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You're absolutely right. Given that the 1100 has no alternative radio sources and to interfere with its radio performance and only operates on the two frequency groups, it should have no problems at all with radio signal degridation.
I don't see it dropping - Steam has to run for those purchased games to work. Steam isn't something that you play with for a while and not use anymore; its a content platform. Think of it as like iTunes but for games.It's likely to grow as long as gaming companies continue to port their work - at the moment with Half Life 2 and Civ IV as the only "serious" games (although Sam and Max makes a great B list) I'm suprised it's that high; there's still a fair bit of...
Apple should buy Dell, shut it down, and return Dells value to it's shareholders ;-)
You've successfully argued for a T-Mobile Variant.... But not a Verizon Variant. A T-mobile "upgrade" would cost peanuts and still be perfect in all markets, compared to an entirely new chipset, manufacturing line, etc.
When will these betamax rumours end?
I still can't see the logic in Apple spending millions and increasing the costs of their handsets worldwide, just to access another phone network in a country where they already have access to a network. There is nothing physically stopping a verizon customer moving to AT&T, give them a big enough reason and they will. There is however something stopping many folks worldwide using a CDMA network - Namely they don't exist in that particular country.
Course they have direct access... They're welcome to walk into an apple store or AT&T store and switch network at any time. Don't know about over there, but over here its not that much harder than resigning your current contract with a new handset. Nothing is stopping those 90 million customers doing that. If they really want that phone, they just have to buy it just like all the other customers that switched over.
There's nothing physically stopping those 90 million customers moving to a GSM/UMTS based network. There is however something stopping the most of the world moving to a CDMA network (in that, they don't exist in too many places). Why increase costs when you don't have to?
As this "analyist" doesnt seem to get Apple's product stratergy, and is pushing folk to sell whilst the price rises... I have to ask why are we bothering to listen to him?
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