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And what is the world wide map coverage going to be like? How about street view, which is now available for an incredible number of cities around the world?   I hope this move by Apple doesn't put us back 20 years. It would be a reason enough for me to abandon the platform if the maps suck.  
These things keep getting uglier and uglier by the release.
  And by the time iPad is 12 core 64 bit, 1 TB of RAM, imagine what a box the size of Mac Pro will be able to contain. 1024 core CPUs and video cards capable of rendering 9000x7000 1 hour ultra HD video in matter of seconds and loads of fast storage small device like iPad can only dream of :D.
That's because you are talking to dumb consumers (Apple's target customers now are kids who don't know better or technophobes) for whom dumb iPhone appliance does 99% of what they want to do with a "computer". Most don't even need a general purpose computing machine. If you tell them you need actual computer, it stumps them and they just can't imagine anyone doing something that might require more than an iPhone. Having a computer is so 90s and passe and not cool. We are...
It's like PC manufacturers are completely incapable of original thought. Every laptop has to be a cheaper, podgier looking Apple knock off.  
I find the current iPad 3 screen just right to read ebooks/PDFs without zooming (esp. for PDFs with multi-column layout and embedded images). Any smaller than that and you would have to hold it horizontally to read, which is not ideal.  
How is cutting search or maps from a class of users violating monopoly status? Besides being a monopoly is not illegal either. Using your monopoly status in one market to win another is illegal.   I liked Apple much better when Google were friends and Microsoft a common enemy. Nowadays Apple reeks of evil more than any other tech company (they are at the forefront of tech companies that want to kill general computing and sell you appliances). And it's all about...
I do software development primarily. Honestly programming on a 13'' or 15'' screen, or even single 17'' screen is really constrained. Ideally you want at least 2 21'' screens, but two 30'' is great. 17'' MBP is sort of minimal screen you can do some work on if you have to on the road. I usually have couple of terminal windows, an IDE instance of some kind, etc a browser and it's nice to be able to have all of these side by side so you can quickly read information from...
First they drop XServe, then Mac Pro, now 17'' MBP. I guess 27'' iMac is next in line as the most powerful mac. Then 15'' MBP. I guess until only 11'' Air, iPad and iPhone are left. After all that's all consumers need right.  
They might as well drop the pretentious Pro from the name of their products, since no pro of any kind is going to continue to use their iCrap any more.  
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