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I have high end iMacs, 17'' Macbook Pros and Mac Pro, and those other computers can't even compare to Mac Pro (even couple of generations older, it's still faster and more capable machine than newest Macbook Pros). I do software development mostly, but I do an occasional video and lots of image processing, but everything is so fast on Mac Pro it's such a joy to use. It does everything you throw at it without a glitch. That computer always puts a smile on my face. I'll be...
this will be the undoing of Apple.
That's not true. 64 bit computing is not only about RAM/addressing (OS X made more than 4 GB available to apps even in Leopard days). Intel 64 bit CPUs also make more CPU registers available, which can make certain apps faster.
It would be nice to have SSD for OS and a larger capacity HDD (instead of DVD drive). I can't remember the last time I used the DVD. Certainly not in the last 5 years.
Installing mine already .
I just hope iOS 5 isn't optimized for 4s and it doesn't make iPhone 4 uselessly slow like iOS 4 did iPhone 3G.
Google doesn't need RIM and Apple's technology stack is completely different than RIM's. In addition to that RIM is catering to corporate market, where end users have phones shoved down their throats weather they like them or not (this is also why RIM is unprepared to compete in the consumer market, they never had to make a phone and OS that are usable, with low tech support needs). RIM has strong Microsoft culture, their enterprise department is almost like subsidiary of...
JSP is Java. You still need the JVM and majority of your code is in Java , you just expose it by writing "scirpts" to call into these Java classes and convert results on the fly to dynamic HTML on the server. Writing web code in C++ is insanity, you get the unsafe code, slow development cycles and language that is slower to develop in. Java is light years ahead of C++ for web development. But if performance is not an issue, then Ruby and Python are excellent choices as well.
It's not bullshit. Apple has neither OS nor expertise to run the cloud backend. Why not just rent cheap storage and Linux servers from Amazon, people who specialize on the cloud storage and their business model is renting online computing and storage by the minute. Apple exited the server business this year, and abandoned support for Java (guess what one of the major cloud cluster computing frameworks is based on Hadoop - which started as Java project). Apple wants to...
the back of latest iPod got scratched to oblivion within days of gentle use. Glass back of iPhone 4 lasted over a year now without a single scratch.
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