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I've been a Mac user since 1990 - and I STILL prefer the Windows way...and on Windows it works that way EVERYWHERE. Under OS 7,8,9, it was very dependable (but wrong). Under OS X, its very different depending what app I'm using and very annoying.
I know the sucker worked in beta builds of Panther...but I can't get it to work on my G5 and the release Panther. The installer now crashes.
Also post if you did an archive/install, a clean install, or an upgrade. Sometimes an archive/install breaks apps because those apps install things in the /Library folder or other places that an archive install doesn't preserve.
Do you have the preview icons on in the Finder? I think if I turn those off - I'm fine. I believe the issue is with the preview icons. But yes...I get this too.
The problem with the search is that it searches for mail that has any of those words. SO if you do a search for Motorola Codewarrior You'd get all mail with either Motorola in it or CodeWarrior. It does make searching a lot harder, frankly.
I disagree. Panther Finder is actually very good. Not workstation material, though. But very good. I think its much better than OS 9's Finder. However the ONE area I'll have to say must be written by monkey's throwing code at the wall is handling of large numbers of files.
Um GM builds were always posted on the ADC site. I remember getting 6C115 of Jag last year via ADC.
I bet none of the Apple employees have unexpired .Mac accounts so never saw this issue
Yeah, but the problem with that is that APple is giving several pieces of software away for free and if people could sign up for 8.25 and get those $20 software apps for free and then cancel their credit card, it would be a major money losing venture for Apple. They need to guarantee that $99.
Yes, the hard drives will work without problems. The memory...I THINK it will work. I do know it wouldn't hurt to try it.
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