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I bet none of the Apple employees have unexpired .Mac accounts so never saw this issue
Yeah, but the problem with that is that APple is giving several pieces of software away for free and if people could sign up for 8.25 and get those $20 software apps for free and then cancel their credit card, it would be a major money losing venture for Apple. They need to guarantee that $99.
Yes, the hard drives will work without problems. The memory...I THINK it will work. I do know it wouldn't hurt to try it.
I will have to say, I did a full erase and install. So that might've helped.
Hm. Seems to work here just fine.
Not exactly. What if you are moving from one machine to another where the system doesn't match JUST right? I've been looking for the same thing - just moves the Users folder and all the special extensions, global prefs, fonts, etc.. - i.e. everything that's NOT part of the system that gets installed.
[quote]Originally posted by the cool gut: Think Secret is in a bit of a skid these days, when it comes to making predictions. I do enjoy their site, but their 2003 Macworld predictions where almost a complete right off. NAB, seems to be the next possible window : April 5-10. Final Cut Express is at version 1.0.1, not 3 ... so it seems that it will have a seperate upgrade cycle from FCP.
Most people's predictions were totally off on...
[quote]Originally posted by wmf: PC133 is not the same as PC2100 or PC2700. ASP is probably just wrong.
No, its not wrong. You are. If you notice, it says PC133 DDR. That means it recognizes that its DDR RAM. PC2100 is PC133 RAM, just DDR. Its measured differently however, but its core is still PC 133. Here is a post I've read that explains it: [quote]PC100 and PC133 are the bus speeds these types of memory have be rated to run...
DDR 2700 RAM IS PC 133/167. It just uses both the rising and falling sides - eg DDR.
REally. Ok. That's interesting. Is it a hardware issue or driver issue? I've always thought that 99% of AGP graphics cards work in Macs just like PCs. Maybe some of the advanced features don't work, but the card itself does. Honestly, being a PowerBook user I haven't really looked into this much, but it just surprises me.
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