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I'm on Snow Leopard and have no plans to upgrade even though I bought a copy of Lion. I don't need a phone like OS on my workstations and Macbook Pros. I'm really only waiting to see what release after Lion looks like. If Apple keeps moving in the iOS/iPhone direction for OS X, then it's good bye Apple for me. I don't need a computer/OS from a phone company.
What happened to incremental updates?
I'm running all kinds of stuff on my Mac. I'm not running anything in production on it. I use it for development. Because our application works on OS X, Linux, Windows, AIX, HPUX, Solaris, AS400 and it works with Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, DB2/AS400 and bunch of embedded DBs (just for demo purposes). Honestly, even the people who use our software on OS X don't host the server on OS X, they usually do it on Linux. Solaris/Oracle is our preferred (recommended platform), but OS...
Please stop saying idiotic shit like that and expect to be taken seriously. Here at work I got JBoss application server hosting our application, which is itself a a really complex server with millions of lines of code, Oracle database server, MS SQL Server, DB2 server, I'm running Eclipse, dozens of shells, hundreds of utilities all at the same time. I have 32 GB of RAM and I could use 64 GB easily. People like you don't actually do anything with the computer. You guys...
I didn't, no. What important thing did I miss? The post PC, handheld everything message was communicated before that. And it's well known in the industry where majority of Apple's income comes from.
Most people who buy 17'' MacBook Pro buy it as a complement to their Mac Pro, to do some work on the go. 17'' MBP is also least popular of the MacBooks. So, after MP disappears, it will be the most expensive and most powerful Apple computer, with the smallest volume of sales, and hence should be killed off next. Apple really doesn't want to be in the computer business it seems. They want to be handheld maker.
Exactly, some people here have a hard time understanding trust. Once you lose the trust of your customers, there is no going back. And Apple has been really good lately doing just that. Remember the XServe, and the lack of communication around Java "deprecation". That was really damaging. Followed by FCPX. I think as far as any serious professionals doing actual work on their computers, the picture is quite clear. You have only one option. PC. It is superior computing...
A lot of people here seem to be stuck on form factor. People lamenting the presumed demise of Mac Pro here don't care about the 45 lb tower. In fact, I'd be really really happy if Apple found a way to stuff Mac Pro class power into iPhone sized device that I can carry with me everywhere. It's the computing power, data throughput, shear storage, external device connectivity and overall computing speed we are lamenting not the form factor.
I don't think that at all. It was clear for at least 4 years now that Apple doesn't really care about the pro market so much at all. And the message was even clearer when XServe was discontinued.
I make my living by developing software. I develop software for OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX and currently I can do all that from single Mac Pro. I can test it all on VMs, 8 in parallel in fact deployed on single Mac Pro. I actually need 30'' screen (which Apple by the way doesn't make any more and I still can't get over that either). If Apple stops making a machine of this class (which by the way is a lower end workstation, as far as workstations go), I will...
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