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I have been waiting for decades now for screens to catch up to printed text quality. iPhone screen is such a tantalizing and taunting experience. Once you use it, you want all your screens to be this good.
Most non-tech corporations (like insurance companies) just finished updating to Windows XP. Tech related companies are updating to Windows 7. I don't think enterprise wants anything to do with what Windows 8 is shaping up to be. Consumers might be more adventurous, but I don't think Windows 8 is going to have the uptake Microsoft needs. Windows 7 is simply good enough (a single Windows release in the last decade this can be said about).
Spare me the idiocy please. My Mac Pro only just keeps up with the things I do with it, let alone netbook class toy computer you use for facebook and email. I really have to question the intelligence of average poster here with the 'us true believers are holier and you are just not enlightened enough to see the light" type of posts.
Yes, I'm perfectly aware of that. So does Linux and host of other operating systems. Not only that but HP just announced a new server using 4 core ARM cpus (up to 288 of them in single server)http://www.engadget.com/2011/11/02/h...l-the-boys-to/Windows 8 needs to support ARM to compete with Linux on netbooks. So, just because there is need for ultra low power computing machines does not say anything about the appropriateness of ARM for Macbook Pros which cater to a...
Does this mean 13'' MBP gets discrete video as well?
That would be a total performance killer of Apple machines, and make them completely non-competitive. I can see it happening for Air perhaps, where there is no expectation of performance, but long battery life is useful and a major consideration. However, ARM powered Macbook Pro would have to lose the Pro part, since it would be one tenth of Intel CPU power.
I'm on Snow Leopard and have no plans to upgrade even though I bought a copy of Lion. I don't need a phone like OS on my workstations and Macbook Pros. I'm really only waiting to see what release after Lion looks like. If Apple keeps moving in the iOS/iPhone direction for OS X, then it's good bye Apple for me. I don't need a computer/OS from a phone company.
What happened to incremental updates?
I'm running all kinds of stuff on my Mac. I'm not running anything in production on it. I use it for development. Because our application works on OS X, Linux, Windows, AIX, HPUX, Solaris, AS400 and it works with Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, DB2/AS400 and bunch of embedded DBs (just for demo purposes). Honestly, even the people who use our software on OS X don't host the server on OS X, they usually do it on Linux. Solaris/Oracle is our preferred (recommended platform), but OS...
Please stop saying idiotic shit like that and expect to be taken seriously. Here at work I got JBoss application server hosting our application, which is itself a a really complex server with millions of lines of code, Oracle database server, MS SQL Server, DB2 server, I'm running Eclipse, dozens of shells, hundreds of utilities all at the same time. I have 32 GB of RAM and I could use 64 GB easily. People like you don't actually do anything with the computer. You guys...
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