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Wow, which monitor (LCD?) supports that resolution and at what physical size? I want one too if it is an LCD .
Well it's certainly possible to use computer for certain things without ever using terminal. But some of us would never consider switching to OS X if it weren't a UNIX and didn't have terminal . As a software developer I can't imagine doing anything without Terminal and the 1000 or so standard UNIX command line utilities.
Can you give us a listing of (Apple) apps that have been converted to 64 bit. Also, it looks like the default Terminal font is now Deja Vu or Bitstream Vera Sans Mono? Did you experience any apps not working with SL? Does it break backward compatibility?
As alternative you could use spring loaded folders (select your files and drag them as a group to the home folder or drive etc and hover over until the folder is opened etc). Alternatively, you could open two finder windows, select your files in first, start dragging, hit expose button to reveal second finder window, move your mouse over it and hit expose again to bring it to the foreground. If you have your side mouse buttons set to activate expose you can do all this...
Ok, let's consider I'm stupid (since I bought 24'' iMac, Mac Pro, and aluminum Macbook in that order). I'm a software developer, I have masters degree in Pure Math, I make more than $100,000 a year, so perhaps I could be stupid. But on the other hand I value my time a lot lately, since I have less and less of it. At work I develop on Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, but at home I use OS X exclusively. Because I don't want a chatty OS, with ugly UI, I don't want to...
Not really. Ivan means John and Krstic is literally "Little Cross", so his name means Little Cross John.
I updated my Macbook through regular automatic updates. It downloaded 449 MB delta installed, rebooted and it seems to run fine. My early 2008 Mac Pro would not do automatic update (it said it needed only 286 MB delta even though it and Macbook are clone copies of each other). I have attempted the update at least 5 times. Each time it was going slow and said that the file could not be saved because it is corrupted or tampered with (basically it failed the checksum...
Yes, Microsoft is giving away Windows 7, and I still don't want it. Now that tells you something doesn't it.
Ahh, carbon fiber composites are not impact or scratch resistant at all. In fact, one of the dangers of carbon fiber bikes is sudden failure from impact (it basically breaks like glass).
I have a carbon fiber road bike, where that material makes sense. I refused to buy plastic Macbook, until the first gen Aluminum one came out. I think Aluminum is perfect material for computers (sturdy, reasonably scratch resistant and good heat conductivity). The day they start making carbon fiber Macbooks and Mac Pros is the day they loose me as a customer. Now, I would not mind if fans, or internal parts or power supply cases are made of carbon fiber. But...
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