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Really. Command line just happens to be the fastest and most powerful way to interact with the computer. First of all you can't even do 99.9% of things that you can do from the command line, second I will be 2-3 orders of magnitude faster than any GUI user no matter how proficient. But then again I'm a developer living in the command line 100% of the time.   When you are little and can't read you look at picture books, but when you grow up you learn to read and write....
Apple already has surface competitor. It's called Macbook Air :D.
And when he left that's when OS X started going downhill until it will eventually becomes iOS.  
Research in Peace?
Are you running 64 bit kernel? On my macs 64 bit kernel is using anywhere from 450 to 1.5 GB. On 17'' MBP it's 450 MB on iMac 762 MB and on Mac Pro 1.5 GB right after boot.
If you consistently concentrate on areas where you can do better than industry leaders, slowly you will find yourself doing less and less over time, until your business model becomes unsustainable (it can't support the R&D needed to be good at anything).   Apple is already far behind their former self, where I could buy hardware/software/update from them and be sure it will work. These days that is no longer true.
A friend in the UK writes:       This is exactly what I was afraid would happen. I think of maps as critical smart phone feature and if maps in iOS 6 are really this bad, it may push me to try an Android phone.  
The new retina macbook pro has higher resolution but less screen real estate than 17'' MBP. Really, it has the same screen real estate as old 15'' MBP (2880x1800 pixels is exactly 4 times 1440x900) so 4 times as many pixels are used to render same size UI elements as on the old 15'' MBP. You are not going to see more of text in a web page or text editor on the new screen.
The ridiculously heavy and thick aluminum is what helps keep it quiet.  Its not hard to make a light case, but light non rattly case is hard to make. Besides it's not like you will be carrying your desktop case around the house daily.   To me Mac Pro is timeless design and just as beautiful as the first time I saw it.   But all this is beside the point.  Apple is all about mobile now and making profit above all. Caring days and principles are gone.
New Posts  All Forums: