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 Just type the number. It works. 
That may be the old definition from years and years ago. Very few apps work that way. Especially with iterative development these days, beta just means "we're at the point where people can use it".
Frankly I like a lot. I'm not sure where some of the negativity is coming from. I've been using Macs since 92, seen and used Copland (yes the real deal), NeXT, and so on. Its a beta, and there are missing features - yes. I do think that hovering over the pics should show them, but other than that I've found the app to be extremely responsive, easy to use, and intuitive. There are a few buttons that are unlabeled, but if you don't know what < and > and + and some of the...
That's not reasonable. That punishes all non-EU customers for EU pricing. And also that's not what he said. He said that we could raise our EU prices to accommodate, and so I'm clarifying you can't. It seems strange to think its a good idea to globally raise prices in response to per country taxes.
Eh no. Apple lets us set ONE price. A tier. So a USD 10 app is tier 10. Tier 10 has specific prices for each country. So no we developers do not get to raise our EU prices.So yes it is up to Apple to raise the euro price tier based on the country.To be clear, I've been dealing with taxes and accounting for a global business since 2000. I'm aware of how VAT works and how economy of scale and all that fun stuff works. The point that your response misses is my response above...
Based on my reading of this and the chart, unless the EU prices get raised this means developers will be on the losing end of this change. I understand why this is happening and the countries should get their tax amount - but I do think Apple needs to make an adjustment for it as well.
I don't disagree with Watch 1.0, but the point is that it may "eventually" succeed the iPhone. How? Give it 5 years and at that point I would envision it has its own LTE, etc... Now the big issue to my mind is…who would want to go from an iPhone 6/6+ size screen down to a 38mm one? I don't think so. Unless perhaps its got a holographic screen.
Removed in beta 2.
I've bought many a Mac at the Apple Store and at MacMall. I've never had them call me for anything other than a verification of who I am. Last time I bought two MBPr on Monday and got it on Wednesday.
 You'd think. My experience is that its not so exactly like that. Our first version of our app on Android WAS a visual port of iOS. It was not liked. OK, fine, so we redesigned it from scratch for ICS/Holo. Now today our #1 request from users is for it to be more like iOS. So we we are doing a hybrid approach. We are still going to use holo, but we're going to make it more iOS-ish. Just try to mix the best of both.
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