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I don't disagree with Watch 1.0, but the point is that it may "eventually" succeed the iPhone. How? Give it 5 years and at that point I would envision it has its own LTE, etc... Now the big issue to my mind is…who would want to go from an iPhone 6/6+ size screen down to a 38mm one? I don't think so. Unless perhaps its got a holographic screen.
Removed in beta 2.
I've bought many a Mac at the Apple Store and at MacMall. I've never had them call me for anything other than a verification of who I am. Last time I bought two MBPr on Monday and got it on Wednesday.
 You'd think. My experience is that its not so exactly like that. Our first version of our app on Android WAS a visual port of iOS. It was not liked. OK, fine, so we redesigned it from scratch for ICS/Holo. Now today our #1 request from users is for it to be more like iOS. So we we are doing a hybrid approach. We are still going to use holo, but we're going to make it more iOS-ish. Just try to mix the best of both.
 No, even if our app looked and acted identical, it wouldn't sell the same. Probably a lot closer as our Android sales have kept going up and up, but at our price point Android is simply a much harder sell. How do we get people to know about the app? We've been in the business since 2000 - a long time. Frankly the best way is to get talked about on sites like this one. People tend to be more apt to want to buy apps that are recommended by other people. Makes sense to me :)...
Yes, it does suck - but you know anytime you're in business something is going to suck. Just find a way to work around it and do whats best for the customer as much as you can (without going under).    The fear that I have is that if we go try-before-you-buy, its going to look like "Freemium" because that's what so many games do. We're not a game, but when I first mentioned this to my beta group of 300 people - it was shot down immediately because they heard the word...
 I've personally talked with Apple App Store folks at each of the WWDCs since 2008 requesting trials.  We've also talked to Phil and also submitted bug reports to Apple's RADAR system. At this point, I'm tired of waiting and I don't expect it to happen.
We are developers of a pretty popular app which costs about $13. One of the things we're strongly looking at is making the app free, but with restrictions. No ads. Its more of a demo/trial than anything else. Not Freemium. Then if the person likes it, they can use IAP to buy it.    The idea is to move the purchase from the initial "Buy" button in the App store, to after you've tried the app.   My point here is that I think its the way apps are going to move forward...
So this is Apple saying that iWork WILL be getting major improvements over its lifetime? I hope so.
But unlike phone calls, you get to completely control whether you want ANY calls, some calls, or all calls. How is that bad?
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