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3.75G is HSPA (on UMTS networks). HSPA is a combination of HSDPA and HSUPA, both supported by the iPhone 4.Not a lot really. Same reason Rolls Royce and BMW are still in business when we can all go buy a cheap Hyundai.
In related news, another source "Close to an Apple" has revealed that the iPhone 5 may be the first to include a vegetable peeler. "This would make the next iPhone indespensable to the Kitchen Crowd" said Analyst Imso Fullakrap in a report for Browne Financial "And would trly set the device apart from other phones out there - only the Palm Pre has approached combining Kitchen Utensils with a Mobile Data Device. A Peeler would truly be a pure Jobsian innovation, his...
The average consumer doesn't need a new phone each year. They just need a phone that texts and calls. The Average consumer probably cant even tell you what a CPU is, much less what the speed is in their phone. If they want a new phone, they can still get one.Source?And O2UK only gave it up a few months ago. Thats right, a European carrier mantained Unlimited Data longer than AT&T. AT&T's currently listed baseline data package is a mere 200Mb. O2Uk, T-Mobile Uk, Three...
The Times has Fabricated (unknowingly) in the past: Jayson Blair?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jayson_...cation_scandal
I work for a UK telco. We call it an Early Termination fee. And that is all you pay, the rest of your contract. If you want to call the "Early Termination fee" a penalty, then you're right, we don't believe in those.The number of pysical networks isn't really that different to the rest of the world. Between 3 and 5 air carriers seems about normal, along with a swag of MVNO's.I suppose the "Solution" to this problem is an American system, where you cant move carriers...
Laws in several european countries compel the removal of SIM locks. The US has no such law, this is my point. I'm going to ignore everythibg else you said, because its clearly a poor attempt to troll.
Which is prescicely my point - The US law on removing sim locks is a blank piece of paper. There is no law in the US compelling removal of them. Whereas most of those selected EU countries do have laws requiring their removal - Its amazing what happens when you have good strong competition law.Please, feel free to correct me... And the Wikipedia page. Its full of citations for those claims - that should get you started on your competing reseach.
Not to sure about which European country that you're refering to... Here in the UK we believe in ETF's and unlock codes (the major networks voluntary provide them). Your ETF is the remainder of your contract. Thats right - no penalty fee here, just what you would have paid anyway..In France, SIM locks must be removed no later than 6 months before the end of the contract for free.In Italy, SIM locks must be removef 18 months after purchase. After 9 months, they must be...
Unlocked and unsubsidised iPhone 4's are available in many countries, including the UK - Only direct from Apple.
Except they all don't.WCDMA is only used as the Air interface in UMTS. The rest of the network isnt compatible with CDMA.Isn't saying therefore CDMA won a bit like saying Betamax won because VHS uses magnetic tape?Which makes the argument for T-Mobile quite nicely. As its a GSM/UMTS network, albeit on a nonstandard frequency, there's less work to do.
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