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Yes, my iMac must not be working properly. There is a fix. ASAP, I will be returning to the PC.
Perhaps Mr. Me can't read. I could not get Perian to install. How many times would you like me to tell you that?! The spinning wheel that appears while waiting for password entry, never went away. I would have to use force quit, because the installer was locked up. Follow me so far? Yes, many people here have attitude, just like the one you are presenting. We are not on the same page. Either I am not being clear, or you are not paying attention.
I do know about Shockwave not working in 64-bit mode. The app even tells me so. Shockwave probably has been messed up since 10.5.2 or so. You said it right, flaky, with regard to Flash. It isn't exactly the only app that gets less attention on the Mac side. As for Perian, I am having other troubles, and just now setup 2 partitions. The 2nd one is running Leopard. Perian installed without about any difficulties. I did have to enter my password twice, but no other issues.
Well, I haven't a clue what you are saying. As for my iMac, it is not the perfect OS everyone wants to call it. I have problems from time to time, equal to what I had when using Windows 7 Beta and RC. I explore frequently and perhaps have created problems of my own. Perian is a different sort of install, as it goes to System Preferences. I have problems with Shockwave not working, and Flash not working well, at least some of the time. With all due respect, I seldom get...
Well, I just installed it by selecting the install for a single user option. That will work since I have just one account on my iMac. Otherwise, it would "hang" according to the report sent to Apple, instantly after typing my Admin account password. System Preferences locks up and I have to do a force quit. Not sure what to tell you about unusual. I'm an odd duck, but that should not have an impact on my iMac.
I have not done business with Microcenter, but they have been around for quite some time. Twenty years ago, it was MEI Microcenter, and they sold tons of floppy discs. Looks like an in-store only deal though.
I cannot get Perian to install. Using newest version (1.2.1) in Snow Leopard (10.6.4). Trying to install for all users. It hangs up after entering password every time, and locks up System Preferences.
When I say Apple Community, it is the support forum on their website. The Host deletes or revises posts at will.
This is really a time when I DON'T need an app for that. With regard to censorship, The Apple Community has no freedom of speech. People really should be able to put whatever they want on their iToys, and apps should not have to exclusively funnel through the Apple iTunes Apps Store.
Similar to this forum, you get to know the names of reliable and knowledgeable people. I have used the Apple Community with results that vary. Sometimes the replies are over my head. I am in a couple of threads now, and one person is being very helpful. I hope the Community doesn't turn into an iDate site.
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