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I dont see what's so obvious about it... This is apole opening an online softWare shop, nothing to do with killing your software.
I think the smart money has got to be on those companies that have an arm or joint venture making the network infrastructure - they've got the internal skills, abilities, and patent clearance. Nokia/Siemens, SonyErricson, Huiweii - not the handset-only companies.
THis is patently not true. There are already commercial LTE networks available in several European countries. You can actually buy a LTE dongle in a couple of Scandanavian countries and use it, albeit in a limited area. You have to have a seperate GSM/UMTS dognle for when you go out of coverage as they aren't dual standard.This is much further than the US has gotten.Onto the main story though - I call bumpkiss. Apple are supposedly going to launch a handset with 2...
There's not promoting your competitors, and then there's groundless trash talk that makes you look like an idiot. Other CEOs seem to have a more respectful stump time along the lines of "We respect what X are doing, but thing Y is a better direction for what our consumers want"
Except its not in this case.The programs people want to use are on windows. Hence they buy windows, no matter what they actually think about the product, its the one that enables them to use the product they want.
Do I go with the "At last proof that Steve Balmer lives in Bizzaroland" comment, or with the "well, he didn't say that Microsofts brand means something POSITIVE..." comment? Decisions, decisions.
The whole antennagate/case thing is overrated. In my testing using the iPhone iOS 4.1 secret signal test feature (*3001#12345#* from the keypad screen) "Death Grip" is the difference between 90Db signal loss, and 100Db Signal loss.
But for 2/3 to be true, you're saying that every single person who has a cellphone but not an iPhone doesn't have one simply because of either coverage, or their employer. We know by simply logic that isnt true. Some folks cant afford one, some folks prefer other phones, etc.
For a Phone user though, 22Mbps isn't going to be more competitive than 2Mbps, you're just not going to notice the difference in phone data usage. For Road warriors and us Geeks, the difference is notable there, but we're not the majority.
But its not unlocking 2/3'rds of the market is it? Its only unlocking the market if those people cannot currently buy an iPhone and use it on AT&T. For this to be the case, there would need to be no AT&T coverage at all where they live, not simply that they currently chose to use another supplier. Since we know that isn't true (AT&T Cover 75% of the population from figures I can find), the most it can possibly physically unlock is 25%. If there is nothing physically...
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