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Maybe, maybe not. After over 2 years with my iMac, I plan to turn back. Bad eyesight is one reason. Games than don't work with Mac, and never will, is another. Mac OS is nice, but I need more hardware options. It may feel more than just a little weird too, until you stop trying to figure out how to do things the Windows way.
116 MB! That ain't no stinking update!
An error in my post. All of the Macs had USB devices, so I did not see what the bluetooth was going to look like. Prior to buying my iMac, I was without a computer for 18 months. I use to work in retail, and I was a better employee with Radio Shack, than my experiences with the Apple Store. My point is, the Apple Retail stores are no better than any other retail outlet. Had I listened to the idiot and used a 3 inch DVD, which I almost did, it would have gotten...
With a deaf person, I suspect it can be a little easier. After all, both can see the screen and type to each other. With a blind person, sure you can talk to each other, but do not expect an Apple Store employee to know anything about VoiceOver. I didn't have access to a computer for about 18 months prior to buying my iMac. Not sure how I survived. I am low vision, and the Apple Store worker knew that. He did not demonstrate anything to me beyond Safari and iTunes. I...
My store is in Santa Rosa, CA. Not a thriving metropolis, but always a busy store. If I leave CA for Oregon, there are only three stores in the whole state, and are all near each other. Jason, no need to be a smart-assed CA snob, especially in just your second post. You make the rest of us look bad. Omaha ... the only store in the entire state.http://www.apple.com/retail/storelist/
... And how can they call it a Bar without Beer and Pretzels?
My store does not have a Genius Bar. Maybe that is the problem. Wait times were there in my experiences. Someone helping me was allegedly multi-tasking, and actually slowing me down. Rather than visit a Retail Store, I'd purchase Apple Care next time. I don't believe Apple Stores are any better than other retail stores. I have waited as long for help at an Apple Store as I did on hold with Apple Care. My own fault for buying a computer during the release of a new version...
I have been to an Apple Retail Store three times. Each time, my 20 inch iMac seemed to get heavier and heavier. I bought the computer, and the excitement still didn't stop the box from being heavy, and the car seemed miles away. My overall experience with the Retail Store was just barely average. I was totally ignored by one employee, and had to wait for someone else. Sure the stores are always busy, but I was hovering over expensive hardware. I was not told the...
This one is easy ... yes. Create the BootCamp partition first. I am guessing you mean to install Windows inside the BootCamp partition. When you install Parallels, it will see your Windows install in BootCamp, and let you use it. BootCamp is really just designed for running Windows on a Mac. If you want to do something else like Linux, then use Parallels.
Is it bigger than a breadbox?
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