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I know. It looks like most people posting here and not caring don't actually do any work. They browse web pages (which can comfortably done on an iPad) and think this is all that can be done with a computer. If you are a software developer making software for various platforms, it it amazing how much more productive you can be if you have a powerful machine where you can quickly power up a VM with customer config, reproduce the problem and fix it, all from your...
These things are not the same. DVD drives. Complete waste of space. I have not used one in the last 5 years. I'd much rather put an SSD/HDD in the valuable space that old rotating peace of plastic occupies. I never complained about disruptive technology like iPhone, iPad. I'm not one of those PC guys not seeing the point. But of course neither do you, you are only parroting what you heard in forums over the years. People like me who actually need Mac Pro class machine...
Sure, but we are not talking about "people" here. We are talking about professionals doing actual work on their computer, not just consuming information. Frankly Air or even iPad is good enough for that. But professionals editing HD video, or software developers developing all those back end cloud servers and services need a Mac Pro class machine. Hooked up to two 30'' screens, these things are a joy to work on. And you know I love this kind of computing power I would...
This is my sentiment too. I'm afraid that if Mac Pro disappears too, real pro users will be forced to go with PC route, and in the long run this can only be damaging to Apple.
I have high end iMacs, 17'' Macbook Pros and Mac Pro, and those other computers can't even compare to Mac Pro (even couple of generations older, it's still faster and more capable machine than newest Macbook Pros). I do software development mostly, but I do an occasional video and lots of image processing, but everything is so fast on Mac Pro it's such a joy to use. It does everything you throw at it without a glitch. That computer always puts a smile on my face. I'll be...
this will be the undoing of Apple.
That's not true. 64 bit computing is not only about RAM/addressing (OS X made more than 4 GB available to apps even in Leopard days). Intel 64 bit CPUs also make more CPU registers available, which can make certain apps faster.
It would be nice to have SSD for OS and a larger capacity HDD (instead of DVD drive). I can't remember the last time I used the DVD. Certainly not in the last 5 years.
Installing mine already .
I just hope iOS 5 isn't optimized for 4s and it doesn't make iPhone 4 uselessly slow like iOS 4 did iPhone 3G.
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