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You must be a Rocky-Feller.
Can I get Fries with that?
I have noticed Dell is getting worse on options, but they are there. You have to play the Dell game. To get "this," you must also get "that." At least most of their computers are readily accessible, should you want to mess with stuff on your own, or even make repairs. Let me know when Apple sells a tower or mini tower, with the same features and prices as the current iMac. And let me know when RI is ready.
For $40,000,000 ... you can fire my ass all day long.
I agree with you. Trust me though, "they" won't listen. I find it insane to think Apple would like me to drop big money on an iMac every five years. Why should I have to replace both the computer and the screen, just because Steve wants me to? Hell, Goldilocks had better choices! At least she found "just right." The Pro is too much, the mini too little. And yes, I want a computer driven by AMD. No Choice Joyce! I don't ever want a notebook.
Get to know your keyboard shortcuts. You have probably figured out the Command key replaces the Windows Control key. Command W for window and Command Q for Quitting a program. Apple has the Hide command as well. Guess that was used more when screen real estate was at a premium.
Choice! PC has that. Apple doesn't, when it comes to the box. You either purchase a mini or a Pro. The iMac is the sweetest deal, but not all want the type of screen included, for whatever reason. Like Microsoft really has to go customer hunting. They pretty much already have 9 of 10. I have an iMac now. Can't have another one unless resolution independence becomes a reality. Just how do you advise a person who wants or needs to pick their own monitor??? I won't...
The mini is seldom available as refurbished. As I type this, there is a single model in the Apple Store, the Server. Looks like the previous model as well. If you want to think refurbished, consider (once again) getting the iMac. Do the RAM upgrade yourself. It couldn't be easier.
Windows has had the availability to scale font DPI since Windows 95. If Apple has been working on RI for 10 years, and it still isn't ready, I guess the process must be huge. For me, Microsoft is ready now, and Apple isn't. Nothing can make my vision clear, but the DPI switch from Windows is the most compatible. As for the OP, I have only dabbled with Handbrake. I have an iMac with a 2 GHz Core 2 Duo and 2 GB of DDR2 RAM. Handbrake works fine, but seems to take a really...
My point about 720p, is that 1080p "native resolution" would require me to have a huge screen, and I could swear I said so. I don't exactly write well. Among other things, I am dyslexic. Windows has many more tools for changing fonts and colors. The call changing the scale of fonts, changing the DPI, so I do as well. If there is a way to alter fonts sizes in applications, I am not aware of it. Changing graphic and text sizes in Finder, is all I am aware of. Too bad if I...
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