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  Exactly, that's why it's a huge compromise between looking at tiny text or looking at big fuzzy text :D.
I think we are both in agreement here and saying the same thing. In short the original post that claimed having 15'' screen with higher resolution will allow you to see more on screen than 17'' screen is wrong if proper resolution independent rendering is in place in the OS.   Even in Windows today you can change your screen DPI in the display properties to make things less tiny on high res screen. Of course this doesn't work for every app, because of absolute layouts and...
  Because I'm a software developer and someone who invested over $100,000 in Apple hardware over the years. I loved Apple when they catered to people like me, I promoted them and recommended them to everyone. But it looks like Apple has profoundly changed in the last couple of years with the mobile success and shift to that market almost completely. They really don't want anything to do with anyone who makes stuff and cater to people who consume only and pay through the...
Applications don't handle resolution independence. Operating system does.
Yet another person that does not understand relationship between resolution and screen size. Resolution is entirely independent of screen size. iPad 3 has screen 10'' screen with 2048x1536 pixels. But you don't see more on screen than you do on a typical 13'' laptop with 1280x800 pixels. That's because more pixels (almost 3 times as many) are used to render UI elements. If you just upped the pixels and continued to render stuff with as little pixels as on a smaller...
Apple should just discontinue all computers and sell iPhone and iPad appliances. This year marks the last dollar I will ever spend on Apple ecosystem. Enough is enough.
Why the fake distinction and call Mac Pro a PC? As if macbook air is not a personal computer? Really stupid I must say.  
Except in browser google maps (and labels on them) are not high resolution enough for retina display and look rather aliased on iPad 3.
  Mapping and creating mapping applications and server infrastructure to support 100 million users is not exactly Apple's core competency. Right now Google maps work, and work really good, and this is crucial have amazing world wide coverage. And even things like street view work for a surprising number of places world wide.   What makes you think Apple will have this data as well for random places around the world. Is Apple going to invest millions of dollars and drive...
True, something is not quite right. Apple is lately turning into corporate penny pinchers and the rumors of abandoning the products I do care about like Mac Pro and 17'' MBP are not helping either.
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