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The iPod nano will complete its transition to a watch, designed by Starck.
I have not had the same experience. My ATV2 stutters and chokes on any full Blu-ray rip using XBMC. What kind of network share are you using? I'm using an SMB share, but now that I think of it, I've been trying to stream MKVs rather than MP4.
I was disappointed that the specs only say its capable of High Profile 4.0. With a bitrate of 25000 kbps, that means no Bluray streaming at 40 Mbps. The iPhone 4S and iPad 3 are both capable of High Profile 4.1 which puts them well above the Bluray bitrate. The iPad 2 was only rated Main Profile 3.1, but I think that has more to do with only supporting 720p.
I thought the GPS chip in the 3G turned out to be the Infineon Hammerhead, not a chip from Broadcom. That would mean the new model is staying with Infineon, and Broadcom is not losing a seat it didn't have.
The article is a little misleading on T-Mobile's UMA. You can use Wi-Fi UMA on T-Mobile to extend your coverage for free if you use your plan minutes. You don't need to sign up for anything, you just get a UMA capable phone. If you want UNLIMITED UMA minutes, THEN you can pay $10/month. T-Mobile's unlimited plan pricing is more suggestive of what it costs to provide gateway service. UMA is nice because it works anywhere there is a WiFi network, including overseas. ...
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