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I think this is a good thing because it means that the calendar app is now designed for the basic user and users can focus on calendar apps that really innovate. Our app - for example - integrates tasks, events, notes, and contacts - working with Evernote, Google, Toodledo, and our interface is pretty iOS 7 like. http://webis.net/wp/pocket-informant-pro/ We even have natural language recognition for tasks and events so you can create them via natural text like "Have...
We are in the private beta on the Mac. It's actually running very well. However some of the sky stuff isn't working yet. And with all the issues the Windows version has - that's my guess. Btw I also played this via VMWARE before the Mac beta. It ran acceptably there on non-recent hardware. So all this talk of GPU drivers is way off the mark for this game.
I can say from experience that trying to shed light on ignorance in a forum is a waste of time. That said…   If the build number is at all correct, then it is interesting. However all those people who think that Apple submits builds to devs for testing are delusional. Apple does not use devs for beta testing. They only give devs beta builds for the sole purpose of devs testing their apps against the OS and to get feedback on APIs, and let devs prepare for the new release....
Nothing has been seen on either for games yet. Just a few marketing announcements. So… that's BS.
Just go to the purchased section of the App Store. It will show up there. Guaranteed. Even apps that were yanked by Apple will still show up there.
  What are you talking about? I clearly understand the conversation. Apple made a change to Siri that was bad. I wrote about that. Nothing else. Its obvious they fixed the problem or tweaked it based on negative reports.  You could've simply said that "Your issue existed, but now doesn't." Instead you argue for no reason except to see your words on a page it seems. You're acting like one of my children did years back when I had to explain to them they didn't need to put...
So I tried it just now because I was curious if they have resolved the issue - it seems they have which is great.   However every single post I wrote was to support my original event and I still stand by all of them. Period.
  Seriously you're still supporting that my dictation was too long? I've been using Siri since it first came out and I've done texts WAY longer than that. How can you possibly support this? Its like you're on some sort of blind drive that Apple can do no wrong.    Look I'm a developer and I worked at Apple. In both cases it was and still is extremely important to identify when you're wrong, when you do things that simply don't work.    I gave you the exact text I dictated...
  Siri's whole point is that it understands like a human. Apple's whole DNA is about working like a human does, not how a computer does.   Irregardless however is that the error that Siri was presenting was not about wordy requests. The only request was "text my wife". The rest of the message was dictation.. and for that reason this error message is wrong.    I honestly can't see how you can support this change. I'll try it again soon to see if they have changed things.
Mine was simple when I did it earlier this week:   With that - I got the message it was too long. To be honest I haven't tried it since because since then, uncharacteristically I haven't had to leave the house. But you agree that the above message is short enough? Its possible Apple has removed or tweaked it. If so - good. This was a stupid idea on their part.
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