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I'd love this in general. As for in house network - I can say with authority that while that'll generally work with Macs, with PCs it's a security nightmare. It's a lot easier to use the cloud.
  Apple has said that some of the code samples were not legally allowed to be provided. Mostly those that used GPL or other libraries that were used is my guess. I have no idea. Maybe it used some internal iOS/OS X code or something proprietary.
Haven't been to a tech talk in awhile, but I did when they first started doing them. I found them to be very helpful as an "update" to our WWDC experience. This was a few years back before WWDC always sold out.
Its not just some animation or visuals. Its a method. Nobody else came up with a method like this. Its a combination of actions, visuals, animation, and how it all works together that makes this a patent.    This is a perfect example of a good patent.
I've bought a ton of routers but only Apples have run pretty much without any issues for years. It's the only kind I buy. Period.
When I traveled throughout the south - Texas <-> Tennessee - Apple Maps did great. In Denver, its not so good. 
I think because we've ready complained with specifics for the last year. By now its just we are tired of any lack of updates, while Lightroom continues getting major improvements in its rendering.
I use it all the time. My kids use it. My friends use it. It's useful when you know your SO is coming home from shopping and needs help.
Sure that is the case of many games. But there are many that cost a million to make and are phenomenal.
Because those ludicrous prices keep AAA games from being profitable enough to bother porting. If a publisher knows he can sell a real, high quality game for $20-30, more will come. Yes there are MANY high quality games for free to less than $5, but there are many more that won't come without a higher price.
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