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Even if you could get an iPhone at full cost (I can, come to the uk! Kinda blows the ego argument) to make it work you better get your soldering iron out. The iphone physically cannot work on verizons CDMA network. That's what happens when you pick the losing horse in a technology race.
Perhaps not everywhere, but GSM covers more of the globe than BetaMax... I err mean CDMA. A CDMA iphone means either 2 product lines, or a phone that costs more in the rest of the world where CDMA either never happened, or admitted defeat, longer development time and more possible problems. Americans can choose a GSM network, most of the world can't choose a CDMA one. If the phone is good enough, a gsm phone can still be bought by folk that are traditionally Verizon...
you must be new here. The number of BS WSJ stories about a Verizon imminent launch articles posted here is ridiculous.Bear in mind that the US is just one Market... CDMA networks outside of the US are a bit like hens teeth, with one major exception, China.
Dear WSJ the Verizon iPhone will be released on Feburuary 29 2011. Can I please have my consultancy fee now?
I find it extremely disapointing that you've ended a very rational, reasonable comment (even though I disagree with it) with one that proves your racist credentials - Unless you'd like to claim that your finger slipped a third of the way across the keyboard.
So you're saying it has a small hole only a Jedi could hit?
Telstra's Next G network does look rather impressive:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Next_G - I don't see AT&T anywhere near those speeds in any reports!99% population coverage perhaps.. However you can see clearly there's big patches of nothing there (of course, there's generally noone in those places to complain).http://www.telstra.com.au/mobile/nextg/coverage.html
Apple in "Things get hot in the sun" lawsuit shocker? Excuse me, I'm off to sue my local theme park for getting wet on the log flume and river rapids.
Palm didn't need to buy ads. Every single news outlet in the Western World was giving them oodles of free advertising hyping up the iPhone Killer. You could't turn on a TV without being told how good the Pre supposedly was.
This is what happens when the government (well, EU) decides what mobile technology we'll be using - Increased competition due to ease of network switching. The US is what happens when the "Free Market" is left to decide standards - lots of lock in. Who's afraid of the big bad government? As for a Verizon iPhone - I predict it will happen in March 2012. Since I'm now officially an analyist can I have my million dollars please?
New Posts  All Forums: