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he said 'handset'. see this is where you should have paid attention in the original post.
ha ha. 'for real work'. yeah, right. thats what i see people doing with smartphones. 'real' work. so tell us what real work you are getting done with the iphone that you can't do with your GN?
so true. if there were no android phones you wouldn't have any larger screens, freedom, and for sure apple would have no reason to really improve. thats what got them in trouble long ago. they just kept putting out sh*t, tacking on more and more bloat onto the original mac os.  apple just sees that they are going to have to spend a lot of money and put major effort into keeping the iphone and ios alive and they dont like that. so they litigate. there are no stupid 'home'...
it had no merits. i came, i saw, i insulted.
glad to see the balance restored. for all the 'idiots' that use android, you are big enough apple buffoon to even it out. android isn't going anywhere so go take your meds.
i like a lot of google's products but suspect this may be more a 'Google No!' than google 'now'.
 i bet you 'have touch' for a great many...lolsorry, too funny to pass up.
 i am guessing you thought 'Spinal Tap' was a real rock band...
 i wouldn't get the 8gig if you are a gamer or like lots of apps. it has pogo pins? yay! i have the pogo dock for the galaxy nexus and would love the same for the 7
 safari is to apple what IE is to microsoft. pure sh*t.
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