in OS X (but you can and should use expose instead), you can use full keyboard navigation if you turn it on in the settings, you can scroll with the mouse wheel, and in horizontal directions as well. Did you even ever use OS X. Makes me wonder about anything...
What kind of stuff has MS had since Windows 2000 that is not in OS X? Do tell. I can tell you about 3000 things that OS X has that are not in any Windows release, and they are all available by starting that little thing called Terminal.
I just don't understand comments like this. I'm a software developer and let me assure you that making 64 kernel and converting all your apps to 64 bit is one hell of a project. Add to that some ground breaking technologies like OpenCL etc. and you got one amazing upgrade. And all people can say is they want new wallpaper. Well go to www.interfacelift.com and download some yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: