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I hope the 30 pieces of Silver that NBC got for showing more ads, rather than a section of the ceremony dedicatd to the victims of terrorism, was worth it.  
Not that Paper is much better there; Paper Magazines don't last long, they overwelm landfills and the sheer amount of paper sent for recycling results in a situation where many cities no longer accept certain paper products because they have to pay people to use the recycled paper - its worthless.
In further Developments Edwin Methusalah from the Wax cylinder manufacturers association echoed Wenners' statements "I have no idea why record companies continue to embrace unproven "Compact Disc" technology; its purely insanity not to support Wax Cyclinders; Compact Discs still have not proven themselves and thousands of Wax Cyclinder players have been produced over the last hundred years.
Indeed. They did have that spat with "Lindows".
Come here to the UK, got your own phone, check out "Sim Only" plans, £10-15 for a package thats roughly equivalent to those twice that when a handset is supplied.
But it isn't 10 billion opinions, is it? First of all, several dozen of those purchases are mine. You need to first establish how many purchasers your average purchaser makes. Yeah, its still a lot of buyers, but its not 10 billion. None of those purchases I've made can be taken as an "Endorsement" that I think its well designed - it means on this occasion I managed to find something I want.. But how much could I want that I simply don't know is there? Just like when I...
No, he's right. The App store is hard to find what you're looking for. The entire iTunes store is well overdue for a resdesign. It might have worked okay when there were less items in it, but its just a mess now.
I think this is something the Register highlighted recently. iPhone buyers buy an iPhone. Android buyers buy a Smartphone. The fact that the iPhone is an iPhone is the key part of the iPhone purchase, but the fact than an Android is an Android is by the by to your average android buyers - it could be WinMob, Linux, or even a port of AmigaOS for all they care.
I'm suprised Google have that much of a focus on a single category of app... How are the other categories doing?
Except he's not getting paid just $1. His earnings come though a bonus rather than salary, which I understand is taxed lower.
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