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  That's not true. The share option is always there whether you have an account or not. If you select the option, animated dialog pops up asking you to sign in or create an account.  
  If Apple gets it their way, you will first have to pay Apple a cut before you can run your custom code (how much does it cost today before you can run your own custom app on your iPhone or iPad?), or it may become plain impossible to program your computer at all. How often do you run custom code on your other appliances? Exactly. If computers become locked down appliances you won't be able to or expected to run custom code on them either.   How many people expect to...
Not any more. Apple now takes the first spot. No one is doing more to kill the idea of general computing. If Apple get their way kids will grow up without even having an expectation of running custom code on their locked down appliance.
There is nothing to displace Microsoft in the business world. No one is even trying. Apple is not remotely interested in that market. Hell, Apple is not remotely interested in anyone that does actual work on a computer, let alone enterprise market.  
Really. Command line just happens to be the fastest and most powerful way to interact with the computer. First of all you can't even do 99.9% of things that you can do from the command line, second I will be 2-3 orders of magnitude faster than any GUI user no matter how proficient. But then again I'm a developer living in the command line 100% of the time.   When you are little and can't read you look at picture books, but when you grow up you learn to read and write....
Apple already has surface competitor. It's called Macbook Air :D.
And when he left that's when OS X started going downhill until it will eventually becomes iOS.  
Research in Peace?
Are you running 64 bit kernel? On my macs 64 bit kernel is using anywhere from 450 to 1.5 GB. On 17'' MBP it's 450 MB on iMac 762 MB and on Mac Pro 1.5 GB right after boot.
If you consistently concentrate on areas where you can do better than industry leaders, slowly you will find yourself doing less and less over time, until your business model becomes unsustainable (it can't support the R&D needed to be good at anything).   Apple is already far behind their former self, where I could buy hardware/software/update from them and be sure it will work. These days that is no longer true.
New Posts  All Forums: